Old Iron duel, Jeremy Lin won the data but unable to save Shougang

“Old Iron” duel, Jeremy Lin won the data but unable to save Shougang
The CBA Beijing-Liaoning war started in Shenyang tonight, and the confrontation between Jeremy Lin and his friend Guo Ailun is the biggest attraction.After the game, Guo Ailun and Jeremy Lin had a great conversation.Figure / Osports Jeremy Lin and Guo Ailun started this pair of friends, Shougang core opened the game into two attacks, helping the team lead 4-0.In the first quarter, he played fast for 4 minutes. Guo Ailun made a 3-pointer from the corner to overtake the score.Immediately afterwards, he directly confronted his friend when he took the defense and fouled him down.Jeremy Lin came off in the second half, Guo Ailun added another 5 points and scored 10 points in a single quarter to help the Liaoning team lead 28-20.Jeremy Lin broke the team’s 3-minute “famine” through free throws in the second quarter. He scored 8 points in a single quarter, accounting for nearly half of the team’s two.Guo Ailun only scored 2 points in this quarter through free throws. In the last minute, he faced Jeremy Lin’s single defense and retreated three points.However, the Liaoning Ning team’s attack was smoother in this quarter. The overall shooting rate of the Shougang team was only 30%, and it trailed 37 to 48 at the end of the half.In the second half, Guo Ailun failed to catch up with Jeremy Lin’s breakthrough scene, and then fouled his friend.In the countdown period of Section 3, Jeremy Lin scored 5 points on two buzzer shots, and his personal breakthrough reached 27 points, helping the Shougang team to reduce the point difference to 7 points.The silent pair of Guo Ailun started the counterattack layup to stop the Shougang team. Jeremy Lin returned 2 points, but the overall attack of the Shougang team was stagnant, and the insider had no way to deal with Han Dejun.After Jeremy Lin got off the field, the Liaoning team once widened the point difference to 21 points, winning the victory as expected.After the final whistle, Guo Ailun walked to the Shougang team seat, hugged with Jeremy Lin and chatted.The former contributed the team’s second-highest 21 points tonight, and had 5 assists, leading the team to win the game with a double-double performance of five.Jeremy Lin scored a new season high of 29 points, plus 6 rebounds and 5 assists, but the team as a whole was suppressed almost at the end of the game, Jeremy Lin finally witnessed the loss on the bench, causing powerlessness.