Household condiments are healing

Household condiments are “healing”

Edible oil (oily food) It is a mild palliative. When a part of the body is burnt by fire, it can be used to apply oil to the affected area to relieve pain. It can be stabbed by Huangfeng or other insects. It can also be applied to the wound with warm oil.Relieve the pain.
If you have a stomach ulcer, you can drink two small pieces of peanut oil every morning and evening, which has a certain effect.
It can also cure constipation (constipation food).
If the bug gets into the ear and drops a few drops of oil into the ear, the bug can come out.
銆€銆€Salt Causes abdominal pain caused by cold or acute bladder paralysis, which makes the urine unreasonable. The salt is heated in the bag and hot on the abdomen.
Acute localized dermatitis itching, washing with saline, sputum can relieve itching.
Daily eye wash with light salt water can provide good results for the treatment of trachoma; shampoo with salt can reduce hair loss.
Drinking a cup of salt water after getting up in the morning can cure the stool.
Rinse mouth with salt water or contain a moment to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.
When the soup is burnt, it can be rinsed with vinegar to relieve pain and swelling, prevent blistering, and hurt without stains. When you have a fever, brewing sugar water can reduce the degree of fever.
Sugar water can also stimulate the stomach and help digestion (digest food).
銆€銆€Soy sauce When a certain part of the body is burnt, it can be applied with soy sauce, which can relieve the pain and dispel the fire; the fingers are swollen and painful. After soaking the soy sauce and honey (honey food), the fingers are immersed to relieve pain and swelling.
銆€銆€Ginger Putting ginger on the affected area can reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory food) and relieve pain. It is most effective to treat headache with ginger tablets. Drinking ginger soup can prevent colds in the four seasons; applying ginger on the navel can prevent motion sickness and seasickness.