NBA rookie list: Timberwolves Wiggins lead Lakers rookie down to 10_1

NBA rookie list: Timberwolves Wiggins lead Lakers rookie down to 10th
NBA official website updated rookie rankings.The Timberwolves champion Wiggins continued to maintain the leading position without suspense, the top five seats players have not changed, and the Lakers rookie insider Black fell to 10th.1. Andrew Wiggins (Timberwolves) Wiggins has performed steadily, and his playing time has also increased month by month, averaging 29 per game since November last year.In 9 minutes, it rose to 39 this month.8 minutes.This crude oil polished, Wiggins has conquered the Timberwolves, his team uniforms continue to consolidate.So far this season, Wiggins has averaged 34 games per game.4 minutes, more than 4 minutes more than the second-ranked rookie.2. Norrens-Noel (76ers) Noel has scored at least 10 points and 7 rebounds in the past two games, and his steals and alignment have been fairly stable.The 76ers were even more pleased that Noel had only missed four games so far. Two were due to complication injuries, one was due to a head injury, and one was due to upper respiratory tract infection.It was safe and sound.Because of this, the 76ers are very optimistic about the future.3. Elfried Payton (Magic) Payton (Weibo) lost its stability and continuity in January.In the past 7 games, Payton sent a total of 37 assists, but there have been too many 19 turnovers.A good average is that Peyton made a good shooting percentage, reaching 47 in February.2%, 42 more than the season average.2% is too high.4. K-J-McDaniels (76) McDaniels still ranks second in rookie average per game, but his playing time has been declining recently.In five games in February, McDaniels played only 19 minutes.8 minutes, and in the previous 3 months, he averaged at least 25 minutes per game.As a defensive outside, McDaniels needs to improve his three-point shooting percentage.5. Nikolai Mirotic (Bulls) During Dunleavy’s injury, Mirotic was able to secure some opportunities at the small forward position, but he underperformed and averaged only 9 per game.3 minutes playing time.And through Dunleavy’s comeback, Mirotic’s situation is even worse.In accordance with this development, Mirotic’s fifth position could not be maintained.  The 6th to 9th players are: Yusuf Nukic (Nuggets), Marcus Smart (Celtic), Zack Lavin (Timberwolves) and Jeremy-Grant (76 people).10, Tall Blake (Lake) rebounds is almost the only contribution Blake has made to the team. He has grabbed a total of 17 rebounds in the past three games.If the rebound data drops, Black will fall out of the list again.