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2017 French Open Men’s Singles Final Nadal VS Wawrinka Live Address
Paris local time Sunday at 11:00 noon (daylight saving time), Beijing time today at 17:00, the 2017 French Open main draw will enter the 15th day and the last game day, except for the two veteran games at Langren StadiumIn addition, today only the women’s doubles and men’s singles finals will be staged at the central stadium from 17:30 Beijing time.2017法国网球公开赛男单决赛纳达尔VS瓦林卡直播地址:点击进入  作为本届法网各项目唯一闯进决赛的头号种子,马泰克—桑兹/萨法洛娃将力争夺得她们的第5A Grand Slam women’s doubles champion, and in the final game of the French Open, in the highly anticipated men’s singles finals, Nadal strongly impacted the French Open’s 10th champion Nadal and his professional team’s previous undefeated WawrinkaMeet in a narrow road, the physical condition of the two may become an important factor in determining the victory or defeat of this attack.  Philippe Chartiere Stadium:    Game 2 (not earlier than 21:00 GMT): Stan Wawrinka (3) vs. Rafael Nadal (4)    William Hill Odds: 5.50 to 1.17  In the first 6 rounds of the French Open, Nadal only lost 29 rounds in total. The promotion process was smooth enough to match Bjorn Borg in the French Open in 1978 and 1980 (27 rounds and 31 rounds were lost before the final, respectively).In the French Open, Borg continued their strong win in the final.Nadal had previously lost the least number of innings in the French Open in 2008. With the victory over Federer in the final, the total number of innings was fixed at 41 innings. In that year he also played 1/4 finals with 3 61 victory over Almagro’s outstanding performance, plus the current French Open semi-final win over Tim, he has a lot of experience against SLR players on the court of Roland Garros, as long as the number of games lost in the final today is controlled atUnder 12 innings, he can reach the French Open for the 10th time by setting a career record.  Compared with Nadal, who is a strong champion, Wawrinka is likely to be involved in a series of age-related records today.He has become the oldest French Open men’s singles finalist since 1973, and the oldest French Open men’s singles champion in the Open era, was the Spanish Spaniard Jimeno, who was crowned at nearly 35 years old in 1972, when he was in the semifinalsIn the same game, he also won five games and won the only Grand Slam title of his career.If he defeats Nadal today, Wawrinka’s world ranking will surpass Nadal next week and become the oldest player in the top 2 men’s singles world rankings for the first time in the last 40 years. He will also follow Rod LaverAfter Ill and Roseville, the third player to win three Grand Slam singles titles after turning 30.  These two 31-year-old and 32-year-old players played against each other, and physical strength is likely to be an important factor affecting the game trend. Compared with Nadal’s smooth sailing, Wawrinka, who struggled for 4 hours and 34 minutes in the semifinals, is more worrying.How much physical reserves he has to meet the French Open final challenge to Nadal, the most difficult task in the tennis world.How hard it was to play against Nadal in the French Open final. In the 2012 and 2014 French Open finals, two Dana matchups may give the answer. Those two games that played 4 sets took 3 hours, 49 minutes and 3 respectively.Hours and 31 minutes, with an average of nearly 1 hour per game, is very similar to this year’s semi-final against Wawrinka against Murray. If Wawrinka needs to use the same method, defeat the two giants in a row within 3 days to win the championship.One can imagine.  However, compared with when he was 26-28 years old, it is doubtful whether Nadal, who has just turned 31, still has such a strong defensive ability. In the 2012 and 2014 French Open finals, he scored almost the same number of active scoring points as Dejo.Kovic is flat, and this year when the Australian Open semifinals and finals against Dimitrov and Federer, he was far behind his opponent in the active scoring, especially his strong forehand is clearly in the disadvantage-2014In the French Open final, his forehand bottom line actively scored and won Djokovic by 10 points, becoming a key to victory.When Federer’s backhand firepower was fully open in the Australian Open finals this year, and the offensive efficiency was not bad, Nadal also seemed helpless. Previous page12Next page