Share bicycles to see Wuhan unblocking: business district, business office area riding heat

Share bicycles to see Wuhan “unblocking”: business district, business office area riding heat
On April 8th, Wuhan ushered in “unblocking”. Sauna and Yewang learned from Meituan bicycles, green orange bicycles, and Hello bicycles. With the improvement of the Wuhan epidemic, the use of shared bicycles has ushered in a blowout type after the closureGrowth, the heating of cycling around business districts, office areas, and industrial parks.Meituan cycling data shows that on April 8, the day of Wuhan’s “unblocking”, the number of rides increased by 44% only after citing April 6, and the daily average ranking soared by 70% last week. The recovery momentum is obvious.From April 6th, the amount of Meituan cycling in Wuhan has reached a new high since the “closure” for three consecutive days, with an average daily increase of about 20%.According to the statistics of the “Wuhan War Epidemic Riding Report” jointly released by Meituan Cycling and Wuhan Transportation Development Strategy Research Institute, Meituan Cycling provides approximately 230 rides in Wuhan from January 23 to March 12 in WuhanTen thousand people, average daily 4.50,000 person-times.During the period of “closing the city”, the situation of gathering and traveling around the hospital and large communities is obvious.Since late March, cycling attractions have begun to shift to commercial districts and business office areas.On the day of April 8, bicycles in Wuhan ‘s commercial district, business office area, transportation hub and large residential area were replaced. Among them, the internal area of the Hankou Second Ring Road was the most popular. Jianghan Road, Wusheng Road, Dazhi Road and Hong Kong Road were the most popular.Delegates; Hanyang Wangjiawan, Wuchang Simenkou, Xudong and Qingshan areas are also used with high heat.In addition, Hello trip data show that the day of unblocking on April 8, Wuhan’s overall cycling orders increased by 30% from last week.Subway stations, commercial districts, enterprises and institutions, and office buildings have become recent riding attractions.Taking the subway station as an example, the cycling orders on April 8 have increased by 70% compared with the previous two days.The order on the day of unblocking on April 8 was 10 times the order on the day of closing on January 23.Didi Travel’s green orange bike data shows that on the first day of Wuhan’s “unblocking”, the riding day increased by 90%. The morning and evening peak periods are particularly marked by the increase in travel demand near the Fairview Longcheng District and the Optical Valley Software Park.Commuting demand with the industrial park as the starting point accounts for 70% of the total travel volume.The data also shows that, compared with the data classification of the provincial capital cities during the same period, the riding distance and length of Wuhan local citizens are higher than the national average data, and the average single riding distance is 1 more than the national average data.2km, the average single ride duration is 5-10 minutes longer than the national average.Reporter Chen Weicheng editor Sun Yong proofreading Wei Zhuo