[Man with multiple serial ejaculation]_ ejaculation _ men _ how to adjust _ how to improve

[Man with multiple serial ejaculation]_ ejaculation _ men _ how to adjust _ how to improve

Many people want to know how long it takes for men to ejaculate. Men’s ejaculation time is determined according to their physical constitution. Some people take a long time to ejaculate, some people have a short time to ejaculate.People who envy for a long time are also afraid that they will cause sexual dysfunction because of this reason. This will have a great impact on people’s physical health and damage. So how long does a man ejaculate is important, then how long does a man ejaculate

Generally having sex for 3 minutes is normal, not premature ejaculation, or normal sexual intercourse time. Generally speaking, more than three minutes are not considered premature ejaculation, but the sense of avoidance is calculated as if the ejaculation before the two parties are not satisfied.Premature ejaculation.

Eat more aphrodisiac foods: Aphrodisiac foods mainly include dog meat, lamb, sparrows, walnuts, bullwhip, sheep kidney, etc .; animal viscera, because it contains a lot of sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones, can enhance sperm vitality, increase sexual desire, and is also aphrodisiac.Refers to ejaculation when the intercourse time is short, some can not complete sexual intercourse, some penis has not contacted the woman, or has just contacted the woman’s vulva or vagina, or the penis has entered the vagina for a short time (generally refers to less than 2 minutes), ejaculationAfter the ejaculation, the penis becomes weak and a consequence of not being able to maintain normal sexual life.

Premature ejaculation is one of the common complications of male sexual dysfunction, and the number of long-term outpatient visits has increased.

Clinically, it is easy to diagnose premature ejaculation after penis erects without entering the vagina.

However, for those who can enter the vagina and fail to complete sexual intercourse normally, in fact, how many consecutive cases are premature ejaculation.

The time from the beginning of normal sexual intercourse to ejaculation varies with age and constitution.

Those who lack sexual experience are sexually active, and because the sympathetic nerves are highly excited, it is likely that ejaculation occurs as soon as the penis enters the vagina, so premature ejaculation cannot be diagnosed.

Guidance: You can use some techniques to exercise and prolong the time. You can’t go straight in and out like the film, shoot fast, women are not very cool, men need to rub, and shoot slowly, and there are men.The clitoris of a woman who stimulates and stimulates a woman’s clitoris is quite refreshing. It can also extend the ejaculation time of a man. If you create it, it can be improved.

Everyone must correct this phenomenon when a man does not ejaculate. It is necessary to first check whether the man is caused by the disease. If it is the consequence of the disease, then such diseases must be treated in a timely manner, and menThe time of ejaculation has a lot to do with the physical fitness of a man. If the man’s body is not good and his sexual function is not good, he should do more aerobic exercises to improve it.