Love Apartment 5 becomes a musical?Much different from The Legend of the New White Lady

“Love Apartment 5” becomes a musical?Much different from “The Legend of the New White Lady”
The controversial comedy series “Love Apartment” ushered in the fifth season.As the final season of the series, this season’s series will have several main characters stepping into the marriage life as the main line, trying to close the series with warmth and emotion.But since the broadcast, “Love Apartment 5” (hereinafter referred to as “Love Five”) has received quite a bad evaluation.One point where netizens concentrated their firepower was: “Love 5” inserted some singing and dancing clips in the episode, # 赵海棠 别 唱 ## aired on the night of the broadcast.Isn’t the episode pretty good?The singing and dancing scene in the trailer.In all fairness, the song and dance itself in this episode is not inherently low.Especially for the trailer led by Lou Yixiao, who is a professional in musical theatre, the choreography and choreography and the one-shot shooting are extremely complete.In the first episode, the song and dance fragments of Lv Ziqiao who fought against the demons before the marriage certificate were also excellent in composition and performance.From the professional perspective of musical theatre, the quality of singing and dancing is completely pass, even in the domestic musical theatre singing and dancing creation is still a relatively high level.The reason why these good singing and dancing clips are so huge and so bad is because of the audience and the drama.First of all, in China, the audience for music and dance is still very weak.China’s systematic and large-scale musical theatre market was formed in 2012. Although it once experienced rapid growth, this trend was closed and stalled around 2016.According to the annual report released by in 2019, the total number of musical theatre viewings in China in one year is only about 1.6 million, and the number of musical theatre audiences far exceeds this “personal attendance”.Zheng Yunlong and A Yunga in “Sound in the Heart”.Although “Sound in the Heart” made Zheng Yunlong, A Yunga and other musical actors suddenly get to the audience, these audiences are basically “chasing girls” and it is difficult to become an audience who really likes musicals.Therefore, in the face of all China, this may be less than one million, and most of the audience who may not like “Love Apartment” can enjoy the singing and dancing of musicals. The dislike is really normal.In addition, there are some problems in the rhythm and length of the song and dance clips in “Love 5”.A normal musical or song-and-dance movie usually has a ratio of 5: 5 or higher in music and lines. Many lines are lyrics, and song and dance are used to promote the development of the plot. This space ratio and rhythm arrangement will allow the audience to accept that the story containsMany messages have to be presented by singing and dancing.In the design of aria, we must consciously allocate the proportion of narrative and lyric aria.At this point, the arias in “Love 5” are too few at first. Most of the episodes close to an hour are line statements. Suddenly there is a song and dance, which is not a musical for the audience.Episodes, or ordinary episodes, if they do n’t speak well, they suddenly start singing.Singing and dancing in the “Love 5” series.Functionally, the song and dance fragments in “Love 5” are almost lyrical but not narrative.This made these arias suddenly slow down the narrative rhythm of the episode.In terms of lyrical choirs, the melody of these choirs is not smooth and pleasing, and has no value as popular music.For many viewers, the existence of these arias is unnecessary, and even deducts points.In the large-scale successful song, dance, film and television in the Air Force Chinese language world, in fact, the problems of the proportion of sing-segment and lines, the distribution of sing-segment functions and the popularity of song melody have been solved relatively well.The most prominent ones are “The Legend of the New White Lady” and “If Love”.These two film and television works have achieved a large number of arias so that the audience can accept that this is a song and dance film and television. The arias assume the narrative function, the melody is beautiful and the key qualities such as remembering.Although “New White Lady Legend” used to sing and sing, it also surprised the audience, but its catchy composition and the narrative achieved by changing the lyrics in the song made the audience accept it.”If Love” stills.In “If Love”, Zhang Xueyou, Zhou Xun and Jin Chengwu, who are both singers and singers, are selected to make the performance of each aria very exciting and become a classic in Chinese song and dance movies.As a comedy with singing and dancing arias, the alternate narrative function in “Love 5” is weak and not too funny.In the case of neither the narrative function nor the drama function, it will inevitably make people feel abrupt.As the United States, where musical and dance music culture is relatively prosperous, some sitcoms will also insert some musical dramas and dances. For example, Barney in “Romance of Mom and Dad” often starts singing and dancing.In the 14th episode of the four seasons, Raj from India launched a “Bollywood” style song and dance at the end of the episode.The comedy function of these singing and dancing clips is very high.Whether it’s through a treasure show or lyrics, these are accompanied by the same intensive laugh points as in the feature film.In the musical theatre industry, the 2011 Tony Awards Best Musical “The Book of Mormon” even made almost every song laughable and even tearful.But in “Love 5”, the setting of laugh points in the aria is too weak, making these advances “sing and dance for singing and dancing” meaningless.Stills of “The Legend of the New White Lady”.On the issue of “suspected plagiarism” in the “Love Apartment” series, the song and dance in “Love 5” are also completely suspect.In terms of the arias in the first episode and the second episode, Lu Ziqiao’s “heart demon” gradually resembles the classic “prison tango” in “Chicago” in terms of composition, lighting and scheduling, and the campus of Zhao HaitangIt is close to a beverage advertisement in Japan in terms of overall scheduling.Although these similarities should not be enough for “plagiarism”, they are not necessarily commendable.Therefore, although the songs and dances in “Love 5” are not unpleasant, their poor functionality and popularity make them the culprits that disrupt the rhythm of the episode.Although the creators do a good job of these musics, they think about what to do with these songs and dances in the overall structure.In addition to the excessive lack of laughter, this drama has a cliff-like decline in the first four seasons that can score more than 7 points.These new attempts in “Love 5” eventually made it troublesome to a new level.□ Yousuo (music critic) Wu Longzhen, editor of Sauna Night Net, proofread by Zhai Yongjun