Cold and hot soup to replenish health?


Warning 5 people should not drink!

Vegetable soup egg flower soup is more suitable

Cold and hot soup to replenish health?
Warning 5 people should not drink!
Vegetable soup egg flower soup is more suitable

When the weather turns cold, many people have to drink bowls of soup to warm themselves. Although some people drink warm soup, they are not well-loaded. The nutritionist warns that people with stomach acidity and high blood pressure should be especially careful.Don’t drink the aunt’s aunt, salt, and Gao Pulin, and you can’t keep your health and hurt your body.

Drinking soup has always been regarded as an excellent way of keeping health, but if you should not drink it but drink it, it will bring health risks.

Nutritionists name gout, high blood pressure, obesity, hyperacidity, five kinds of people with diabetes, don’t drink soup, even drink light taste, or drink sugar-free hot tea or sugar-free vegetable juice directly.Alternative.

Let’s take a look at it and see if you belong to one of them. If you are cold, you should be eager to drink soup.

First, gout broth, fish soup, seafood soup are rich in Purin, so gout patients should not drink more, nutritionists recommend, it is best to drink light vegetable soup or egg soup.

Second, high-pressure soup products should be good to drink, usually the taste is too heavy, will add free radical salt, high blood pressure patients drink, it is easy to cause a great burden on the body.

If you really want to drink something, choose a sugar-free hot black tea or a sugar-free vegetable juice.

Third, fat broth will release feces during the stewing process, and such feces will be easy to accumulate quickly, and the broth will become more and more fat.

To drink broth, the nutritionist recommends draining the surface oil, but drinking vegetable soup is the best choice for obese people.

Fourth, too much stomach broth and fish soup will promote gastric acid secretion, nutritionists suggest that people with too much stomach acid should drink less soup, or eat a light vegetable mat to stomach before drinking, so as not to cause stomach upset.

Fifth, diabetic patients with diabetes should have regular less oil, less salt, less sugar diet principles, some soups to add flavor, will thicken the thicker, will lead to higher glycemic index.

In addition, if the soup contains potatoes, yam.
For starchy ingredients, diabetic patients should also avoid it.

Sugar-free vegetable juice is a good choice for patients with hypertension