Diet Therapies for Common Diseases in Summer

Diet Therapies for Common Diseases in Summer

Pneumonia-phlegm and lungs.

hzh {display: none; }  肺炎是由肺炎双球菌或病毒引起的呼吸系统急性病.

Pneumonia refers to the inflammation of the consolidation of the lungs. Due to different infection factors, it can be divided into bacterial, viral, allergic, fungal, and mycoplasmal pneumonia.

  Chinese medicine belongs to the “warm disease” and “cough” areas.

The cause of the disease was the early stage of febrile disease. The lung health first became ill. If the righteousness is insufficient, the health surface is not solid and cannot be protected from evil.

Diet therapy recommendation:[Jasmine Tofu Soup]Ingredients, 120 grams of fresh jasmine root, 250 grams of tofu.

Add fresh jasmine root and tofu into the pot and add water to stew.

  [Pumpkin Beef Soup]Ingredients: 250 grams of lean beef and 6 grams of ginger.

Stewed beef with water is eight mature, add 500 grams of peeled pumpkin, stew until cooked, add salt, MSG seasoning, the effect can reduce phlegm, eliminate pus, and improve lungs.

  Chronic gastritis-chronic gastritis caused by nourishing the stomach and warming the stomach is a chronic disease of the gastric mucosa caused by a variety of reasons. It can be divided into superficial, atrophic and hypertrophic gastritis according to morphological changes;Antral.

  The occurrence of this disease is often caused by dietary stomach injury, damp and heat content, liver qi and stomach and spleen and stomach deficiency.

Introduction of diet therapy:[goat milk]raw material, proper amount of goat milk, boiled, suitable for patients with atrophic gastritis.

  [Ginger Jujube Soup]Ingredients: 7 red dates, 100 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of ginger.

Put red dates, brown sugar, ginger into the pot to cook soup, eat jujube soup, once a day, patients with chronic gastritis Deficiency and Pain should eat.

  Edema-Lishui nourishing kidney edema refers to the retention of water in the body, overflowing the skin, causing eyelids, head and face, limbs, abdomen, swelling of the whole body, and even pleural effusion and ascites.

Corresponding to western medicine, glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, congestive heart failure, endocrine disorders and edema caused by nutritional disorders.

  There are two causes of edema, internal and external causes, external attack by wind and evil, lung disorder, or sore infiltration, internal return to the lungs and spleen, or impaired temper due to water penetration; internal exhaustion and spleen and stomach injury, orLong ward strain caused kidney injury.

Diet Therapy Recommendation:[Winter Melon Red Bean Pills]Ingredients, 1 winter melon, appropriate amount of red beans.

Cut and cover the melon, fill it with red beans, cover and fix it, seal it with paper tendons, dry it, put it in two large baskets of bran, and simmer until the bran is out, remove and slice the melon, roast with beans, and grindThe water paste is as big as a pill.

The effect is anti-inflammatory, diuretic, nourishing kidney.

  [Sanpiyin]Watermelon peel, winter melon peel, cucumber peel each 30 grams, decoction, when the tea can be, anti-inflammatory, water, kidney.

  Diabetes-Clearing heat and reducing diabetes Diabetes is a chronic progressive disease of the whole body, which is a common metabolic endocrine disorder.

After cancer and cardiovascular disease, it is the third most endangered health and life-threatening disease.

  The score for diabetes and other diseases is unique in that the patient’s true doctor is himself.

Because many preventive measures need to be mastered by themselves, especially to master their own diet principles, using foods that are beneficial to the treatment of diabetes for adjuvant treatment.

Diet therapy recommendation:[Fried pork bitter melon]Ingredients, 250 grams of fresh bitter melon, 100 grams of lean meat.

Cut the bitter gourd to remove the seeds, wash, shred, add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to the pan, heat the oil, add shredded pork, ginger, cooking wine, stir fry for a while, add bitter gourd, salt, MSG, and fry at high heat。
Clear heat, eyesight, hypoglycemic, and kidney.

  [Sautéed bell pepper with onion]Ingredients: 150 grams of onion, 150 grams of bell pepper, or sweet pepper.

Peel off the onion, wash and slice, wash the bell pepper, cut and remove the seeds, and slice.

Put oil in the pan and heat up. Pour the onion and bell peppers into the wok and stir-fry. Add an appropriate amount of refined salt, rice vinegar, and MSG, which are crisp and not rotten.

Clearing heat, lowering blood sugar, and relieving kidney.

  Hemorrhoids-Cooling blood to reduce swelling, hot summer and hot summer, which will make hemorrhoids prone, pain, swelling, bleeding and other symptoms. In addition to medication, pay attention to daily diet, avoid spicy and irritating food, and keep the anus cleanIt is very important; life must be regular and work and rest moderate, which will help alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoid bleeding.

Diet Therapy Recommendation:[Loofah Lean Broth]Ingredients: 250 grams of loofah, 200 grams of lean pork, refined salt instead.

Wash the meat and cut into pieces, add water and cook until it is nearly cooked, add the sliced loofah to make the soup, add refined salt as needed, and divide the meat into 2 soups.

The effect is cooling blood, diarrhea, dampness and heat, and it is suitable for early hemorrhage in internal hemorrhoids.

  [Mung bean intestine]raw material, 100 grams of mung bean, 1 section of pig large intestine.

Clean the large intestine and fill it with washed mung beans. Soak the mung beans for 1 hour. Tighten the intestines with a cotton thread. Cook in a pot with water and cook. Eat 3 times.Can cultivate qi and blood, swelling and pain.

  Anemia-Anemia with reduced nourishing qi and blood can be prevented, and dietary supplementation is an effective method. The principle is to first provide sufficient blood-forming materials, the most important substance is iron, and a small amount of copperAnd protein.

Diet therapy recommendation:[Soap staff fried soybean]raw materials, 250 grams of soybeans, 30 grams of soap staff water.

Wash the soybeans and stir-fry them. In the process of frying, add soapy staff water frequently until the beans are cooked 3 times a day, 15 grams of beans each time.

Nourishing qi and blood.

  [Four things soup]raw materials, 100 grams of fresh coriander, 100 grams of spring bamboo shoots, 100 grams of dried gourd, 100 grams of persimmon.

Wash the ravioli, peel, cut into pieces, slice the bamboo shoots, mash the persimmons by hand, dry clean the gourds, add them to the pot, add 1000 ml of water, cook for 30 minutes, once a day, eat with soupOf it.

Efficacy is diuretic, swelling, nourishing, and strengthening the spleen.

On Quality Education from Art Education

On Quality Education from Art Education

Art education is an important part of children’s quality education. Excellent children’s dance works have an important role in improving children’s overall quality.

  The meaning of quality is narrow and broad.

The concept of quality in the narrow sense is the concept of quality in the sense of physiology and psychology, that is, “genetic quality”.

“Cihai” stipulates: “Quality refers to the original characteristics and alternative basis of people or things in some aspects.

In psychology, it refers to the innate anatomical and physiological characteristics of a person, mainly the characteristics of sensory organs and the nervous system, and the physiological condition of human psychological development, but it cannot determine the psychological content and development level of a person.

“-This is a typical explanation of narrow quality.

  The broad sense of quality refers to the concept of quality in the pedagogical sense. It refers to “internal, relatively stable, and long-term physiological characteristics obtained by people through environmental impact and education training on the basis of innate physiology.The basic quality structure is often called literacy.

It mainly includes people’s moral qualities, intellectual qualities, physical qualities, aesthetic qualities, and labor skills.

“-Quality in quality education refers to broad quality.

  Children experience learning and performing dance works. They can gain knowledge, open their eyes, understand right and wrong, distinguish between beauty and ugliness, love labor, and physical beauty, so as to achieve a comprehensive improvement in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor qualities.

And the greatest influence on the development of children’s quality, and the greatest benefit to children is the excellent dance works that reflect the children’s thinking and life.

  In the drizzling rain, a group of female students put on blue transparent umbrellas, beautiful melody, bright rhythm, and chic dance steps. The girls were lively and cute.

A teenager in a wheelchair came raining, and the rain poured on him relentlessly.

When helpless, I suddenly felt that the rain had stopped, and it was the girls who had raised a “blue sky” above him.

The dance “Little Umbrella” is deeply shocked by its exquisite structure, rich connotation, and beautiful moving music.

The true feelings are revealed, the goodwill is overflowing, the dance image is perfect, the taste is elegant, and the spirit is seen in the subtleties.

This is a silent textbook. Children will never be indifferent when they see such a dance, and they will definitely benefit from it.

  Other excellent dance works, such as “HAPPY ABC”, “A White Cloud Floating”, “Green Boy”, “Eve of Military Training” and other works triggered by the ancient poem “Goose”, learn children’s foreign languages, Tang poetry,Football and military enthusiasm are vividly and interestingly expressed; “Little Ants”, “Diligent Little Bees”, “Happy Sunday” and other praises labor to create happiness; “The Blind Child and Seagull” and othersThe love between humans and nature; works such as “Two Little Cows”, “Little Carrot Head”, “Liu Hulan”, “Little Prairie” and so on, have reproduced the glorious image of former children, making contemporary childrenThey tasted the sweetness of today’s life; “the mountains are clear, the water is blue, the wind blows the grass, the cows and sheep are walking, the birds are vying for the flowers and fruit town”, the Kazakh children’s dance “Janal’s Dream” shows the greenness of the childrenThe motherland, the ardent desire to love nature; dances such as “Chong forward”, “Flower skirt floating up”, “Happy childhood”, “Chong, 2008”, “Pride of the Sea” and other dances, showing the spirit of young children in the new era,Spirit thriving.

In recent years, countless successful children’s dance works, weaving pictures of children’s world full of joy and wisdom, colorful and colorful, welcomed by hundreds of millions of children.

  How can you create a dance that is popular with children?

The author believes that a good children’s dance must be true, kind, artistic, and fun.

  True love: “True” means objective things.

Touching people is the basic point of artistic creation, and children are the main body of children’s dance works.

Therefore, the “truth” we are talking about is that children’s dance must reflect the children’s true feelings, which are not adult or imposed on them by adults.

This is the most basic requirement for creating children’s dance, and it is also the main characteristic.

  Meaningful: “Good” refers to the content of the work.

The ideological content of the work must be positive and healthy, and have the characteristics of children, in order to cultivate good morals for children and encourage them to move forward in a healthy direction.

  Yimei: True feelings and kind desires are necessary conditions for beauty, but “true” and “good” are not equal to “beauty”.

Only when the director uses the unique structure and expression methods of dance art to express the true feelings and goodwill through the created dance image can beauty be produced.

The ideological content without artistic beauty is boring. Only when the ideological content and artistic beauty are organically integrated to achieve the unity of truth, goodness and beauty, can the beauty effect be achieved and the purpose of quality education can be achieved.

  Fun: Children’s imagination is extremely rich, and their actions often deviate from the adult’s thinking mode and make people feel incredible. People call it “childlike”.

Childlikeness comes from children’s lives. It comes from the nature of children. It can’t be falsified. It is the children’s heart.

  Excellent children’s dance works play a pivotal role in the quality education of children. In the 21st century, society’s requirements for children’s dance works will be higher and more ardent. I hope more writers, composers, and artHome, professional choreographer, long-term engaged in children’s dance education, teachers with rich experience actively participate in the creation, and become experts in children’s dance.

  Let us work together to make a new leap in the quality of children’s dance creation, and to achieve a higher level of quality education for children.

8 things to do after age 30

8 things to do after age 30

Many mature women who are craving for perfection in the workplace can even take the time to make beauty and buy clothes, but often ignore their diet and exercise.

Let the editor take you to see 8 things that women must do to fight aging after 30.


hzh {display: none; }  补钙:专家证实,女性28岁以后,身体中的钙每年以0。1% -0.

5% speed reduction.

During this period, women should take at least 1000 mg of calcium daily; if pregnant, lactating or after the age of 40: increase to 1500 mg.

The best supplemented calcium is active calcium, not calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate. These two types of calcium have low absorption in the human body and may also deposit on the inner wall of blood vessels and the bile, kidney, and urinary ducts to form stones.

  Fiber supplement: During this period, women often have constipation and extra distress.

Cellulose can relieve women from worries. It is effective in pursuing laxatives, detoxification, lowering blood lipids, and excessive complications.

  Breakfast every day: It can effectively promote metabolism and keep the blood vessels and immune system young. It is best to include cereals, fruits, and dairy products.

  Diet: 4 servings of fruits, 5 servings of vegetables, 1 serving of amaranth, and fish twice a week.

Become a omnivorous animal and continue to strengthen your immune base when you were 20 years old.

  Sleep on time every night: The best sleep is to sleep regularly 7?
8 hours.

The best nighttime sleep (sleep) time for women is 22:30.

  Take time to do aerobic exercise: can increase cardiopulmonary vascular vitality.

Walking an hour a day or doing a lot of exercise in a short period of time consumes at least 3,500 calories of displacement per week.

Exercise is better to sweat, not tired.

  Don’t sit for a long time: Sitting for a long time will cause you to drop down the hula hoop (commonly known as the small belly) and thighs. It also affects blood circulation and is not good for the heart and blood vessels.

  Supplement Vc and Ve: Healthy women are supplemented with more than 1200 mg of vitamin C and 400 international units of vitamin E per day.

These are the two most important antioxidants, and when combined, they reduce harmful deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

The amount of VC supplemented by sub-healthy women can reach 5000 milligrams per day, and the daily VC intake of women with at least one disease can reach 10,000 microns or more.

You can also choose grapevines or precipitated acids with higher antioxidant capacity to prevent the development of gynecological diseases and their further development.

(VC is better without acidity).

Parents have to figure out why children have fever

Parents have to figure out why children have fever

In pediatrics, fever is the most frequently seen by doctors.

Usually, if the child’s temperature is high and the fever symptoms are obvious, but the general condition is good, the doctor will give the child some antipyretics. It is recommended that the parents let the child go home to rest more, drink more water, continue to observe, and do not prescribe many medicines.Especially antibiotics.

However, many parents do not understand this approach of doctors.

Some parents said, “I’ll take a taxi and spend 150 yuan. You just give me a few words. What if we don’t prescribe any medicine and let us go back and the child will get fever again?” Some parents said, “If I go home,, The heat is still going on, how to do a dangle needle fast if the child’s brain is burned out, we ask for a dangle needle!

“Other parents went directly to the outpatient office and complained that the doctors were not responsible.

  It doesn’t matter if the child has a fever. Should the child have a fever, he should immediately go to the big hospital to see a doctor, be sure to administer a needle, use antibiotics, and listen to the doctor’s statement.

  What is the fever?

  Different children have different development of the nervous system at different ages.

The younger the child, the less mature the body is.

When the surrounding temperature is high, wear more clothes, dehydration (too little water, sweating or diarrhea, etc.), keep crying, even the air in the room is not flowing, and it will cause fever when it is hot, but only to varying degrees.
At the same time, children’s immunity is relatively weak, and they are more vulnerable to external viruses and bacteria than adults, and fever is more common.

  Generally speaking, fever can occur in two situations: one is caused by an infection and is medically known as infectious fever.

In fact, fever after infection is not entirely a bad thing. Fever is a defense response of the body to external bacteria and viruses.

The other is non-infectious fever, that is, fever is not caused by bacteria, viruses and other infections, such as rheumatic fever, drug fever, mild fever after injection.

  The most common cause of fever in children is a cold.

Children’s ability to adapt to the environment is worse than adults, and the frequency of colds will be higher than adults, especially in the spring, winter and seasons.

Generally, preschool children may suffer 4 each year?
8 colds.

  Parents should observe carefully when a child has a cold or fever.

If the child becomes depressed when the heat rises, he doesn’t want to eat, and once the heat is gone, he will jump around alive, basically no problem.

If the child still feels sluggish, his hands and feet are cold or has diarrhea, crying when urinating, etc., he must go to the hospital for treatment.

  Fever will burn your brain?

  Some parents worry that fever can “burn out” their children’s brains.

Actually, that’s not the case.

The reason everyone thinks this is mainly because in our daily life, when we see that some children are “stupid” because of the high fever, they mistakenly think that the high fever has “burned” their brains.

  In fact, these children are suffering from intellectual decline due to encephalitis or other diseases, and fever is only a manifestation of the disease.

What’s more, brain tissue is a protein structure. To destroy proteins and damage brain cells, at least it must be burned above 42 ° C. Under normal circumstances, such a high degree of heat is unlikely to occur.

  Of course, some fevers do have a certain effect on intelligence, the most typical being febrile seizures.

Some children are particularly sensitive and “cramps” when they get a little fever.

Repeated “cramps” will affect brain cell function and affect intelligence.

However, not every child will do this, and only sustained “cramps” and no treatment will damage brain cells.

  If the effect is not good, change the medicine immediately?

  After taking the medicine for a day, some children did not retreat, and the parents were so anxious that they went to the hospital again to see the doctor and resolutely asked the doctor to change the medicine.

In fact, if the drug is taken or injected intramuscularly or intravenously, it needs to be replenished to achieve an effective blood concentration.

It’s definitely not reasonable to say that this medicine is ineffective before the time is up.

Usually, at least one course of treatment is required for one medicine.

If it still does not work, it is not too late to change the medicine.

  Fever must enter the big hospital?
  They all say that “small illness enters the community, and serious illness enters the big hospital”, but it is similar to a “statement.”
For many parents, the child is ill, even if it is a minor illness, it is the most important thing. Be sure to go to a large hospital.

At the peak of the cold every year, the four well-known pediatric hospitals in Shanghai are always overcrowded, and they are even more “lively” than the vegetable market.

In fact, seeing a doctor in such an environment has no benefit to the child. Alternating waiting lines are long and cross infection is prone to occur.

  In all fairness, you don’t have to go to a big hospital to see a cold.

Large hospitals may have better equipment and doctors with higher education levels, but these are not necessary to see a cold.

The level of large hospitals is mainly reflected in the treatment of incurable diseases. There is basically no difference between a doctor in a community hospital and a doctor in a tertiary hospital.

  Is it necessary to have a blood test for fever?

  The doctor will usually give a blood test for the fevered child, and let the child go for a blood test.

At this time, parents are distressed: My baby, let you poke a needle, it will bleed, how much pain, it is best not to have a blood test.

  In fact, the blood test results are very important for doctors to judge the condition, it can prompt the child whether the fever is caused by a viral infection or a bacterial infection.

Although most of the children with fever are common viral influenza, a small number are caused by bacterial infections, or bacterial infections occur several days after common viral influenza.

If doctors treat all children as common viral infections, they will certainly delay some children’s illness.

Conversely, if doctors treat all children as bacterial infections, abuse of antibiotics is even more harmful to children.

Therefore, if the doctor orders the child to be tested, the parents may even feel distressed because it is good for the child.

  Want to “hang algae”, take anti-inflammatory drugs?

  Too many parents think that if their child has a cold, they must “hang the tank” and use anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise they will not get better.

Some parents always ask the doctor to give their child the best and most expensive medicine.

In this way, the best and most expensive medicine is not necessarily the most useful for children.

This is not a question of more money but less money.

It is a question of how to prescribe the right medicine.

  Is it necessary to use anti-inflammatory drugs for a cold?

The answer is, when you should, use it when you shouldn’t.

Antibiotics do not kill the virus. When fever is caused by a viral infection, antibiotics have no effect, and may cause damage to liver and kidney function, hearing, and more.

  In particular, parents need to be reminded that children’s age, weight, and organ development are different, and the choice of medication types, dosage forms, and dosages are all different. It is by no means as simple as “a smaller person and a smaller amount”.

Children’s medication should be conducted under the guidance of a doctor. Parents must not give their children medication without authorization, let alone “order medicine” like ordering food in a restaurant.

  Some parents prefer “hanging pots”. They felt that the child had a fever last time.

In essence, “do not hang the salt water”, we must specifically demonstrate the analysis.

Our principle is that if a disease can be taken orally, muscle injections are not required: if muscle injections are available, intravenous fluids are not an option.

  Why avoid avoiding infusions?

The reasons are as follows: First, most drugs are absorbed very well after oral administration, and the drugs slowly enter the blood after being absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. The adverse reactions are the lightest and the safest.

Intravenous infusion is different. Drugs directly enter the bloodstream. Adverse reactions can occur in a short period of time, and severe ones can quickly endanger life.

Therefore, oral administration can avoid some cross-infection caused by intramuscular or intravenous injection.

Third, it is painful to have muscle needles and vein needles, especially for young children.

Fourth, oral administration of 3 or 4 times a day can stabilize the blood concentration throughout the day at a higher level, which is more effective.

Intravenous infusions cannot do this, and unless they are infused 24 hours a day, blood levels will drop as soon as they restart.

Fifth, oral medication is simple and cheap. Infusions take a lot of time and are expensive.

Chat being monitored for silence or resistance

Chat being monitored for silence or resistance

When people are floating in the workplace, how can they not be attacked? Some corporate bosses monitor and peek at employees’ QQ, MSN and other chat records through various channels to “know more information and make decisions.”

As an employee, do you endure this kind of thing silently or rise up?

  Employees said that they despise peeping and resisted. In the end, the company management of my female cosmetics industry is more chaotic. Even the formal contract was not signed with us. Everyone was very angry. Sometimes, I chatted privately on QQ and vented.

The boss is a computer illiterate, but a department manager is very proficient at doing things. He often writes small reports. Once, I saw the manager use a U disk to copy files on other people’s computers.

One morning, the boss aggressively called me and another female colleague and yelled at us, asking us to leave immediately, based on the fact that we yelled at the company during the chat, scolded him, and threatened the closure of the company, man!

Except for companies that fail occasionally, have we said that?

The department manager must have complained to us . What to do?

Ca n’t just give up easily. After discussing with my colleagues, I decided to defend the rights. Now, we have submitted relevant materials to the Labor Bureau. Although the labor arbitration process is relatively long, we must insist, and the Labor Bureau also responded: the company mustDo it in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Contract Law.

  Silently endure, in the future, I will not talk about Cai Ruinv’s advertising industry information office. We cannot leave the network, and often use QQ to transmit files.

: After QQ, who really doesn’t say a personal word?

I also chat with friends on the Internet, but I did n’t expect that my chat records would be monitored by the company.

“Recently, the company’s IT department, through monitoring investigations, found that some employees had acted to correct the company’s information. The leader was very annoyed and decided to severely punish this employee and warn others.

“At the regular department meeting, when the director announced the news, I was really surprised.

God, the bonus of the “Gossip” leadership on QQ with a dead party a few days ago, wouldn’t it be found?

What if I track it down?

It is estimated that I can only endure in silence. In any case, the rice bowl matters, and I will try to talk less.

  Protecting privacy starts with Jiang Hu male sales. I used to be the leader of the company ‘s sales department. The biggest hobby every day is to transfer the QQ chat of the owner of the department. From the perspective of the company, a female salesperson and a major customer have joined.They chatted fiercely. As a result, their passionate chat records were replaced in the department bulletin board one month later, and all talents knew that QQ chat was monitored.

That female salesperson could only quit her job. It was miserable. How could such a private thing be made public, and I can no longer trust the computer.

I thought I could destroy all records, but there are many ways to crack the Internet, and you can still recover those records.

Therefore, if you want to protect your privacy, you should start with yourself. For more private things, don’t talk in the office computer, and don’t store private files.

  Netizens’ trick: Take a hard shot of BOSS on QQ, and then go to the bathroom and spit.

(Pear tree with long apples) Such a boss can’t be a big deal. When encountering such a company, one word: Flash.

(I don’t want to say loneliness) Any word will have a handle, it is best not to leave a text, and talk quietly.

(Wake guest) survey 40% of the monitored people swallowed. Recently, the Tianya community has conducted a survey of “boss peeking at employees’ QQ chat records, silence or resistance”, and the results show that there are more and more situations in chat tools.Next, more than 90% of office workers will go to QQ during working hours, and there are also those who chat and also need for work. Among them, 24% of employees have been monitored.

“What do you do if you find yourself being monitored by your boss?

“42% of the investigators chose to swallow their patience and thought they didn’t know. Of course, some brave people said they would find a boss to protest or resign and leave. In addition, 13% said they would seek legal help.

  The boss said to chat at work. I have the right to monitor Mr. Lonely, the head of a company. The paper: “The boss pays you and provides computer equipment, not to let you chat and socialize.

Employees should decline personal incidents during working hours. This is the most basic professional ethics.

I also have the right to check the chat and Internet records of my subordinates. At the end of last year, a female employee’s excessive use of MSN caused my suspicion. I monitored the chat records through the IT department and found that she was engaged in a second job on Taobao.Discipline of our company.

According to regulations, sorry, fired!

“There are also bosses who will indicate the relevant situation in the company system and tell him the first day of the employee interview or work, so there will be no controversial issues.

  The network administrator said that the software can view all records. The network administrator of a certain company broke the news: “Some monitoring software can completely clear the webpages you have browsed, chat history, email sending and receiving, etc. You better not stay in the company’s computerPut any private information and don’t say anything against you. ”

“Actually, as network administrators, we also have a lot of trouble. The boss wants to check the chat records of employees. Would you give it?

Sometimes it happens that the employee has a good personal relationship with you, what should I do?

Knowing the private affairs of so many people, my heart is tired, and I am afraid that one day I will become the target of criticism.

“The webmaster Tian Shengwei said.

  The lawyer said that the peep chat was suspected of being suspected by Guangdong Xinli Shengda Law Firm. Zhu Qionghua pointed out: The computer is provided by the company, and the boss has the right to regulate and supervise the system of using the computer during working hours., To inform employees in advance that the supervisory procedures have been set; second, if you want to view some content, in order to avoid intensifying conflicts, it is best to choose to work at regular schedules and notify employees of their presence. If you read the content that involves employee reputation, major aspects, you mustAvoid it consciously, and have the obligation to keep confidential what you see, and it cannot spread.

  ”In the case where the company owner violates the employee’s right to privacy, the victim can report to the local labor department, complain, or file a lawsuit in the court.”” Zhu Qionghua suggested.

If chats printed by the boss reveal that employees have vilified company leaders or rectified company secrets, these violations have violated the legal rights of other people’s companies. If company rules and regulations can dismiss employees, the court will generally use this evidence.

Releasing your arms while walking can prevent falls

Releasing your arms while walking can prevent falls

On the streets and in parks, old people who often walk with their hands up or carrying their hands are often seen, but in fact, the walking posture with arms thrown up can even enhance bone function and prevent falls and complications from some chronic diseases.

  A study led by Steven Cowens, a biomechanics expert at the University of Chicago, found that there is a large difference in the metabolic rate of people who keep their arms still when they walk and swing their arms.

Swinging your arms while walking can make walking more efficient, which is equivalent to walking at a speed of 20% faster or a 10mm backpack.

At the same time, correct arm swing posture can maintain body balance, coordinate pace, and improve the effect of leg movements.

When walking with swing arms, the two arms are shifted with the rhythm of the pace, which can enhance the functions of bones, joints and thorax, and prevent the elderly from falling, leading to periarthritis, emphysema, chest tightness and chronic bronchitis in the elderly.

  Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly can choose a “pendulum” swing arm when walking. The correct way is: relax the shoulders, bend each arm to about 90 degrees, half-fist with both hands, swing naturally, swing inward when swinging forward, and swing slightly when swinging backward.extreme.

Do not swing too much, and do not use too much force.

The walking speed is preferably 60-90 steps per minute, not more than half an hour a day.

Chronic diseases such as persistent attacks, periarthritis, emphysema will improve.

Chinese New Year children snacking knowledge

Chinese New Year children snacking knowledge

As the new year approaches, snacks can continue to be a small episode in the baby’s holiday diet. Do you need to restrict the snacks for little ones?

What kind of snacks are healthier?

  Snacks are a must. First of all, for babies who have weak stomachs and ca n’t consume “big meals”, in order to replenish nutritional consumption in time and avoid too much time between meals, small snacks appear in the form of “snacks”Is very necessary.

In fact, during the holiday season, babies tend to absorb adults’ overeating, so they can use healthy snacks to supplement their small intestines and stomachs in advance to prevent excessive meals and excessive nutrition, and to avoid abuse of functional disorders and indigestion.

  Scientifically arrange snacks and timing: between two meals, 9: 30-10: 00, after waking up in the afternoon, about 2 hours before dinner; ideally limited: can’t be too temporary, otherwise, except for the baby’s stomachGet a timely rest, and also take advantage of the holidays to develop a bad habit of “snacking” snacks; strict control: the healthy snacks are only the “supporting role” or “assistant” of meals, which nourish the stomach,Replenish consumption, delay the task of fatigue, and never take the lead to affect the appetite of the meal; tree rules: to eat snacks as seriously as meals.

Correct, hygienic eating techniques, good eating habits, and table manners all need to be established. The habits of eating while lying down, eating while playing, and eating without washing your hands bring healthy snacks into “junk food.”

  Choose healthy snacks For the sake of both health and deliciousness, the following categories of snacks that are low in fat, low in salt, low in sugar, and low in additives may be the best choice: The first category: dairy yogurt, cheese-can be fermented by beneficial bacteriaIt is more conducive to the absorption of proteins and traces, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and other minerals and probiotics such as vitamins B1, B2, lactobacillus, etc., also help conditioning, and is the first choice.

  Special reminder: Choose solidified yogurt instead of lactic acid bacteria drinks or AD calcium milk with high sugar content and low milk content; low-fat cheese is easier to digest than full-fat cheese and is the best choice for babies who love cheese. If paired with a small slice of bread orSteamed bread, nutrition will be more balanced; high cheese content, fat babies should not eat more; formula milk — for babies under the age of 2 to supplement nutrition and water after the afternoon, not too much, so as not to affect the amount of meals.

  The second category: fresh fruits or vegetables that can be eaten raw. Supplementation of vitamins, inorganic salts, various trace elements, digestive enzymes and alternative fibers in the body is very helpful for helping the baby to regulate the stomach and intestines, prevent constipation, and solveAccumulation of food and other issues.

In addition, these can also train your baby’s skills to eat and eat, and cultivate his interest in vegetables and fruits.

  The third category: dried fruit small combinations. Babies over 2 years of age can eat some nuts such as peanuts, seeds, walnuts, almonds, or ground nut flour (added to rice flour or porridge). They have amino acids, essential fatty acids, and unsaturated fatty acids.Dietary fiber is good for eye, brain, and skin development.

  The fourth category: healthy small pastries, soft sliced toasts, small meals, etc., which are very good for babies under 2 years old to chew and digest, and babies over 2 years old can replace multigrain bread or whole wheat bread to help them replace more vitaminsFiber and B vitamins.

Skillful mothers can also make rice balls, cakes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, bean paste, oatmeal milk, and other snacks. They can also mix with peanut butter, sesame sauce, tomato toast, baby honey, etc. to make nutrition and variety more comprehensive.

  Fifth category: healthy small drink soy milk, homemade fruit and vegetable freshly squeezed juice, pumpkin and lily tincture, milk corn juice, mung bean paste, chrysanthemum water, hawthorn water, etc. are suitable for babies.

It is best to add little or no sugar, rock sugar or honey to maintain the original flavor.

  Two of the snacks should not be eaten, but must be scientific.

Many children’s current snacking methods are unscientific, which affects physical development.

  1, should not eat night food.

Too many children have snacks while doing homework or snacks while watching TV, and even have snacks after going to bed.

As a result of eating in this way, it will inevitably lead to overeating, and during this time, the child has no physical activity.

Over time, this can easily lead to overweight.

  2, should not eat too much fried food.

The nutritional characteristics of existing children are: too much protein and heat energy supply, a small amount and too much salt, and insufficient supply of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and supplementary fiber.

Therefore, it is appropriate to appropriately reduce trace supplements while increasing the supply of minerals, trace elements, and supplementary fibers, such as eating more vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains.

At present, the small foods that children like are mostly fried foods, which are too high in trace amounts, such as potato chips, french fries, fried chicken legs, fried lamb skewers, and crispy noodles.

Adult-rich foods also include cream cakes, ice cream, flours, and nuts such as peanuts, seeds, and walnuts.

Fried food destroys and destroys the vitamins in food, so it is not advisable to eat too much.

Purple rice is expected to be anti-cancer

Purple rice is expected to be anti-cancer

According to a joint report, scientists said today that China has always proved that purple rice (black rice), which is rarely known in Western countries, may be the best super food for cancer.

  Experts say that purple rice is low in sugar and high in fiber and can be used as a plant compound to prevent heart disease and cancer.

  According to the Daily Mail online report, California State University (Louisiana State University) is an antioxidant.

  Anthocyanins are common in many dark fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries and red peppers, which is why the color of purple rice is so deep.

  Studies have shown that dark plant antioxidants that can kill harmful harmful molecules help protect blood vessels, prevent DNA damage, and prevent cancer.

  Food scientist Xu Zhimin (transliteration) said: 1 spoon of purple rice bran contains broccoli antioxidant, fiber and vitamin E antioxidant, more than 1 spoon of blueberry, and the sugar content is still relatively low.

  Xu Zhimin pointed out: If we use berries to promote health, why not try purple rice and purple rice bran?

Especially in order to increase the intake of health-promoting antioxidants, purple rice bran is a unique and economical food.

  The study was published in the National Convention of the American Chemical Society (Boston).

Clothing, food, shelter and transportation to create a healthy body for children

Clothing, food, shelter and transportation to create a healthy body for children

Introduction: Spring is a happy season for children. Spring comes back to the earth, everything recovers, the wind is bright, and the children can be outdoors. However, they do not know that spring is also a time for various infectious diseases. Therefore,Arranging your child’s food, clothing, and shelter is an important alternative to preventing disease.

General principles of clothing: It is cold in spring and children should wear moderate clothes. If you wear less clothes, you will get cold and sick. If you wear more clothes, you will be cold.

Because the child wears too much clothes, coupled with a large amount of activity, it is often prone to sweating. If the wind is blown at this time, the child is more vulnerable to the cold and sick.

Therefore, spring cover should be, but it should not be overdone.

Generally children can wear one more piece of clothing than adults, it is advisable not to sweat before and after.

In addition, children’s backs and feet are prone to illness when they are cold, so parents should pay special attention to the warmth of these two parts.

In the North: Children have poor ability to regulate their body temperature. Do not take off thick clothes all at once in a heated environment.

Attention should be paid to warm clothing when going out.

In the south: there are many rainy weather in spring, small temperature difference between day and night, and the air is tilted. Although the temperature is not low, it will also feel cold and gradually. At this time, the dehumidification function of the air conditioner can be turned on.

Because of the bad weather, the child is more prone to sweating. At this time, the child should change his underwear in time.

General principles of food: All things grow in spring, and it is also a good time for children to grow taller. It is important to pay attention to diet, that is, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, and milk must not be missing to provide sufficient and balancednutrition.

Spring is also a good time to improve your child’s immunity. You can give your child some mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, etc. These foods are natural tonics and can improve your baby’s immunity.

In the North: The weather is dry and easy to get angry, so let your children eat less fried and sweet food.

In the South: Rising climate can easily lead to the growth and reproduction of mold, so children must pay attention to fresh food when eating.

General principles of living: Spring is the time when germs are active. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the indoor air fresh and fresh. The best time to open the window is to go out in the morning after the sun comes out.

More than half of the child’s growth hormone is secreted at night, and the secretion reaches its peak during deep sleep. Therefore, sleep is very beneficial to the growth of the child.

In order to make the child’s growth potential better, let the child go to bed around 10pm.

In the North: At this time is about to turn off the heating, if the room temperature is low, pay attention to properly add clothes to the child, do not let the child cool.

Spring in the north is very dry, so indoor humidity should be appropriately increased.

In the South: It is rainy in spring, and the air that spreads is beneficial to the growth of mold and dust mites, and these pathogenic microorganisms are one of the reasons that cause children to spring frequently.

Therefore, in rainy weather, care should be taken to keep the indoor air dry.

General principles: After a long winter at home, you can finally come out and relax.

It is recommended that smaller babies can exercise on the balcony at home first, choose the redundant decomposition of sunlight and wait for 5 minutes, and then increase by 5 minutes every day to allow the baby to slowly adapt to this change, you can take the baby outsideAlready.
However, when traveling in spring, you should pay attention to avoid allergies to pollen, especially those with allergies.

The choice of place can be natural environment such as riverside, park, etc. It is not recommended to take children to places with many people.

Pay attention to hygiene. When returning to the room from the outside, be sure to wash your face and hands.

In the north: the wind and sand are strong in spring, so children must pay attention to wind protection when going out. You can apply some moisturizer to the skin to prevent the skin from being damaged by wind and dryness.

In the south: it is windy and rainy in spring, and it may be slippery on the road. When children go out, wear shoes with high sole friction to prevent falling.

Choose waterproof shoes to prevent your feet from getting wet and cold.

Loofah medicated diet-summer skin rejuvenation

Loofah medicated diet-summer skin rejuvenation

The loofah is green and tender, crisp and sweet, and it is a good dish for clearing heat and purging fires, cooling blood and detoxifying in summer.
Loofah is not only rich in nutrition, but also has certain medicinal value.
According to Gao Guangyan, director of Wuhan Guangyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Clinic, loofah is rich in nutrients and contains interferon inducers, which can stimulate the human body to produce interferons and achieve antiviral and anti-cancer purposes.
Generally speaking, eating loofah is better in terms of taste, nutrition and healing effects.
Luffa has a cold and sweet taste, and has the effects of relieving heat and intestines, removing wind and phlegm, cooling blood and detoxifying, activating collaterals, activating qi and dissipating blood stasis. It can also treat blood in the stool and help the mother to lactate.Smooth bowel diarrhea, people with chronic illness, weak spleen and stomach, and indigestion are better off eating less.
Loofah is also a rare natural beauty agent for removing freckles, whitening and removing wrinkles.
Long-term consumption or wiping face with loofah liquid can also make human skin smooth and delicate, with anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory, preventing and eliminating acne and melanin deposits.
The freckle action in the kitchen-if the little freckles on the face of Girls’ Generation are still cute signs, then for mature women, those spots are the enemy of beauty!
Come, do it now and let the blemishes on your face disappear in the kitchen.
Here are several ways to eat and treat loofah: 1. Green and white loofah: Stir-fried ginger with silk, pour the loofah and stir-fry, add green pepper and a little garlic, wait until the loofah is fully cooked, and then add the lily to boil slightly.
2, ice muscle jade bone: peel the loofah, wash, cut into 1.
For a 5 cm segment, steam the loofah for 7 minutes under intense heat, pour out the juice, add oil to the pan, and sauté the garlic, pour the loofah, and add a little soy sauce and sesame oil.
3. Wash and slice the fresh loofah, wrap the squeezed juice with gauze, add equal amounts of medicinal alcohol and honey, mix well, and use a cotton ball to dip the face and arms when using, and wash with water after 20 minutes.
Apply it once a night for one month to reduce wrinkles and make skin smooth and elastic.
4. Loofah leaf decoction bath: Taking a bath with fresh loofah leaf decoction can cleanse the skin, remove wrinkles, clear the heat and detoxify, and prevent and control gardenia.
5, sores, swelling and poison: take a tender loofah, smashed topical.