Knife Beauty Upgrade


Knife Beauty Upgrade

It lasted nearly 200 days, costing 300,000 days, and more than 10 parts of the whole body were fully plasticized. China’s first “artificial beauty”, Beijing girl Hao Hao will officially complete the “face change” at the end of this year.

In order to record this experience, CNN TV, Reuters and other domestic and foreign media recorded the whole process, and a “man-made beauty birth record” will be born.

It is reported that 39 Health Network reported that next Monday, Hao Hao will carry out the final stage of surgery. In order to stay fast, this weekend, the reporter made a special trip to Beijing and finally saw the first “artificial beauty” in China.

銆€銆€China’s first “artificial beauty” dialogue Hao Hao at 4 o’clock on the afternoon of November 1st, Beijing Chaoyang District Kempinski Hotel coffee bar, China’s first “artificial beauty” Hao Hao wearing a “Ghost Festival” underwear, shoulder shawlThe red scarf finally appeared in front of the reporter.

The “artificial beauty” appeared magically, and the reporter looked curiously for a long time from top to bottom.

In the coffee bar, more than two hours of pleasant conversation, Hao Hao disclosed to reporters to replace the exclusive insider.

銆€銆€Dialogue 1: “I don’t belong to dinosaurs, this time the US is an upgraded version!

On June 19th, 2003, it was a memorable life for Hao Hao. On this day, she decided to make herself the first “artificial beauty” in China, from rhinoplasty, double eyelids, breast augmentation, hip lifting and so on.More than 10 places will be rebuilt, but it took only 20 minutes to make such a big decision. She did not inform her parents and her beloved American boyfriend.

銆€銆€Reporter: I heard that you are doing “artificial beauty” this time in order to marry a good husband in the future. (Before the operation), you will enter the show business and become famous overnight.

Why did you make such an important decision in only 20 minutes?

銆€銆€Hey: First of all, I want to clarify that I don’t belong to the 鈥渄inosaurs鈥?. I want to become famous by plastic surgery. I want to be famous for shaping this night. This time, 鈥渁rtificial beauty鈥?should belong to the upgraded version. It is popular to add icing on the cake.I want to make myself more perfect!

Speaking of this motive for “artificial beauty”, I think there are several reasons: First, this “beauty treatment” plastic surgery project is composed of the most authoritative people in various fields, rhinoplasty, eye-making, breast augmentationThey are all skilled, don’t worry; second, there is a film and television investment company willing to invest 300,000 yuan; third, I think it is more appropriate to do, why do you want to refuse?

銆€銆€I think that “artificial beauty” only changes greatly in size, but I think that it belongs to the type of “feminine, kind, smart, cheerful, likes to be troublesome”. The quality of humanity is okay, then it is 20 minutes.Make a decision inside.

銆€銆€Reporter: When you told your parents and boyfriend about your decision, what was their first reaction?

銆€銆€Hey: Mom is blind, my father doesn’t talk, and my boyfriend said something wrong: “Do it.”

銆€銆€Reporter: Some people say that many girls do some snobbery in plastic surgery. It seems to be a “vase”, tied up with a grandfather, and entered the family one night. What do you think?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: Indeed, the so-called “beauty economy” in the society has produced benefits, and various image spokespersons have deterred ordinary people. However, I believe that beauty can only be artificially created. Only when it is combined with internal and external can it be truly effective and full of charm.

銆€銆€Dialogue 2: 鈥淎fter the first operation, I found myself betting.鈥?Reporter: On July 21, I started the first stage of 鈥渁rtificial beauty鈥? Are you nervous when you sit on the plastic surgery desk for the first time?

Hao Hao: Of course nervous.

That day, the doctor gave me an anesthesia for my tossing (after surgery).

I was lying on the plastic surgery table for the first time. I think I am worth it for beauty!

At 9:30, shortly after the operation, I began to toss.

During the double eyelid surgery, Professor Zhou Gang, the honorary dean of Beijing Yimeier Jianxiang Hospital, let my eyes open and close. I said that the operating table lamp was too bright, and then opened and closed after the lights were removed. Finally, Professor Zhou could only remove.table lamp.

In fact, I am nervous, even gambling!

The operation took more than three hours to complete, longer than normal.

銆€銆€Reporter: How do you feel after the first operation?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: After the first operation, I went back to my home and didn’t go to my parents’ home.

Honestly, after the operation, I didn’t dare to see my mom for a month. It was both painful and worried about my mother’s distress.

銆€銆€Dialogue 3: 鈥淲hen I first removed the gauze, I saw that I was very exaggerated.鈥?Reporter: Do you remember that when you first removed the gauze, it was easy to see yourself in the mirror.

銆€銆€Hao Hao: Of course remember!

This is an unforgettable life.

It was July 24, the third day after the first operation. When I removed the gauze on my face that day, the first action was to look for a mirror.

In front of the mirror, I suddenly stopped, and my eyes were like “Hangzhou Longjing Fish”. They were big and fat, and my nose was slightly tilted there. It was really exaggerated.

The doctor said that it will take another five months to recover to the best condition. I can only look forward to it.

銆€銆€Reporter: When you see yourself becoming an “artificial beauty”, do you like the new Hao Hao?

銆€銆€Hao Hao: I like it, it is indeed more beautiful than the original, but I will remember this experience.

銆€銆€Dialogue 4: “If you don’t like a child in the future, then go to plastic surgery.” Reporter: Some people say that Michael Jackson was dubbed after he had a rhinoplasty operation for the first time in 1981. “He has one of the world’s strangest noses.”And medically said that the nose repair is 3 times is the limit, what do you think?

銆€銆€Hao Hao: There are many articles on the Internet that compare me with Michael Jackson. He said that in order to separate the characteristics of black people, he finally changed the black whites into obese people, and integrated the black people into a tall, straight nose.I think, I am not Michael Jackson.

I think that it is true that such a large plastic surgery will bring risks, even after a few years of great changes, but as long as the science and technology are developed, where there is something missing, there is a technical supplement, which I am sure.

銆€銆€Reporter: If you have a child in the future, it will not be like Dad, nor will you be like you?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: If the children born in the future, the two are not like, then go to the whole!

銆€銆€Dialogue 5: “I am already a public figure!
鈥?”Reporter: Plastic surgery is entering the final stage. The previous stage of surgery is very successful. What do you think is the biggest change?”

銆€銆€Hao Hao: The operation is really very successful. The eyes are big, the nose is quite, the chest is full, and I feel very satisfied.

But through these operations, I found that the biggest change is self-confidence and mentality.

I found myself more confident and more peaceful, because these experiences are unusual for 24-year-old girls and are memorable.

I think that a woman has three things worth doing in her life: eating well, playing well, and being beautiful.

I don’t have any of these things now, and I should be satisfied.

銆€銆€Reporter: I heard that you are now “catch up” every day, and the arrangement is particularly full. It seems that you have become a public figure?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: It is indeed socializing every day. Now it is scheduled to go to December. I will go to Xi’an this week, then rush to Hong Kong, then go to Chongqing TV to do the show, and finally put it in Japan, almost all outside.

Speaking of public figures, I recognize that I am a public figure, but I will not be too deliberate.

If I let me participate in the Model Fashion Week competition in the future, I think my role should be a special guest, a judge, and the like. If I go to the competition model, it would be too cheap.

銆€銆€Reporter: Through this “Beauty Management” project, there are so many people paying attention to you. Do you think you have become famous overnight?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: This plastic surgery is purely personal. I am also well-prepared. Some people are waiting for you to sign, but I will protect myself.

銆€銆€Dialogue 6: “I am considering getting married after surgery!

“Reporter: At the end of this year, China’s first “artificial beauty” will be officially born. What is the most important thing you want to do after the entire operation is completed?

銆€銆€Hao Hao: Now I am thinking about two things: First, I am going to publish my first autobiography “Pretty Woman” (tentatively booked) in the early Ming Dynasty; the other is to prepare to consider marriage.

In fact, the book has long been in the plan, and I have recorded my entire process, including how to decide, how to operate, risk, family behind the scenes and so on, and let it become a classic in my life;I want to tell my story to everyone, let more girls who love beauty and no plastic experience have a personal experience, just like the CNN TV station in the United States.

As for marriage, in fact, my American boyfriend is very good and very considerate. He is over 30 years old, so after this plastic surgery, I am going to consider getting married and marrying, of course, depending on his performance.

But the fortune teller said that I am going to get married in 2006, so let’s go!

銆€銆€Hao Hao’s resume: born in 1979, is a sheep, Manchu 1984 (5 years old), studied at Dongzhimen Primary School in Beijing, graduated from elementary school and jumped to two levels in 1988 (9 years old), studying at Dongzhimen Middle School in BeijingAfter graduating from high school in 1994 (15 years old), the university was admitted to China University of Geosciences in 1999 (19 years old), graduated from the university to study in the UK, studied jewelry masters in 2001 (at the age of 22), and returned to China to holdFreelance manuscript in 2003 (24 years old), served as the spokesperson for the “beauty management” project in Beijing.

銆€銆€Friends and relatives, one, “artificial beauty” parents: more and more like his father, who did not expect that an ordinary girl will get angry all night, for Hao Hao parents, it is even more unexpected.

During the several days of interviews in Beijing, the reporter was very hard-hearted and wanted to hear the personal feelings of the 鈥渁rtificial beauty鈥?parents, but Hao Hao’s parents were very low-key.

Finally, Hao Hao revealed the parents’ minds to the reporter.

Hao Hao told reporters that when parents knew that they were doing “artificial beauty”, they began to repeat the special resentment, especially the father. He usually chose to be silent, and he was hospitalized and waited for all things to be done by his mother.

The mother is distressed by the irony, after all, it is her own flesh and blood.

Hao Hao said, remember that after the breast augmentation surgery was completed in August, the whole person was the most painful, and there was a dumping spit. He lived in Jianxiang Hospital for 10 days, and the mother stayed with him around the clock.

When the night spit, the mother rubbed her body with a sad heart, but her mouth groaned: “Live it!

Find it yourself!

“Oh, Hao Hao and her father are very similar. After this plastic surgery, Hao Hao’s nose was quite strong. He opened his eyes and the man was full. Later, the family began to laugh at himself: “The original father and daughter were a clone, and now the daughter is beautiful after shaping.”It’s getting worse and less like her father!

Hao Hao said that other parents are reluctant to do this themselves, but after all, they are still flesh and blood, hurt!

銆€銆€Second, 鐠愮拹 boyfriend: become ugly and blame will also love her Hao Hao boyfriend is a Chinese American, long and thin, has been in his early 30s, very humorous, the two have been in love for 3 years.

When his boyfriend realized that he was going to be an “artificial beauty,” he only said one sentence: “Do it!

“Hao Hao is emotionally satisfied. The two met at a reception in the United States. They finally fell in love, and even they are not married yet, but the relationship between them is quite sweet.”

During the plastic surgery, my boyfriend kept watching the whole change of the sputum. After the rhinoplasty operation, the cockroach could only lie flat and slightly turned over. The boyfriend immediately adjusted her, and humorously reminded:Carefully press your nose.

When others say that “he is getting more and more beautiful,” his boyfriend is calm and so-called “the future can be looked at well”; and when others say “whatever becomes ugly,” his boyfriend firmly said.: “Even if it becomes ugly, I will love her!”