Chinese medicine diet can help women treat pain in sexual life

Chinese medicine diet can help women treat pain in sexual life

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine diet can help women treat pain during sexual life. It is a common confusion for women. This kind of pain usually occurs in the vagina.

And some women will feel that some parts of the pain have “moved” and transferred from the vagina to the rectum, which often happens after sex.

  In the clinic, women experience retinal pain after sex and are rare.

During sexual intercourse, the levator ani muscle, pubic coccyx muscle, puborectalis muscle and rectal sphincter muscles all contract muscle.

When reaching orgasm, the anal sphincter contraction is regular and lasts about 8 seconds to 10 seconds. The activity of the sphincter provides corrective stimulus. If there are complications at the junction of the mucosa and the skin, and various reflex tremors of the muscles will be stimulated,Pain occurs.

  Therefore, when pain occurs after sexual life, using hot water bath can temporarily relieve the pain, but there is no cure for the primary disease of the prostate and rectal cancer, which can be treated by surgery and other methods.

Furthermore, the medical treatment in traditional Chinese medicine can also be used to maintain the female body.

  1. Angelica safflower wine Angelica 100 grams, safflower 100 grams, white wine 500 grams, brown sugar amount.

  [Method]Mix angelica, safflower and brown sugar into the gauze bag and tie it tightly.

Pour the white wine into the can, cover it, and soak it for 7 days before replacing it.

  [Efficacy]Buxue Sanyu.

Applicable to women with blood deficiency, abdominal pain after sexual intercourse with blood stasis.

  2, cloves boiled wine 5 cloves, rice wine 50 ml.

  [Method]Wash the cloves, add them to the porcelain cup, and then pour the rice wine into the porcelain cup.

Serve the porcelain cups for 10 minutes.

  Reminder: Wen Buxiayuan, antiemetic, antidiarrheal.

Suffering from feeling cold, abdominal pain after intercourse, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea.

Secret Beauty Secrets of Xu Ruoqi PK Big S

Secret Beauty Secrets of Xu Ruoqi PK Big S

The young queen who brought up the entertainment industry first jumped into the eyes of Xu Ruoyi and Da S. Both were women over 30 years old, but their skin was still as tender as a baby.

Want to know their skin care experience?

Want to peep at their anti-aging tricks?

Xiaobian collected for you, bring you first-hand intelligence!

  Recent trends of Xu Xiyuan’s Big S: Big S is not only a guest at various fashion events, but the new film “Dragon and Phoenix Store”, starring her and Ren Xianqi recently, is also being released.The weak image in “Summer”.

  Vivian Xu’s recent developments: “A Passion for Love” made us remember this woman who was struggling for love in the movie.

Xu Ruohuan has now turned away from her feminine style and mature dress, so that everyone has another look at this Taiwanese girl.

  Big S skin care experience: 1.

Apply ice water to face to solve mild allergic skin.

  Now it is also an allergy-prone season from summer to autumn, so the skin is prone to various allergies.

Like the big S, it will be applied with ice water, allowing the skin to slowly recover in accordance with its own recovery principle, to restore the previous healthy state.


Never use hot air to dry hair. Big S is just paranoid for hair.

Usually big S is basically long straight hair, rarely allow their hair to change various styles, and especially after shampooing, they must be dried with cool air, so as not to damage the hair.

If time permits, it is best to dry naturally.


Develop a good habit of becoming a vegetarian. Big S changed his eating habits from the beginning of practicing yoga and began to become a vegetarian.

She insists on eating only vegetables and fruits every day, so that the effective toxins in the body can be eliminated.

  Big S recommends a detox meal: Mix oats, raisins and poached eggs in the morning (do not add water).

At first, I was not used to eating dry, but after three days of eating, my stool would be smooth, and toxins such as waste in the body would also be discharged.

As he continued to eat this way every morning, Da S felt that his body began to be “non-toxic and light”, his bones became stronger, of course, his skin became better, and his face became rosy.

  Big S anti-aging tips: 1.

Take anti-aging products with you and strengthen your skin’s anti-aging ability after lunchSignificantly decreased and the oxygen demand increased sharply.

At this time, anti-aging products that are easy to carry with you, of course, prolong the indelible effect of prolonging adolescence.

At the same time, the sunscreen containing anti-oxidant ingredients in this vortex touch-up paint can achieve a win-win effect of sun protection and anti-oxidation. In addition, a word of mouth: alternately in the air-conditioned room, a bottle of moisturizing spray is very necessary.


Grab all the air, and lift and massage the skin. The strong working pressure will most easily cause the skin to loosen slightly and fine lines appear.

To combat this, we must use light anti-aging products to tighten the skin. We must also grasp every available space to do a firming and pressure relief massage for the skin, so that we can wait for the empty space of the elevator daily with our hands.The hour hand spirals from the chin to the temples and massages. After a short period of 1 minute you will find that the skin seems to be smaller as the skin becomes firmer.

  Xu Ruojin skin care experience: 1.

The key to choosing a skincare product that suits you is the choice of skin care products. Xu Ruohuan replaces products that do not use too much moisture, causing excessive burden on the skin. It is necessary to address pores, eye contours, lines, stains, and water shortage.Choose effective products to achieve improvement.


Do more massage to actively combat dark circles. Choose eye care products that increase blood circulation components, such as vitamin E, arnic, citrus polyphenols, and other ingredients to improve dark circles. Do more shiatsu on your eyes or useWarm compress way to improve.


Strict sun care, proper absorption of sun and sports. Summer is of course the best time to sunbathe. In order to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin, it is necessary to take sun care carefully and properly absorb the sun and exercise.Relaxing stress relief therapy.


Secret Mung Bean Soup-Drink it for 3 days to make your face smooth and smooth. Put some mung beans in a tea cup, soak it in boiling hot water, cover and leave it overnight, get up the next day and waste on an empty stomach.Will make your face smooth and flat.


She refuses junk food and replaces the staple food with fruit. She never eats fried food. She eats a variety of fruits every day to supplement all the nutrients the body needs.
And eating fruit in the morning is arguably the best sort of absorption.

Replenish sleep and hydration-insist on drinking warm boiled water. Boiling water can be said to be the best beauty drink for the skin.

Every morning after getting up, it is recommended that everyone can drink a glass of warm water, which will not only detoxify but also wake up the sleeping skin well.

Female Psychological Analysis of One Night Stand

Female Psychological Analysis of One Night Stand

There are several reasons why a woman has a one-night stand: One: injury. This is the root cause of girls who are constantly looking for one-night stand. It comes from the hurt in their hearts.

     The most is abandoned by her boyfriend, and this boyfriend is often their first man, the first man who thought he could entrust his lifetime.

So after breaking up with them, they suffered great psychological damage and no longer believed in love, so they began to deliberately indulge themselves and use the one-night stand to make up for the wounds in their hearts.

And because of the disappointment of love and the hatred of self-indulgence, this complicated feeling will lead to psychologically thinking that he is a bad girl and more self-indulgent, so alternately find a one-night stand.

In fact, it is just an emotional release. They use extreme feelings to release the gloom of their hearts. The one-night stand at this time is just a disguised masochism, like a wounded beast, but it is constantly tearing their wounds.Let the wound bleed non-stop . I want to tell this kind of girl: Actually, it doesn’t have to be painful so that I can feel my existence.

Actually you can change it back again.

It is not easy for people to live, please cherish yourself and cherish your body.

     Two: A moment’s anger can make a big difference without a person.

     These girls tend to be more lively and angry.

Often after a fight with her boyfriend, a one-night stand is used to calm down one’s mood.

In fact, they only wanted to vent their minds. Actually, like children, they thought that their boyfriend didn’t care about me anyway, and I wanted to get angry with him on purpose.

In fact, she just wanted to find someone to care about her, so it was often easy to have a one-night stand with a guy who could comfort her, to find the loss.

But often after a one-night stand, after calming down, I began to regret what I did.

Often many young girls are so angry and even young women . Quoting Mingyan: Men often regret not having a relationship with a woman; women regret having a relationship with a man.

     I hope that these girls can think about it for three minutes before looking for a one-night stand. In fact, you can use a more suitable method to balance your mood, as if chatting .: The lonely heart often needs to be comforted.

     When the night is long and unaccompanied, psychological loneliness is often the reason for single women’s one-night stand.

In fact, the need for sex is not great, I just want to find someone to accompany myself and spend a long night with myself.

One night stand is a mosaic of the longing for warmth and the fear of loneliness.

These girls are generally open-minded and advanced in thinking . full of desire for romance.

     What I want to say is, pay attention to self-confidence . Fourth: the pursuit of lust and sexual desire.

     Food color, sex too.

With the opening of ideas, many women express their desires more directly.

They find one-night stand because of naked sexual needs, often divorced, her husband has not been around for a long time . In fact, women and men have a physical need for sex, so they are eager to satisfy their physiology through one-night standdemand.
     Freud asserted in A Future of Illusions, “Man is a low-energy mentally retarded creature dominated by instinctual aspirations.

“Five: Strange curiosity about sex.

     Because the Internet is now flooded with a lot of sexual knowledge, it often seduces young children, so that their newly budding hearts have a lot of curiosity about sex, plus many enthusiastic perverts on the Internet, some kind ofThe little sister easily got into the mouth of the satyrs and became the victim of a one-night stand.

Because the Internet brings people of different ages together, they do not want to admit that their naivety often becomes a fatal injury to children.

After losing her body, maybe she doesn’t understand what happened . Because they are at a rebellious age, they always have a fearless psychology to pursue stimulation and fun, but they hurt themselves . miss meWhat I want to say is, do n’t look at it, do n’t look at it, do n’t do it, it ‘s good for yourself.

        Six: Others are other . There are various reasons, not to mention them one by one, this kind of work needs ah (hey, what kind of job everyone understands), special hobbies, for national unity or something .

Study finds: bad mood, acid reflux

Study finds: bad mood, acid reflux

Believe it or not, physical illness is closely linked.

A recent study published in the United States by “Esophageal Diseases” magazine in Austria found that moodiness can easily increase the risk of gastroesophageal reflux.

  A study by Dr. Carmelz and Dr. Velanovich, experts from the Department of Clinical Psychology at the Municipal Public Hospital in Zell, Austria, found that bad mood is closely related to various stresses, and stress-induced gastroesophageal reflux diseaseIt accounts for 50% of all cases.

When eating in a happy mood, the digestive glands controlled by the neuroendocrine system will normally secrete digestive juices, enhance digestive motility and smooth digestion.

And eating in a state of depression and depression leads to reduced digestion.

In the long run, it can even cause diseases such as stomach, duodenal ulcer and chronic gastritis.

  Dr. Carmelz’s analysis pointed out that physiologically, stress can cause the digestive system to slow down, but food that should have been successfully digested has stalled, causing gastric acid reflux to be noticeable.

Stress causes the body to send energy into the muscles through the blood to help the body cope with stressful situations.

This will inevitably lead to a decrease in the energy and blood flow obtained by the digestive system and a sharp decrease in digestive capacity.

Incomplete digestion of food, gastric acid stays in the stomach for a long time, increasing the risk of gastroesophageal reflux.

In addition, stress will cause drinking water, smoking and overeating.

These will increase gastric acid secretion and relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter, causing heartburn and increasing the risk of gastroesophageal reflux.

Is this good for makeup removal?

Reveal the most standard makeup removal steps


Is this good for makeup removal?

Reveal the most standard makeup removal steps

Cleanliness is absolutely a top priority in all beauty procedures.

In the cleaning step, in addition to simple washing, makeup removal is essential.

How to remove makeup is standard?

Let’s take a look today.

  Cleansing oil: Advantages: oil-soluble, good removal effect for waterproof makeup, relatively mild, suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

  Disadvantages: It is greasy and there is a danger of causing closed acne. Especially for oily skin, pay attention to this.

  Makeup remover water: Pros: The water is refreshing and has no burden on the skin.

Suitable for oily skin.

  Disadvantages: Not enough cleansing power for heavy makeup, suitable for light makeup.

  Note: The supplemental surfactant is added to the makeup remover, which also removes makeup while moisturizing, but it is also not a substitute for cleaning, and secondary cleaning is equally important.

  Makeup remover cream: Advantages: Super moisturizing ability, skin feels moisturized after removing makeup, no stickiness, can be fully integrated with makeup, remove it clean.

At the same time with rich skin care ingredients, soft texture, small skin burden, very suitable for dry skin.

  Disadvantages: Creamy makeup removers take a certain amount of time to dissolve makeup, so this point keeps acute women away.

  Makeup remover: Advantages: Makeup remover is very soft on the skin, it will not take away the sebum and moisture of the skin, it will only remove the makeup emulsified.

Therefore, its washing power is relatively gentle and stable, and it is gentle and non-irritating to the skin.

  Disadvantages: The cleaning power is relatively weak, and the makeup with oil fractionation is not easy to remove.

Before entering the topic, let’s first understand the advantages and disadvantages of various makeup removers, and we can choose the product that suits your skin as soon as possible: after reading the above, I believe everyone knows that they are suitable for some makeup removers!

So, how to remove makeup is standard?

  Initially, it is the most difficult to remove the mascara thoroughly. If you use a waterproof mascara, it is even more troublesome to remove.

Place a cotton pad on the lower eyelid, apply a little cleansing oil to the cotton swab, and gently remove the mascara.

  In the second step, remove the eyeshadow and eyeliner and apply a little bit of cleansing oil on the cotton pad. Gently rub it repeatedly around the eyes. The makeup around the eyes must be completely removed, otherwise pigmentation will form.

  The third step is to remove the forehead from bottom to top, and apply a little cleansing oil to the cotton pad, and then rub it repeatedly from bottom to top, if necessary, repeat it several times.

  The fourth step, the cheeks and the sides of the nose are also very important. The facial area should not be too strong when removing makeup, because the skin in this area is very delicate, and the nose wings can be slightly hardened when removing, this partThis is where grease accumulates most.

  The fifth step, the part of the chin and the person must be from top to bottom. The two parts of the chin and person are easy to get acne, so pay special attention when removing makeup. You can use a cotton pad to rub back from top to bottom.Knead until unloaded.

A clever man can touch a woman’s emotions

A clever man can touch a woman’s emotions

Often, we see crying children in public.

In fact, it is the same for women and children.

First, don’t blame at first, and finally compromise because of her crying; then you can’t ignore her noisy, so her temper will become more and more irritable.

Before she’s out of control, you have to analyze and reason with her.

So no trouble, naturally women’s emotions will not rise.

  When they first fell in love, men’s emotions toward women were as sensitive as thermometers, but men have been too lazy to deal with them for a long time.

Sometimes, as a bystander, I would persuade you: just coax her . a man would say: I just ca n’t raise her up to coax her. Does she think she is eighteen?

. At this time, the difference between women and children arises: family relationship is constant and must be patience, while love is re-calendar, monthly calendar, annual calendar has been fading and cooling, and gradually lose patience.

It will even get bored with boredom, and the idea of breaking up and changing for Jiao Niang.

At this time the man would say: Why should I go to smooth her?

She should come to soothe me, right?

  In fact, as long as you calmly sum up the bitter history of men, it is said that it is better to smooth the queen mother-in-law and exchange peace in the world, and don’t regret your life for a moment of negligence.

  The best way for men and women to get along is to let the other party relax and rest assured, so as to achieve the best purpose of rest and recharge.

However, some men fail to recognize the hidden secrets of external temptations. In any case, they also think that the queen mother-in-law’s teeth are grinning and scary, and the outside is not just a beauty girl, it is simply a joke.

Actually, it was the beauty girl outside who was hiding her anger and dissatisfaction. You often regarded her jealousy as coquettish and her viciousness as clever.

So you don’t stop doing it, let the queen mother-in-law go to lift the roof, and you think you can just take two shots.

  But after changing the dynasty, you will find that this American cousin may be more domineering and harder to wait than the former queen mother.

Because the current queen mother may be your inheritance in terms of age, more likely to be an only child, so I do not understand thoughtfulness and consideration.

Where did those previous advantages go?

It all caters to you.

Your good days are gone. The radar antenna cannot be stowed all day, and you must always be on alert, otherwise the green hat will be a big gift at any time.

  Don’t think that I am a sour grape. When she is young, she is fickle. She brings you youthful vitality and makes you tired.

At first you will be happy and tireless. You feel younger, and the freshness also makes you mistakenly think that your physiology is also young, but the physiology of the youth is no longer obedient.

At this time, your stress is rising, and suspicion becomes your daily routine, and quarrels are the norm for you to be on the table every day.

In the past few years, you have become more and more old-fashioned, but your predecessor queen is now getting more and more charming because she is free of the torture that you brought to her body.

At this time you will regret that you can’t live by yourself, and you can’t wait for it to be a bad dream: if you knew this, you must comfort your child’s mother.

  Some wealthy men will laugh and forgive her for not making trouble: no woman dares to talk nonsense to you, otherwise she will cut off her food and all luxury supplies.

  But one day, someone cried in tears and asked the woman not to leave him. At one point, it was known that his face could not be hung up; at another, the money previously spent on this prickly rose was expensive; and at the same time, the investment and physical and financial resources were not as good as beforeAlready.
Divorce is a must-have, and it’s often a blow for the majority-the child is not yours.

Men often use the equal sign of “simple” on young women, but don’t forget that young people are also rebellious, regardless of the consequences or the consequences cannot be predicted.

Individualism leads to a weak family concept. It is arbitrary and willful to follow the feeling through emotion.

Only others should be responsible to her. She didn’t know how to be responsible to others. In short, she was spoiled.

You can’t bear to blame her, because to some extent you have a kind of fatherly love for her, you can only blame yourself.

  After saying so much, some “Begog” men may say: I just like to give emotions, take care of people, and feel needed.

In the past, she was too capable and took care of everything. I felt suffocated like she was at the mercy of her; now this is young because she is not sensible, and teach it slowly . The implication is that there is some joy and some satisfaction., A sense of accomplishment, as if to tune up a worldly genius with one hand.

Her jumping thinking does not follow the cards. In life, the mall is sometimes understandable, and even has her achievements, but once you get into trouble, you may want to strangle her, and you will shake your head and lament that this is the price.
  Well, no matter what her first term is, a woman is naturally affected by hormones, and there will always be hysterical days.

Touching a woman’s emotions is actually like touching the pet’s hair, and the baby’s back, she will be as soft as a cat when she is comfortable, and no longer have teeth and claws in front of you, then you will have a good life.  However, we also remind women to reflect on themselves. We often have problems. Please recognize that everyone is a different individual, and no one is a tapeworm in the other’s belly, so: 1.

Do not think that the question you ask will have an answer that meets your heart. If it is not the expected answer, think that the man has a problem.


Don’t get sick often, and become his mental and financial burden.


Don’t just want to listen to the good words, not the harsh truth.


Nothing to do except knowing how to spend money playing cards and having fun.


Don’t be suspicious all day, check your phone, check whereabouts.


Don’t delay the things entrusted to you. Without efficiency, there is no sense of responsibility.


The schedule is abnormal, and often sleeps into the afternoon.


Don’t guess what the man is saying behind it, or guess what the man will say after he has said it.


Don’t feel bad all day, ask a man to coax you.


Have your own life circle, interests and hobbies.

  In addition, some men and women have the habit of refuting each other’s phenomenon. To oppose it, for a long time, the two parties can only compete with each other. It is true that it must lead to who loses and who wins. Otherwise, they will not give up.

In the end, my “emotion formula” also has some advice. The emotions of women who want to follow it should be based on-the establishment of trust, the sincerity of communication, the endurance of getting along, the memory of lying, otherwise there is only the “power to confess”.

Sexual psychological secrets of married women

Sexual psychological secrets of married women

In the inner world of women, there are some sexual secrets that can affect the relationship between husband and wife. They are usually reluctant to reveal these sexual secrets to men. Men have to explore and control them by themselves.

  Sexuality In today’s reform and opening up, many husbands only care about making money and neglect sex.

Constant work reduces the energy of sex. Over time, it leads to sexual obesity in the wife.

“I’ve been married for more than ten years,” said A Hua, a 30-year-old, in a psychological consultation.
The couple’s sex has always been harmonious, but since our husband started business, our sex life is getting less and less, and I always feel so tired afterwards that my original sexual pleasure is gone.

I tried to show him my inner world several times, but I didn’t say anything every time I spoke.

“Because women often lack initiative in sex, men often think that women lack sexual interest, which is actually a misunderstanding.

Sexual life is a normal physical and psychological need. Both men and women have sexual requirements. When women are sexually neglected or obese, they are even more eager for sex.

Women need sex and desire for sex. This is natural, reasonable, and indisputable. Do not place sexual frivolity and sexual sensuality.

  Sexual life is jointly owned by both spouses. No matter which party has the obligation to cooperate with each other, they also have the right to obtain sexual satisfaction from it.

Therefore, when a wife needs sex, tell her husband to defeat her cooperation and gain sexual satisfaction.

However, if the husband is inadequate or in poor health, the wife must also take care of him and work hard to restrain himself. At the same time, he must take the initiative to care about his body. He must not resent and accuse the husband of his sexual needsThis will only bring shadows to the relationship between husband and wife.

As a husband, no matter how busy you are at work, you must leave some energy and time for love.

  Love takes time to consolidate, and sexual harmony requires experience.

This is why contemporary sexologists have repeated time and again, leaving time and energy for sex.

  So, women need some sexuality?

In fact, women of different ages often have different sexual and sexual requirements.

First, women in their twenties pray for romantic sexuality.

Falling in love and being poetic; Women in their thirties are transforming the maturity of love, and they are worried that their husbands will share household chores, educate their children, and understand family life; women in their forties, most likely want their husbands to have enough time to communicate; Women after the age of fifty, pay attention to love, they are eager to remember the past with their husbands, and talk about everything in the North and South.

After this, the husband should be good at observation, exploration, timely giving the wife sexual interest, and braking to meet their sexual requirements.

  Sexual suspicion Afang’s husband is the manager of a company, and the relationship between the couple has always been very good.

However, Afang replied during psychological counseling: “My husband has often brought female secretary home recently. Although I know they are working and I also know he will not leave me, but every time I see the female secretary,Was disturbed.

And when having sex with her husband, her figure immediately appeared in front of my eyes. Suddenly, I had no interest. I wanted to tell my husband what was in my heart, but I was afraid to damage his self-esteem.

What should I do?

“Fang’s sexual psychological depression is the result of her husband’s frequent intercourse with the opposite sex.

It is understandable to have this sexual psychology as a wife.

However, for modern families, both husband and wife have a space distance to each other, allowing the relationship between people, including normal interaction with the opposite sex.

This relationship includes: contacts between colleagues, classmates, friends and so on.

As long as they are for career, solidarity and friendship, they don’t need to think too much as wives.

If the wife is suspicious, there is no need to overlap.

Of course, the wife’s thoughts can be used to tell her husband, indirectly or directly, to obtain the sympathy and understanding of her husband. This kind of sexual communication or emotional communication is very necessary for sexual harmony.

Otherwise, the deepening of this misunderstanding or suspicion will inevitably affect the sex of couples and their feelings, and will often lead to the breakup of the family. This kind of lesson is not uncommon and should be taken as a wife.

  As a husband, you should know that between the sexes, women’s jealousy is usually stronger than men’s, there is more suspicion, and jealousy, which is the weakness of female sexual psychology.

This, in turn, is a virtue for women.

One of the greatest strengths of women is their singularity and selfishness in love.

As the saying goes, “How deep is love and how much hate it.

Therefore, men should pay attention to a certain scale in their dealings with the opposite sex.

  If the idols of sexual fantasy in women’s minds lose their image beauty, they will often have sexual fantasy.

A woman’s strangest combination of imagination and fantasy is based on imagination, to know and feel the man she wants to love.
  Asia, in her 30s, said in a psychological consultation: “When he was in love, he looked personable, with a white shirt and a personalized hairstyle . After marriage, he gradually changed, and his clothes often do not wash or change for a few days. Every dayThe wine was so smoky that when I went home, I planted it in my bed and slept. When I saw such a situation, my mood was gone.

I often imagine that a white horse prince who is chic, clean, and knows my confidant will come to my side, and with him, I would like to give everything to me . “Azhen, who was in her 40s, said:” My husband’s unitThe economic benefits were not good. He sighed when he returned home. He had no energy at all, but I persuaded and comforted him, but there was no improvement. Although I loved him and felt bad for him, I don’t know why.
I often fantasize about being with young lovers.

Really, I always fantasize about this.

“These two female sexual fantasies are not accidental, but they are germinated by the unsatisfactory image of the husband. The husband should understand that one of the differences between humans and animals in sex is that human sex has sex.fantasy.
Sex psychologists believe that as long as sexual fantasies are not excessive, it is not a bad thing. On the contrary, a little sexual fantasies will make sex more harmonious, more romantic and sexual.

For women, their sexual fantasies tend to be romantic, like to imagine a prince-like lover, to chat in some romantic-filled environments, and so on.

Young female fantasy objects are often sportsmen, movie stars or singers; while middle-aged female fantasy objects are mostly their lovers and loved ones.

  Although moderate sexual fantasies are not a bad thing, excessive sexual fantasies can affect couples ‘sexual love and even cause couples’ emotional breakdown.

Therefore, as a wife who has sexual fantasies, you may wish to tell your husband that the reason for the sexual fantasies is because the image of the husband is not beautiful.

As a husband, you should try to establish a beautiful image in the wife’s heart, and the brakes re-awaken the opposite sex effect between husband and wife.

Heir to the well-known old Chinese medicine experience Xu Jian of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital talks about insomnia

Heir to the well-known old Chinese medicine experience Xu Jian of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital talks about insomnia

Sleep belongs to the proportion of “living and living”.

Sleep is to adjust the sleep method according to the yin and yang changes of the human body, so as to ensure the quality of sleep and restore fatigue.

About 1/3 of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Therefore, sleep is very important for everyone. Mastering the laws and methods of sleep is of extraordinary significance to humans.

  Sleep doctrine Chinese medicine uses a dialectical perspective to view sleep. It explains the sleep process through changes in yin and yang, movement of camps, and mental activity, forming a unique sleep theory.


Yin-Yang Doctrine There are changes in Yin-Yang in the natural world, and the human body will follow the growth and decline of Yin-Yang to form corresponding laws.

“Su Wen · Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun” said: “The yin and yang, the way of heaven and earth, the rule of all things, the parents of change, the beginning of life and death, the house of gods.

“So what exactly is yin and yang?

To put it simply, daytime is yang, and nighttime is yin. Therefore, the human body also produces the alternation of 寤 and 寐, 寤 is yang, and 寐 is yin.

The article “Lingshu · Interrogation” states: “Yang Qi is exhausted, but Yin Qi is full of eyes, and Yin Qi is exhausted, while Yang Qi is full, it is mean.

“This sentence means that at night, yin and yang are weak, and people should rest and sleep. On the contrary, during the day, people should come out and do activities.

There is an old saying in China, “Working at sunrise and dying at sunset” is to warn people to comply with the law in order to have health.


The theory of Weiqi operation is the theory of yin and yang. The theory of Weiqi operation thinks that Weiqi runs on the Yang Jing and wakes up, and it runs on the Yin Jing and the five internal organs to cause sleep.

“Lingshu · Weiqixing” states: “Weiqi is in the body for one day, one night and fifty weeks, day in the sun for twenty-five weeks, and night in the yin for twenty five weeks.

During the day, Wei Qi travels in Yang, and the human Yang Qi is full of yin and qi, so you should get up for daily activities. At night, you travel in the yin.


The doctrine of sleep The doctrine of sleep states that a person’s sleep and wakefulness need to be dominated by God’s activities.

The god here is not what we call daily, it is only the human spirit, consciousness, and thinking activities.

The article “Lingshu · Xike” said: “He who has the heart, the lord of the five internal organs, and the house of the spirit.

The mind is the master of the gods, and the whole body coordinates the five internal organs and the six organs. The human body’s thinking activities and spiritual consciousness are all presided over by the mind.

Zhang Jingyue said: “Gaiyu was born of yin, and God is his master.

God is restless, God is restless.

“So sleep is dominated by the mind, and God’s activities have a certain regularity, it will change the yin and yang in the natural world.

  The theory of TCM about sleep is composed of the above three theories.

The theory of yin and yang is the basis of all theories, and it is the basic principle of sleep and wakefulness; the theory of health-enhancing qi is a more specific explanation of the theory of yin and yang, revealing the essence of sleep;Sleeping human life activity form.

  The role of sleep The human body needs sleep. Without proper sleep, normal life activities cannot be maintained.

The meaning of sleep on the human body is difficult to replace in any other way, and its role can be summarized as follows: 1.

When fatigue sleep is eliminated, the body’s energy and spirit will stay in the five internal organs, qi and blood will be adjusted, the body temperature and heart rate will decrease, the metabolic rate will be reduced, and physical strength will slowly recover.


Protecting the brain During sleep, the brain will reduce the amount of oxygen consumed, which will help the brain cells to store energy and restore energy.

If you do n’t get enough sleep, the human body is prone to irritability, malaise, or distracted attention. Those who suffer from chronic insomnia are likely to cause neurological diseases.


Enhanced immunity When the human body processes sleep fillings, it will produce more antibodies, speed up the repair of various tissues and organs in the body, and increase the body’s resistance.

For some diseases, sleep can be used directly as a treatment.


Promoting developmental sleep is closely related to children’s growth and development. Children have higher levels of growth hormones during sleep, thereby promoting children’s height growth.

  5, is conducive to beauty sleep, capillary circulation increases and accelerates skin regeneration, so sleep is the basic guarantee for skin beauty.
  Factors affecting sleep Adequate sleep is the foundation of human health, but how long does a person need to sleep?

Everyone’s sleep time will vary according to age, gender, physique, personality, environmental factors, etc.


Age Factors Generally, the human body sleeps less and the number of sleeps decreases with age.

Babies sleep the longest and have more times, which is determined by the law of human growth and development.

People have passed the childhood period and entered the middle-aged and young people stage. Generally, they can stay for 7-8 hours a day.

When people reach old age, qi, blood, yin and yang are both lost, and “the qi is weak while the qi is internally cut”, so there is a phenomenon of “not being fine at day and not at night”.

However, Shaoyan is also a taboo for the elderly. “Ancient and Modern Jia Yan” believes that the elderly should “pillow when they feel sleepy”, that is, once they have sleepiness, go to bed immediately.


Constitution and Personality Factors The Neijing said: “This person has a large stomach and wet (astringent) skin, but he has no problem with dividing meat.

If the stomach is large, the gas will stay for a long time, and if the skin is wet, it will be indistinguishable.

If his qi is not fine, he will be stunned, so he is more prone.

Its stomach is small, the skin is smooth and slow, the meat is divided into benefits, and the qi stays in the yang for a long time, so it is less stingy.

“This sentence indicates that a person’s sleep is associated with body shape.

People who are fatter and often feel cold have longer sleep times.

  Traditional Chinese medicine generally divides physique into nine types: calmness, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, blood stasis, qi depression, and idiosyncrasy.Early and young, damp heat quality, blood stasis quality sleep time setting.


Environment, seasonal factors Seasonal changes and environmental changes are also an important factor affecting human sleep time.

Under normal circumstances, spring and summer are suitable for bedtime and early rise because of the short days and nights, while autumn is suitable for bedtime and early rises. After entering winter, the days are short and the nights are long and the weather is getting colder.

The human body also adjusts the sleep duration according to the changes in weather. On sunny days, people’s sleep time is relatively short, and the rainy weather is the opposite.

  In addition, the length of sleep time is also related to many other factors, such as mental, nutrition, work environment and so on.

Chinese medicine adopts dialectics for insomnia, and adopts different treatment methods according to insomnia caused by different reasons.

Heart and spleen deficiency syndromes, traditional Chinese medicine guides the heart and spleen to nourish qi and spleen, and the medicine can replace the Chinese jujube kernel and Polygala.

The key to heart and kidney non-compliance is to nourish yin and lower fire, coordinate lifting and lowering, and communicate the heart and kidney to yin and yang. Cinnamon and Coptis, or Polygala and Shichangpu can be used.Loss of nutrition and lack of courage. You can choose ripe jujube and raw jujube kernels, or amethyst and purple oyster teeth. For the recipe, choose Guizhi Licorice Dragon Bone Oyster Soup or Zhongshen Anshen Recipe. Liver fire disturbs the heart card to relieve liver fire and calm the liver.Yang is the specification, and you can choose stone cassia and magnet, or jujube kernel and gardenia, and the recipe can nourish the water and clear the liver;, Cheng Fang choose Qingxin Anshen Fang or Acorus Yujin Decoction.

  Sleeping position Sleeping position can be divided into three, supine, prone, and lateral lying, and lateral lying can be divided into left lying and right lying.

Human sleep posture directly affects the quality of sleep, so it is very important.


Ordinary people should lie on the right side of “Qian Jin Yao Fang · Dao Lin Yang Xing”, saying: “Knee down and lie on your side, it is good for your strength, and it is better than lying on your back.” This shows that people sleep on their side.

When the human body sleeps in a supine position, it can easily cause bad dreams and snoring.

“Shi” commandments said: “Lying is right”, it means that lying on the right side is more conducive to the human body.

In fact, both Chinese and Western medicine believe that the right side is the best sleeping position for the human body, because the right side minimizes the pressure on the heart and can reduce the burden on the heart.

And when lying on the right side, the outlets of the stomach and duodenum are both below, which is helpful for emptying the perfusion contents.


Pregnant women should be lying constant. Pregnant women are different from ordinary people. The best lying position is lower lying.

After the pregnant woman enters the middle and late stages, the fetus gradually enlarges, and the uterus expands. If you lie to the right, the displacement will press the abdominal inferior vena cava, which will affect the blood return and compress the ureter, which may cause symptoms such as hypertension pyelonephritis.Pregnant women are best placed vertically.


Infants and toddlers are not fully developed and cannot take the initiative to turn over, so a guardian is required to turn over from this.

Infants and young children are not allowed to lie on their stomachs because they may suffocate or deform their facial features.

It is also not allowed to lie supine for a long time. The head and skull of infants are completely developed. Long-term twisted or supine will cause deformation of the skull. Therefore, infants and young children often change their posture. It can be used, correct, and supine turns alternately.
  ”Thousands of Gold Recipes” proposes that “everyone sleeps without stepping on a high place for a long time to become kidney water.”
In other words, when the human body sleeps, it is necessary to avoid postures with feet high and head down. Long time ago, it was easy to cause kidney disease.

  Sleep Taboos Conservative The ancients summarized their sleep experience as “ten sleep taboos”.


Avoid lying on your back.

  That is, the human body cannot lie supine during sleep.

“I don’t get tired of sleep, I don’t feel tired.

“It is said that when people sleep, they should bend their knees sideways. In this way, the human spirit will gather and not disperse.


Don’t worry.

  The ancients have clouds: sleep first, then sleep.

Only when the mind is stable can there be a way to truly sleep, and the mind can truly rest.


Avoid anger before going to bed.

  Chinese medicine believes that “anger is angry”. In fact, if the human body changes its mood, especially anger, it will cause blood disorders.


Avoid sleeping before eating.

  ”Peng Zu’s theory of sexuality” said: “If you are full and you are lying, you will be injured.”

Do not eat too much before going to bed, do not over-age, and do not drink a lot of water, especially strong tea, coffee and other drinks.


Avoid sleeping and lying.

  Chinese medicine believes that the sound comes from the lungs. If a person lays down and still speaks, it will hurt the lungs.


Avoid sleeping on the light.

  When the human body sleeps, turn off the lights properly. If there is light, it will affect the human body’s sleep.


Avoid opening your mouth when you sleep.

  Sun Simiao said: “Mu Xiu often learns to keep his mouth closed, and his mouth loses his breath.”

Modern medicine believes that it is not easy to inhale dust, flies, etc. while sleeping with your mouth open.


Avoid lying down at night.

  Especially in winter, many people like to retract their heads into the quilt. This can easily cause people to breathe hardly, absorb too much carbon dioxide, which is not good for human health.


Avoid lying in the wind.

  Chinese medicine believes that there are many flavors. When you sleep, your head is facing the air vent, which easily causes symptoms such as facial paralysis and hemiplegia.


Avoid sleeping and lying on the fire When your head is facing the fire, it is easy to make your throat thirsty and headaches.

  There are some contraindications during sleep, which must be contraindicated after waking.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that after getting up in the morning, you should get up slowly, not too fast, or not to get up.

Sleeping lazily raises the body’s dysfunction, which is not good for human health.
  Personal profile: Xu Jian, Chief Physician, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Shanghai Leading Talent, Heir to the Nationally Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Director of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Sleep Diseases.

Concurrently serves as the vice chairman of the Chinese Sleep Research Association, the chairman of the TCM Sleep Medicine Professional Committee, the vice chairman of the Shanghai Chinese Medicine Association, the chairman of the Shanghai Chinese Medicine Society’s psychiatric branch, the vice chairman of the sleep medicine professional committee of the Chinese Society of Psychosomatic Society, the worldVice Chairman of the Sleep Medicine Committee of the Chinese Medicine Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Sleep Medicine Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the World Journal of Sleep Medicine, Executive Director and Reviewer of the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of China Hospital Management Journal, Shanghai Health Series SeniorProfessional and technical post qualification evaluation expert, Shanghai medical accident identification expert database expert, etc.
  As the leader of the discipline of psychiatry, he currently hosts the National Key Clinical Specialty, the 12th Five-Year Key Discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psychiatric Diseases of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the major new drug creation project of the Ministry of Finance, the Innovation Team of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,”Three-year action plan”, the construction of psychiatric TCM clinical bases, key and weak subjects in Shanghai, Shanghai Plateau of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other high-level projects, and has been responsible for eight provincial and ministerial projects such as Shanghai Natural Science Foundation.

He has published more than 40 papers, including 8 SCIs, 5 books published by the chief editor, and 3 books and university textbooks by the deputy editors.

Won 1 project funded by “Shanghai Leading Talent”, the first prize of the first Shanghai TCM Science and Technology Award, the second prize of the fourth Shanghai TCM Science and Technology Award, the third prize of the twelfth Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award, Zhonghua ZhonghuaThird Prize of Science and Technology Award of Medical Association, Shanghai Science and Technology Award of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Shanghai Science and Technology Award, 8th Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Award Achievement Promotion Award, 5 Medical Invention Patent Authorizations, 2nd “Shanghai Medical YouthManagement Top Ten “Nomination Award.

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One breath can help Fuyang, calm the nerves, beauty, happy and bright


One breath can help Fuyang, calm the nerves, beauty, happy and bright

In this issue, the guide is the same as the fragrant medicine, and it is worthy of your life.

The ancient history of China’s fragrant incense believes that health care must start from the two aspects of “sex” and “hit”, and fragrant has the role of “nurturing”.

Therefore, Chinese medicine learns that the fragrant is considered to be a “medicine” of health and nutrition, and forms the tradition of “the homology of fragrant medicine.”

Since ancient times, incense has been given a lot of cultural significance, often compared to a noble character, but its own benefits have been ignored.

Qu Yuan mentioned in the “Nine Songs” that he used Lan, Hui to cook meat, use cinnamon, pepper to make wine, use bluegrass, white peony to make fragrant soup, and use Xinyi and Baiji to decorate the threshold.

In order to commemorate Qu Yuan’s national Dragon Boat Festival, this scent therapy was promoted as a 鈥渘ational movement鈥?

During the Dragon Boat Festival, some people burned or smoked fragrant plants such as wormwood, artemisia, and calamus to ward off the plague, killing various pests after wintering to remove the pathogens of summer diseases, and drinking various herbs and medicated wines to divergence.Toxins accumulated in the body.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” mentioned in the treatment of diabetes (diabetes) “the rule of the orchid, in addition to the anger.”

It is said that the aroma of orchids is used to remove the heat of Chen Jiu and the spleen.

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, the book already recorded that at that time people used fragrant incense to ward off evil spirits, use white sputum to moisten the crowd, use sputum to treat cough and other various aromatherapy methods.

. In the Qing Dynasty, Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions” showed the various daily applications of incense, let us spy on the extremes of the ancients.

The ancients applied the fragrance to all aspects of life, such as Mu Xiang Tang, drinking fragrant tea, eating fragrant food, and smoking fragrant clothes. The long-term scenting from the inside to the outside makes the body full of aroma.

Remember the fragrant scent of “Falling Pearl”?

She is full of aroma and always attracts a lot of butterflies everywhere.

This famous nephew, from the Uighurs, has been favored for being fragrant and beautiful, and Qianlong is known as the fragrant scent.

According to research, the body fragrance of the toon is not necessarily born, but is cultivated the day after tomorrow.

In the ancient Western Regions, the Arabs used the fragrant medicines, and they spread to China, Japan, and Korea, and the Western Europe, which was popular in the world.

The body fragrance of the toon is most likely due to the long-term use of the Arabic medicine.

Today, fragrant medicines have entered the fields of medical care, spice foods, skin care products and so on.

Especially in terms of health and skin care, the fragrance has its own unique effects.

The fragrant medicine is homologous, and the traditional Chinese medicine of Chinese medicine believes that health care is nothing more than nourishing the gods and nourishing the body. The aroma and health have the characteristics of both form and spirit, and can nourish the gods, solidify and regulate the qi.

Traditional Chinese medicine has also systematically classified and sorted the fragrant medicines, summed up the relationship between the fragrant medicines of different growth parts and the meridian organs of the human body, as well as the yin and yang of the fragrant medicines, lifting and sinking.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that the position of plant-based fragrant drugs on the whole plant has a top-down correspondence with the human body.

Usually, the upper one, such as flowers, leaves, fruit is light and thin, the scent is quick, refreshing and refreshing, but the penetration is not strong, the propagation distance is short, and the fragrance time is short.

The more down, such as the roots and trunks of plants, the thicker and deeper the scent, the slower the aroma emission, such as sandalwood, agarwood, soothe the nerves, the calming effect is stronger, the aroma penetration is strong, and the smell can be heard far away.To, and stay fragrant for a long time.

The spice has aroma medicinal properties. In the Qing Dynasty, the author of the non-smoke method, Dong said that the collection of fragrant scent, summed up the scent of the scented medicinal herbs: the fragrant is close to the gansu, all help the liver and spleen;Xin, all help the heart and go to the lungs; the fragrance is close to the salty, all help the spleen and go to the kidney; the fragrance is close to the acid, all help the lungs and go to the liver; the fragrance is close to the bitter, all help the kidney and take the heart.

Some scholars have summarized the merits of fragrant medicines by eleven:1.

Qi Xiang into the spleen, spleen, spleen; 2.

Qixiang appetizer, stomach gas;

Scented and fragrant; 4.

It is fragrant and translucent, and it is transparent;

Qixiang into the network, transparent, clear; 6.

棣欓鍒╃獚,瀹g獚, 寮€绐? 7.

Aroma dampness and turbidity, open stagnation; 8.

Aroma smear, smashing, and smashing evil;

The air is mainly scattered, can dispel evil, and can be discouraged;

The air scent goes up, the diet is improved, the chest and lungs are developed, and the chest is wide, which can lead to the yang qi and relieve pain;

The air can be safe and the five internal organs, warming up the organs, reconciling the qi, and ventilating the ventilator.The reason why the aroma and aroma should fully support the health is first related to the source of the aroma – the fragrance and the function of the body to absorb the aroma.

The lungs are open to the nose, the lungs are declared to have normal function, and the lungs are smooth, and the nose can be smelly.

“Twelve meridians, three hundred and sixty-five collaterals, their blood gas is on the surface and go empty. The qi is out of the nose and sniffs.”

The nose is the coax and the body is coaxial.

Between breathing, the aroma can travel through the nose to the twelve meridians, the internal organs.

Moreover, in the Constitutional Medical University, it is believed that “the nose is in the face and the blood is in one.”

“The non-smoke-flavored law” author Dong said that “health can not be fragrant, fragrant for its use, adjust its external gas, suitable for its urgency, make up for it and pick up the remains, long and short.”

In addition to the nose, the skin of the human body, acupoints, etc. are also the light beams that the aroma communicates with the human body.

In the ancient times when medical resources were scarce, the function of aroma treatment and health care was already recognized by the ancients.

Smell the nose to raise the nose, use the Ai Ye 鑿?娌愭荡 bath to prevent disease, place the sachet in addition to disease and self-cultivation.

The “non-smoke-flavoring law” also records that burning woody fragrant, can go to bad gas, in addition to disease.

In the era of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, burn the woody incense, apply the burnt powder on the door of the court, and the aroma can spread hundreds of miles.

At that time, the infectious diseases in the Guanzhong area, the dead people piled up on each other, burned the incense, and the epidemic stopped.

The smoked muscle fragrance recorded in “Dong Ming Ji” is transformed into “smoked muscles and bones.

It is also because of the application of aromatherapy in health care, the production of fragrances has gradually developed a set of principles of health: transforming the seasonal changes in the solar terms, increasing or decreasing the variety of fragrant medicines, adding scent to the scent of the spring; adding stagnation during the rainThe sorrowful acacia flower; when the horror is added to the angelica to reduce the fire and dryness . Although the aroma has the effect of health and cure, but to make the aroma become a good medicine, learn to use fragrant health to cure diseases, even the usual smell is so simple.

This is to be studied as “He Xiang”. The fragrant medicine is compatible and processed, which is “harmony”.

In China, Hexiang has been the mainstream of fragrance since ancient times.

The fragrant medicine gathers the aura of the heavens and the earth, the essence of the grass and wood, according to the five-six-six-gas, the five-line gram, the deduction of the Tiangandi branch, determines the materials used by Junchen Zuozhi, blends all kinds of fragrant materials, makes the scent harmonious, full of aroma, penetratesStrong, full of mysterious vitality.

In the Han Dynasty, the traditional and fragrant forms a more mature system of rationality, law, prescription and medicine. The fragrance is not a simple “mix” of fragrant drugs, but more importantly, the “harmony” of medicinal properties.

Some fragrant drugs synergistically enhance the enhanced effect, and some fragrant drugs can inhibit the bias of other fragrant drugs.

This is equivalent to the use of the Chinese medicine prescription.

The process of fragrant incense must also abide by the ancient law, as well as choose the time, choose the land, become the heart of the fragrant person, and achieve the requirement of 鈥渁ll the three talents and transport it鈥? and finally produce the 鈥渢o neutralize鈥?fragrance.Achieve the effect of yin and yang, qi and blood, viscera, life and meridians.

Therefore, the traditional Chinese incense is known as “harmony” and has been passed down to this day.

The fragrant culture should return to life to review the fragrant culture. The more common is the “fragrance of the fragrant road” in Japan, while the Chinese scent is generally considered to be the scent used by the ritual Buddha.

In fact, China’s fragrant culture is more likely to be called “fragrance.”

“Scent”, as the name implies, is the fragrant person and thing, that is, the incense.

Chinese incense has never been high, and mysterious and mysterious.

What we advocate is “life scent”, that is, fragrant things originate from life, and should return to life and integrate into life.

The Japanese incense is used for spiritual practice. The practice of Xiangdao is a very mysterious and esoteric art. The use of incense is raised to the “Tao”, the form is too restrictive, and the “Tao” of Japan and the “Tao” of China are notA concept.

So, for a person who doesn’t know about incense, if you want to learn about incense, how should you get started?

We advocate the scent of life and the scent of life.

In a word, it is to live a life of incense.

[Interaction]What do you most expect from the role of incense in life?

TCM differentiation of chronic oral ulcers

TCM differentiation of chronic oral ulcers

Chronic recurrent oral ulcer is a common disease with frequent occurrence. Its long course and recurrent episodes prevent the patients’ limb diseases.

The clinical manifestations are repeated isolated, round or oval superficial ulcers in the oral mucosa, and local burning pain.

  Mouth ulcers are a type of “mouth sore” and “mouth erosion” in Chinese medicine.

Although aphthous ulcers are born in the mouth, they are closely related to the internal organs.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen opens the mouth, the heart opens the tongue, the kidney veins connect the pharyngeal tongue, the cheeks and gums belong to the stomach and the large intestine, and the veins and du veins all upper the mouth, lips and tongue, indicating that the occurrence of aphthous ulcers is closely related to the five internal organs.
“Su asked?

“It’s true to talk about it” said: “All pains and itching belong to the heart.”

The fire of aphthous ulcers is not the sole responsibility of the heart.

I am usually worried and annoyed, I like cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, and eat fat and greasy, but only cause heart and spleen heat, lung and stomach stagnation, liver and gallbladder heat, and it is mostly evidence of aphthous ulcers; kidney yin deficiency, inflammation of the fire, and ulcersMost of them are deficient; old age and frailty, exhaustion and internal injuries, spleen and stomach damage, can cause the central focal point to lose the company, the upper and lower air can’t communicate, the upper focus of the yang cannot fall, the lower focus of the yin can not go up, the heart fire is flourishing, and the meridianInflammation can also be caused by aphthous ulcers, which are mostly false syndromes.

As Li Dongyuan said in “Spleen and Stomach”, “The spleen and the stomach are weak and weak, but the heart fire is prosperous, the heart firer, the yin huo also starts from the lower coke, it is tied to the heart, the heart is not the command, and the fire generation””, “Stomach disease is short of breath, less spirit and heat, sometimes the stomach fire rises alone.”

  Treatment of aphthous ulcers should be divided into deficiency and reality, distinguishing viscera, and combining disease and syndrome to achieve better results.

There are many clinical evidences of aphthous ulcers, among which the heart and spleen heat and deficiency fire are the most common.

The clinical experience is as follows: First, the heart and spleen heat syndrome is mainly manifested as the tongue tip, the edge of the tongue, the tongue surface, or the gums, or the jaw ulcers repeatedly break, the surface of the ulcer is covered with yellow moss, the base of the middle is sunken, the periphery is raised, and the swelling is hotPain, bad mouth and bad breath, upset and hot, short urination, and constipation.

Tongue red, yellow fur, slippery pulse string.

The card is a hot heart and spleen, and muscle sores.

Expelling heat, purging fire, and treating muscle sores.

The prescription used self-made Xiexin therapy sore soup: 15g of scutellaria baicalensis, 5g of Coptis chinensis, 10g of rhubarb, 15g of red peony, 3g of lotus seed heart, 5g of raw licorice root, 15g of Polygonum cuspidatum, 10g of fried dumplings.

  Medical record manifestation: He Moumou, male, 32 years old, came to our hospital for treatment on October 16, 2002.

Complaints of aphthous ulcers recurring for 3 years, aggravating for 1 month, severe oral pain can not eat.

Symptoms: the tongue tip and the upper and lower lip mucosa have sesame size 3 such as mung bean ulcer, burning pain, dare not eat, bitter bad breath, stool is not done for 3 days, short urination, red tongue, yellow fur, slippery pulse.
Check the tongue tip with 0.

1 × 0.

One 5cm ulcer with red and swollen surroundings, a depressed middle basal surface, yellow ulcers on the surface of the ulcer, and one zero on the upper and lower lip.

1 × 0.

1cm ulcer.

This is due to heartburn and spleen-stomach heat and evil, and the inflammation is caused by meridian inflammation. The evidence is that the heart and spleen are accumulating heat, fumigating sores, remedying heat and purging fire, and sore pain.

Prescription: 10g rhubarb, 15g scutellaria baicalensis, 5g scutellaria baicalensis, 30g gypsum, 10g fried mandarin vinegar, 10g windproof, 15g each of red peony root, 5g raw licorice, 20g black ginseng, 30g habitat, 20g Polygonum cuspidatum, 15g yuan.

1 dose daily.

Decoction with medicinal water for 2 times, take 400ml and take 4 warm servings.

After taking 1 dose of medicine, the stool has passed, the aphtha pain is reduced, and liquid food can be eaten.

After returning to the 7th dose of the medicine, the pain of aphthous ulcer was not obvious, the area of the oral ulcer decreased, and the yellow moss on the surface of the ulcer turned into white moss.

Go to the scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis chinensis, Rhubarb, add Astragalus, Angelica, Baiji, and then take 7 doses to heal.

  In this case, the patient is often on the night shift, usually smoking and drinking, accumulated over time, stagnation of heart fire and spleen and stomach fire, fiery inflammation, fumigation of the mucous membranes of the tongue and hot sore.

The prescription used Xiexin Decoction, Zengye Decoction, Xiehuangsan, Chizhi Licorice Decoction to reduce or eliminate tailors, and relied on Zengye Decoction to extinguish the fire, which led to the use of a bitter cold agent to extinguish the fire, the bottom of the kettle was drawn, the heart and spleen fire was naturally extinguished, and aphthous ulcers were cured.

At the same time, patients with prescriptions should smoke less, drink less alcohol and cut off the source of heat during the night shift. At the same time, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep the two stools open, and let the internal heat have an excretion channel. Reduce the recurrence after aphthous ulcers heal.

  Second, the inflammation on the fire is mainly manifested by repeated attacks of aphthous ulcers, pain, pain, ulcers covered with white moss, depression at the base of the middle, slightly raised around, not red, shortness of breath, redness, redness, dry mouth, thirstShort red, little red moss on the tip of the tongue or cracks, slightly thin veins.

The card is insufficiency of liver and kidney, disturbed by virtual fire.

Expelling nourishing yin and shengjin, nourishing yin and reducing fire.The formula used for self-made nourishing yin therapy sore soup: 15g each of raw and cooked ground, 15g of benshu ginseng, 10g of wild yam meat, 10g of yam, 15g of paeoniae, 15g of diarrhea, 20g of Poria, 10g of cortex, 10g of cedar, 15g of winter wheatAngelica sinensis 10g, raw astragalus 15g.

  Medical records: Liu Moumou, male, 50 years old.

The first diagnosis was made on March 15, 2003.

He suffered from oral ulcers for more than 2 years, recurrent, and sometimes mild and severe, and was unsatisfactory in multiple treatments.

When you come to the clinic, you can see that there is an ulcer on each of the gums and the tongue, such as the size of mung beans, a depression in the middle, covering the white membrane, bulging around, reddish, conscious mild pain in aphthous ulcers, a burning sensation, dry mouth, dry throat, and hot hands and feet, Soft waist, knees, spontaneous sweating, yellow urine, dry stool.

The tongue is red and shaojin, the moss is thin and yellow, and the veins are thin.

The card is insufficiency of yinjin and inflammation of virtual fire.

Expelling nourish yin and jin, and clear the fire.

Prescription: 15g each for raw and cooked land, 10g yam, 10g yam meat, 15g diarrhea, 15g paeonia, 20g earth poria, Zhimu, 10g each for Cork, 10g Chinese angelica, 20g Beishen, 15g Ophiopogon, 20g Polygonum cuspidatumAstragalus 15g.
After taking the above 14 doses, the aphthous ulcers healed, and the symptoms basically disappeared. The Zhibai Dihuang Pills were continued for 1 month to consolidate the curative effect.

  Patients with aphthous ulcers are born in the gums and the tongue. The teeth are the main part of the kidney. The tongue is the liver and gallbladder area. Due to repeated attacks of aphthous ulcers, the chronic illness is deficient, which is caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

Aphthous ulcers occur repeatedly, with chronic illnesses, yin, insufficient yin and jin, disturbance caused by virtual fire, and festering of oral mucosa.

Dry mouth and dry throat, hot hands and feet, red tongue and little Jin, and pulse counts are typical signs of yin deficiency and fire.

Fang Xuan Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan has been roasted with tailors, combined with Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and consistently fried to nourish the liver and kidney yin to cure its roots, instead of using Zhimu, Cork, Danpi, clearing heat, reducing fire, and adding Polygonum cuspidatum 20g, clearing heatTherefore, there is a way for the fire to go.

The combined use of various medicines can cure both the symptoms and the symptoms.

After the aphthous ulcer is cured, Zhibai Dihuang Wan is continued for 1 month to consolidate the curative effect and prevent recurrence.

Aphthous ulcers are mostly fiery evidence.

If the patient is young, the aphthous ulcer is painful, like burning, bitter bad breath, dry and yellow urine, it is hot and real fire.

Govern when clearing heat and diarrhea, detoxify and relieve pain; if the patient is old and frail, aphthous faint pain, dry throat, irritability or five upset fever, red tongue and less jin, as the deficiency of heat, yin and sheng, cure yin and sheng.
The combination of local treatment and holistic treatment can improve the efficacy.

The site of aphthous ulcer is in the oral cavity. In addition to the treatment based on syndrome differentiation and overall adjustment treatment, local medication is needed to make the drug directly affect the site of aphthous ulcer.

Some medicines such as Plum Blossom Tongue Dan, Xihuang Qingxing Pill, Liushen Pill are commonly used in clinical practice, so that patients can take it in small quantities for several times to reduce local symptoms, promote ulcer healing, and improve the treatment effect.

Astragalus and licorice are good medicines for oral healing.

Astragalus supplementing qi and solid surface has the effect of astringent ulcer and muscle closing. It is most suitable for the treatment of oral ulcers. Modern pharmacological research shows that astragalus can enhance the body’s immune function and promote wound healing.

Raw licorice has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that licorice has a hormone-like effect.

The living oral ulcers are real fires and false fires. Adding raw astragalus and raw licorice to the prescription of dialectical treatment as appropriate can reduce oral ulcer pain and promote healing.

Keeping your stools open is the key to treating aphthous ulcers.

Aphthous ulcers are mostly inflammation of the internal organs, fumbling the oral mucosa and becoming ill.

For the treatment of aphthous ulcers, the yin and shengjin are used to destroy the virtual fire, and the knotweed is used to clear the heat and purify the fire to extinguish the real fire.

Clinical studies have shown that high-dose Shengdihuang has the effects of nourishing yin and promoting fluid, and intestinal laxative effect; modern pharmacological research shows that Polygonum cuspidatum contains anthracene compounds such as emodin, emodin, rhein, emodin methyl ether, etc.The purgative effect of diarrhea.

Patients with aphthous ulcers will be unobstructed after taking the medicine, and the fire will go down. The real and virtual fires that cause aphthous acne will be discharged with the two, and the aphtha will naturally heal.

In addition to dredging the second stool, the doctor should also prescribe that patients should drink more boiled water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, keep the second stool open, reduce smoke and alcohol, eat spicy fried foods, and reduce the source of fiery heat.

At the same time, attention to oral hygiene, proper participation in physical activities, and physical fitness are important measures to prevent the recurrence of oral ulcers.