What are the premenstrual syndromes of women?


What are the premenstrual syndromes of women?

Premenstrual syndrome refers to a series of physiological and emotional discomfort symptoms exhibited by women in the later stage of the menstrual cycle, and is relieved during the follicular phase, and recovers spontaneously without any symptoms after menstruation.

For example, irritability, insomnia, nervousness, depression and headache, breast pain, facial edema and other symptoms can seriously affect women’s lives.

So what is good for women with premenstrual syndrome?

Try the following six foods.

6 kinds of foods that should be eaten by premenstrual syndrome. 1. The replacement of calcium in yogurt can effectively reduce menstrual contraction tension and even reduce premenstrual anger.

Try to eat some calcium-preventing foods every day, like yogurt, low-milk or cheese, which will help relieve your pain.

2, carp fish is known for its vitality, ensuring the fatty acid content of your food, omega-3 (a single polyunsaturated fatty acid, commonly found in deep-sea fish) can help you avoid irritability because it canMaintain a balance of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

3, sunflower seeds absorb more vitamin B, will effectively relieve swelling pain, physiological needs, fatigue and mood swings.

Sunflower seeds are the main source of thiamine, and you can also take vitamin B6 to supplement it.

4, banana anti-depression pushes the magnesium element of the banana.

Magnesium helps regulate the neurotransmitter-serotonin that guides happiness.

Of course you can also eat some spinach, tofu, cashews and artichokes.

5, the whole wheat bread from the surface, can only be a comfort.

But the good news is that whole-grain foods like bread and pasta are lowering vitamin B, which helps to improve the serotonin in our brains to fight bad moods.

6, flower tea and some tea products can help you survive the “bad days” of the month.

Chamomile tea is known for relieving stress and worry. Mint tea and juniper tea can also relieve symptoms of nausea and pain.

Female friends with premenstrual syndrome, try the above foods before the trial, maybe it can bring unexpected results.

Food that only fat the chest _1

Food that only “fat” the chest

In general, the size and shape of the breast are basically commensurate with fat and thin.
Fat people have more fat accumulation in their breasts, so the breasts are larger; the fat accumulation in the breasts of the thinner people is correspondingly reduced, so the breasts are smaller.
銆€銆€In order to promote adolescent breast development, or to avoid breast atrophy after middle-aged and old, you can eat foods rich in vitamin E and beneficial hormones, plus cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, corn oil and rapeseed oil.
銆€銆€Vitamin B family also contributes to hormone synthesis, which is found in foods such as whole grains, beans, milk, and beef.
銆€銆€Because endocrine hormones play an important role in the development and maintenance of the breast, estrogen causes the mammary glands to grow, and progesterone causes the mammary glands to continue to branch, forming a small tube of the breast.
銆€銆€瀵逛簬涔虫埧鍙戣偛涓嶄赴婊$殑濂虫€с€€銆€杩樺簲澶氬悆涓€浜涚儹閲忛珮鐨勯鐗╋紝濡傝泲绫汇€佺槮鑲夈€佽姳鐢熴€佹牳妗冦€佽姖楹汇€佽眴绫汇€佹鐗╂补绫荤瓑锛屼娇鐦﹀急鐨勫彉浣撳彉寰椾赴婊★紝鍚屾椂涔虫埧涓篃It becomes full and elastic due to the accumulation of fat.
銆€銆€Breasts have always been considered a symbol of beauty that is unique to women. Therefore, women often pursue a pair of ideal breasts.
銆€銆€For breast thinner or uneven size In addition to pay attention to sleeping position, massage and supplemented with medication, the use of diet therapy is a shortcut.

Acne recipe


Acne recipe

I have been troubled by the acne of high blood pressure. I believe that many MMs have the same distress as me. The thing I often do is to see if there is any MM acne recipe on the West.

銆€銆€Yesterday afternoon, I was searching again, my colleague knew, and introduced a method of land to me.

Because her son’s blacks have a lot of acne, she has been paying attention.

After her practice of her son, the most effective way is to buy a bitter gourd, remove the seeds inside, and then cut the bitter melon, make the juice, and pour it on the mask paper.

She said that her son had hated to do this the most, but after seeing the effect, he had to be convinced, and now he is willing to do it every time.

Listening to my colleagues is so amazing, I can’t help but move.

I decided to give it a try. Now I will send this recipe to the interested MM and try it with me.

銆€銆€The method of extracting bitter gourd from juice, my colleague is in those cockroaches that are used as medicines in pharmacies, and hammer out the juice.

銆€銆€I don’t have that tool. I use the fresh-keeping bag to hold the bitter gourd and hammer it out with a hammer. The MM with the juicer can use the juicer to squeeze a lot of trouble.

The new favorite of weight loss: fat-soluble needle slimming method


The new favorite of weight loss: fat-soluble needle slimming method

Guideline: There are many ways to lose weight. For those who do not want to adjust their eating habits and do not want to go out for exercise, the fat-soluble needle slimming method is recommended. It does not require surgery, no anesthesia, no pain, and does not affect normal work and life.

The advent of the fat-dissolving needle slimming method is also absolutely fatal for those who have struggled for a long time in the front line. Therefore, it is a matter of course that the rouge needle is popular.

銆€銆€As a brand-new non-surgical weight loss method, the fat-dissolving needle adopts the injection method, and the biological agent acting on the microcirculation of the human body is directly aligned to make a mild physiological lipid-dissolving reaction in the micro layer, and dissolve the micro-cell,Reshape your body.

The lipolysis needle can accelerate the tiny metabolism, the tiny cells are broken, and the lymphatic system is excreted.

銆€銆€After injecting the lipolysis needle, gently kneading can promote the uniform distribution of the preparation to achieve the best slimming effect.

There is no need to diet, no need for a lot of exercise, and the fat-dissolving needle can be thinned when lying down, especially suitable for partial weight loss, such as double chin, face, and limbs.

At the same time, to tighten, lift the skin, you can supplement the small defects of the face, from the eyelids to the belly can be injected.

銆€銆€Once the fat-dissolving needle is introduced, it is highly respected by almost all Korean artists, because the wounds of the injection-soluble fat are extremely small and will not leave any traces. This is really important for the people in the entertainment industry.

At present, there are only two kinds of injection fat-dissolving products certified by the European Union CE: one from Germany, only in Europe, and the other from Libaoping from South Korea.

As the only medical grade lipolysis injection needle approved by the Korean National and European Union, Li Baoping has replaced 95% of the injection fat fraction in Korea with outstanding safety and effectiveness.

銆€銆€Xiaobian’s message: The many advantages of the trace-free shortcut method of the fat-dissolving needle slimming method have been loved by the beauty seekers from all over the world. As this is a brand-new product, it needs further verification in terms of safety and effect!

Knife Beauty Upgrade


Knife Beauty Upgrade

It lasted nearly 200 days, costing 300,000 days, and more than 10 parts of the whole body were fully plasticized. China’s first “artificial beauty”, Beijing girl Hao Hao will officially complete the “face change” at the end of this year.

In order to record this experience, CNN TV, Reuters and other domestic and foreign media recorded the whole process, and a “man-made beauty birth record” will be born.

It is reported that 39 Health Network reported that next Monday, Hao Hao will carry out the final stage of surgery. In order to stay fast, this weekend, the reporter made a special trip to Beijing and finally saw the first “artificial beauty” in China.

銆€銆€China’s first “artificial beauty” dialogue Hao Hao at 4 o’clock on the afternoon of November 1st, Beijing Chaoyang District Kempinski Hotel coffee bar, China’s first “artificial beauty” Hao Hao wearing a “Ghost Festival” underwear, shoulder shawlThe red scarf finally appeared in front of the reporter.

The “artificial beauty” appeared magically, and the reporter looked curiously for a long time from top to bottom.

In the coffee bar, more than two hours of pleasant conversation, Hao Hao disclosed to reporters to replace the exclusive insider.

銆€銆€Dialogue 1: “I don’t belong to dinosaurs, this time the US is an upgraded version!

On June 19th, 2003, it was a memorable life for Hao Hao. On this day, she decided to make herself the first “artificial beauty” in China, from rhinoplasty, double eyelids, breast augmentation, hip lifting and so on.More than 10 places will be rebuilt, but it took only 20 minutes to make such a big decision. She did not inform her parents and her beloved American boyfriend.

銆€銆€Reporter: I heard that you are doing “artificial beauty” this time in order to marry a good husband in the future. (Before the operation), you will enter the show business and become famous overnight.

Why did you make such an important decision in only 20 minutes?

銆€銆€Hey: First of all, I want to clarify that I don’t belong to the 鈥渄inosaurs鈥?. I want to become famous by plastic surgery. I want to be famous for shaping this night. This time, 鈥渁rtificial beauty鈥?should belong to the upgraded version. It is popular to add icing on the cake.I want to make myself more perfect!

Speaking of this motive for “artificial beauty”, I think there are several reasons: First, this “beauty treatment” plastic surgery project is composed of the most authoritative people in various fields, rhinoplasty, eye-making, breast augmentationThey are all skilled, don’t worry; second, there is a film and television investment company willing to invest 300,000 yuan; third, I think it is more appropriate to do, why do you want to refuse?

銆€銆€I think that “artificial beauty” only changes greatly in size, but I think that it belongs to the type of “feminine, kind, smart, cheerful, likes to be troublesome”. The quality of humanity is okay, then it is 20 minutes.Make a decision inside.

銆€銆€Reporter: When you told your parents and boyfriend about your decision, what was their first reaction?

銆€銆€Hey: Mom is blind, my father doesn’t talk, and my boyfriend said something wrong: “Do it.”

銆€銆€Reporter: Some people say that many girls do some snobbery in plastic surgery. It seems to be a “vase”, tied up with a grandfather, and entered the family one night. What do you think?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: Indeed, the so-called “beauty economy” in the society has produced benefits, and various image spokespersons have deterred ordinary people. However, I believe that beauty can only be artificially created. Only when it is combined with internal and external can it be truly effective and full of charm.

銆€銆€Dialogue 2: 鈥淎fter the first operation, I found myself betting.鈥?Reporter: On July 21, I started the first stage of 鈥渁rtificial beauty鈥? Are you nervous when you sit on the plastic surgery desk for the first time?

Hao Hao: Of course nervous.

That day, the doctor gave me an anesthesia for my tossing (after surgery).

I was lying on the plastic surgery table for the first time. I think I am worth it for beauty!

At 9:30, shortly after the operation, I began to toss.

During the double eyelid surgery, Professor Zhou Gang, the honorary dean of Beijing Yimeier Jianxiang Hospital, let my eyes open and close. I said that the operating table lamp was too bright, and then opened and closed after the lights were removed. Finally, Professor Zhou could only remove.table lamp.

In fact, I am nervous, even gambling!

The operation took more than three hours to complete, longer than normal.

銆€銆€Reporter: How do you feel after the first operation?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: After the first operation, I went back to my home and didn’t go to my parents’ home.

Honestly, after the operation, I didn’t dare to see my mom for a month. It was both painful and worried about my mother’s distress.

銆€銆€Dialogue 3: 鈥淲hen I first removed the gauze, I saw that I was very exaggerated.鈥?Reporter: Do you remember that when you first removed the gauze, it was easy to see yourself in the mirror.

銆€銆€Hao Hao: Of course remember!

This is an unforgettable life.

It was July 24, the third day after the first operation. When I removed the gauze on my face that day, the first action was to look for a mirror.

In front of the mirror, I suddenly stopped, and my eyes were like “Hangzhou Longjing Fish”. They were big and fat, and my nose was slightly tilted there. It was really exaggerated.

The doctor said that it will take another five months to recover to the best condition. I can only look forward to it.

銆€銆€Reporter: When you see yourself becoming an “artificial beauty”, do you like the new Hao Hao?

銆€銆€Hao Hao: I like it, it is indeed more beautiful than the original, but I will remember this experience.

銆€銆€Dialogue 4: “If you don’t like a child in the future, then go to plastic surgery.” Reporter: Some people say that Michael Jackson was dubbed after he had a rhinoplasty operation for the first time in 1981. “He has one of the world’s strangest noses.”And medically said that the nose repair is 3 times is the limit, what do you think?

銆€銆€Hao Hao: There are many articles on the Internet that compare me with Michael Jackson. He said that in order to separate the characteristics of black people, he finally changed the black whites into obese people, and integrated the black people into a tall, straight nose.I think, I am not Michael Jackson.

I think that it is true that such a large plastic surgery will bring risks, even after a few years of great changes, but as long as the science and technology are developed, where there is something missing, there is a technical supplement, which I am sure.

銆€銆€Reporter: If you have a child in the future, it will not be like Dad, nor will you be like you?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: If the children born in the future, the two are not like, then go to the whole!

銆€銆€Dialogue 5: “I am already a public figure!
鈥?”Reporter: Plastic surgery is entering the final stage. The previous stage of surgery is very successful. What do you think is the biggest change?”

銆€銆€Hao Hao: The operation is really very successful. The eyes are big, the nose is quite, the chest is full, and I feel very satisfied.

But through these operations, I found that the biggest change is self-confidence and mentality.

I found myself more confident and more peaceful, because these experiences are unusual for 24-year-old girls and are memorable.

I think that a woman has three things worth doing in her life: eating well, playing well, and being beautiful.

I don’t have any of these things now, and I should be satisfied.

銆€銆€Reporter: I heard that you are now “catch up” every day, and the arrangement is particularly full. It seems that you have become a public figure?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: It is indeed socializing every day. Now it is scheduled to go to December. I will go to Xi’an this week, then rush to Hong Kong, then go to Chongqing TV to do the show, and finally put it in Japan, almost all outside.

Speaking of public figures, I recognize that I am a public figure, but I will not be too deliberate.

If I let me participate in the Model Fashion Week competition in the future, I think my role should be a special guest, a judge, and the like. If I go to the competition model, it would be too cheap.

銆€銆€Reporter: Through this “Beauty Management” project, there are so many people paying attention to you. Do you think you have become famous overnight?

銆€銆€Hao Wei: This plastic surgery is purely personal. I am also well-prepared. Some people are waiting for you to sign, but I will protect myself.

銆€銆€Dialogue 6: “I am considering getting married after surgery!

“Reporter: At the end of this year, China’s first “artificial beauty” will be officially born. What is the most important thing you want to do after the entire operation is completed?

銆€銆€Hao Hao: Now I am thinking about two things: First, I am going to publish my first autobiography “Pretty Woman” (tentatively booked) in the early Ming Dynasty; the other is to prepare to consider marriage.

In fact, the book has long been in the plan, and I have recorded my entire process, including how to decide, how to operate, risk, family behind the scenes and so on, and let it become a classic in my life;I want to tell my story to everyone, let more girls who love beauty and no plastic experience have a personal experience, just like the CNN TV station in the United States.

As for marriage, in fact, my American boyfriend is very good and very considerate. He is over 30 years old, so after this plastic surgery, I am going to consider getting married and marrying, of course, depending on his performance.

But the fortune teller said that I am going to get married in 2006, so let’s go!

銆€銆€Hao Hao’s resume: born in 1979, is a sheep, Manchu 1984 (5 years old), studied at Dongzhimen Primary School in Beijing, graduated from elementary school and jumped to two levels in 1988 (9 years old), studying at Dongzhimen Middle School in BeijingAfter graduating from high school in 1994 (15 years old), the university was admitted to China University of Geosciences in 1999 (19 years old), graduated from the university to study in the UK, studied jewelry masters in 2001 (at the age of 22), and returned to China to holdFreelance manuscript in 2003 (24 years old), served as the spokesperson for the “beauty management” project in Beijing.

銆€銆€Friends and relatives, one, “artificial beauty” parents: more and more like his father, who did not expect that an ordinary girl will get angry all night, for Hao Hao parents, it is even more unexpected.

During the several days of interviews in Beijing, the reporter was very hard-hearted and wanted to hear the personal feelings of the 鈥渁rtificial beauty鈥?parents, but Hao Hao’s parents were very low-key.

Finally, Hao Hao revealed the parents’ minds to the reporter.

Hao Hao told reporters that when parents knew that they were doing “artificial beauty”, they began to repeat the special resentment, especially the father. He usually chose to be silent, and he was hospitalized and waited for all things to be done by his mother.

The mother is distressed by the irony, after all, it is her own flesh and blood.

Hao Hao said, remember that after the breast augmentation surgery was completed in August, the whole person was the most painful, and there was a dumping spit. He lived in Jianxiang Hospital for 10 days, and the mother stayed with him around the clock.

When the night spit, the mother rubbed her body with a sad heart, but her mouth groaned: “Live it!

Find it yourself!

“Oh, Hao Hao and her father are very similar. After this plastic surgery, Hao Hao’s nose was quite strong. He opened his eyes and the man was full. Later, the family began to laugh at himself: “The original father and daughter were a clone, and now the daughter is beautiful after shaping.”It’s getting worse and less like her father!

Hao Hao said that other parents are reluctant to do this themselves, but after all, they are still flesh and blood, hurt!

銆€銆€Second, 鐠愮拹 boyfriend: become ugly and blame will also love her Hao Hao boyfriend is a Chinese American, long and thin, has been in his early 30s, very humorous, the two have been in love for 3 years.

When his boyfriend realized that he was going to be an “artificial beauty,” he only said one sentence: “Do it!

“Hao Hao is emotionally satisfied. The two met at a reception in the United States. They finally fell in love, and even they are not married yet, but the relationship between them is quite sweet.”

During the plastic surgery, my boyfriend kept watching the whole change of the sputum. After the rhinoplasty operation, the cockroach could only lie flat and slightly turned over. The boyfriend immediately adjusted her, and humorously reminded:Carefully press your nose.

When others say that “he is getting more and more beautiful,” his boyfriend is calm and so-called “the future can be looked at well”; and when others say “whatever becomes ugly,” his boyfriend firmly said.: “Even if it becomes ugly, I will love her!”

Cold and hot soup to replenish health?


Warning 5 people should not drink!

Vegetable soup egg flower soup is more suitable

Cold and hot soup to replenish health?
Warning 5 people should not drink!
Vegetable soup egg flower soup is more suitable

When the weather turns cold, many people have to drink bowls of soup to warm themselves. Although some people drink warm soup, they are not well-loaded. The nutritionist warns that people with stomach acidity and high blood pressure should be especially careful.Don’t drink the aunt’s aunt, salt, and Gao Pulin, and you can’t keep your health and hurt your body.

Drinking soup has always been regarded as an excellent way of keeping health, but if you should not drink it but drink it, it will bring health risks.

Nutritionists name gout, high blood pressure, obesity, hyperacidity, five kinds of people with diabetes, don’t drink soup, even drink light taste, or drink sugar-free hot tea or sugar-free vegetable juice directly.Alternative.

Let’s take a look at it and see if you belong to one of them. If you are cold, you should be eager to drink soup.

First, gout broth, fish soup, seafood soup are rich in Purin, so gout patients should not drink more, nutritionists recommend, it is best to drink light vegetable soup or egg soup.

Second, high-pressure soup products should be good to drink, usually the taste is too heavy, will add free radical salt, high blood pressure patients drink, it is easy to cause a great burden on the body.

If you really want to drink something, choose a sugar-free hot black tea or a sugar-free vegetable juice.

Third, fat broth will release feces during the stewing process, and such feces will be easy to accumulate quickly, and the broth will become more and more fat.

To drink broth, the nutritionist recommends draining the surface oil, but drinking vegetable soup is the best choice for obese people.

Fourth, too much stomach broth and fish soup will promote gastric acid secretion, nutritionists suggest that people with too much stomach acid should drink less soup, or eat a light vegetable mat to stomach before drinking, so as not to cause stomach upset.

Fifth, diabetic patients with diabetes should have regular less oil, less salt, less sugar diet principles, some soups to add flavor, will thicken the thicker, will lead to higher glycemic index.

In addition, if the soup contains potatoes, yam.
For starchy ingredients, diabetic patients should also avoid it.

Sugar-free vegetable juice is a good choice for patients with hypertension

Household condiments are healing

Household condiments are “healing”

Edible oil (oily food) It is a mild palliative. When a part of the body is burnt by fire, it can be used to apply oil to the affected area to relieve pain. It can be stabbed by Huangfeng or other insects. It can also be applied to the wound with warm oil.Relieve the pain.
If you have a stomach ulcer, you can drink two small pieces of peanut oil every morning and evening, which has a certain effect.
It can also cure constipation (constipation food).
If the bug gets into the ear and drops a few drops of oil into the ear, the bug can come out.
銆€銆€Salt Causes abdominal pain caused by cold or acute bladder paralysis, which makes the urine unreasonable. The salt is heated in the bag and hot on the abdomen.
Acute localized dermatitis itching, washing with saline, sputum can relieve itching.
Daily eye wash with light salt water can provide good results for the treatment of trachoma; shampoo with salt can reduce hair loss.
Drinking a cup of salt water after getting up in the morning can cure the stool.
Rinse mouth with salt water or contain a moment to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.
When the soup is burnt, it can be rinsed with vinegar to relieve pain and swelling, prevent blistering, and hurt without stains. When you have a fever, brewing sugar water can reduce the degree of fever.
Sugar water can also stimulate the stomach and help digestion (digest food).
銆€銆€Soy sauce When a certain part of the body is burnt, it can be applied with soy sauce, which can relieve the pain and dispel the fire; the fingers are swollen and painful. After soaking the soy sauce and honey (honey food), the fingers are immersed to relieve pain and swelling.
銆€銆€Ginger Putting ginger on the affected area can reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory food) and relieve pain. It is most effective to treat headache with ginger tablets. Drinking ginger soup can prevent colds in the four seasons; applying ginger on the navel can prevent motion sickness and seasickness.

Vegetarians help relieve dysmenorrhea


Vegetarians help relieve dysmenorrhea

Many female friends come to menstruation, and the lower abdomen hurts.

In order to alleviate dysmenorrhea, various methods have been tried, sometimes eating chocolate, drinking brown sugar water, warming the belly with a hot water bottle, and some people even taking painkillers, the effect may vary from person to person.

銆€銆€A new study found that vegetarianism helps relieve dysmenorrhea.

Even if you don’t eat vegan, supplementing soy or protein powder every day can improve premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea.

銆€銆€According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 30 women with severe dysmenorrhea were treated with low-fat vegetarian diet. After two menstrual cycles, the 30 women were relieved of pain, worry, and nausea.Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as bloating have also slowed down, and the average dysmenorrhea time has been reduced from seven days to four days, indicating that a light vegetarian diet is indeed helpful in relieving dysmenorrhea in women.

銆€銆€According to experts in obstetrics and gynecology, dysmenorrhea is caused by the endometrial detachment during the menstrual cycle, and a large amount of secreted substances cause contraction of the uterine muscles.

Dysmenorrhea without a clear cause is called primary dysmenorrhea, and the number of women affected by this may be more than 50%, and the more serious is about 5%-15%.

Dysmenorrhea usually begins in adolescence, and interferes with normal life in severe cases. Primary dysmenorrhea gradually decreases with age or after growth.

銆€銆€Secondary dysmenorrhea is less common, accounting for about a quarter of women with dysmenorrhea.

Pain in the endometrial tissue that bleeds during menstruation may be aggravated by the cervix. Other factors, such as uterine tilting, lack of exercise, and stress, stress, may increase the pain.

銆€銆€One of the most common causes of secondary dysmenorrhea is endometritis, as well as uterine fibroids, salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease may also cause abdominal pain, which may be aggravated by menstruation.

Dysmenorrhea is always pain in the lower abdomen, but also affects the lower back and thighs, sometimes acute pain, sometimes persistent headache, and often accompanied by headache, nausea, constipation, diarrhea and frequent urination, urgency and so on.

At this time, if you can actively rest and sleep, exercise regularly and adjust your diet, you can alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

銆€銆€Studies have found that low-nutrition diets such as vegetables and beans can alter the binding globulins that regulate sex hormones in the body and reduce the synthesis of substances that cause dysmenorrhea.

In particular, soybean may be a plant estrogen, and the effect of suppressing dysmenorrhea is most pronounced.

It has also been found that unsaturated fatty acids can inhibit the secretion of estrogen and reduce the degree of dysmenorrhea. Unsaturated fatty acids are mostly found in plant feces, so vegetarians can achieve the purpose of inhibiting dysmenorrhea.

銆€銆€In addition, the unsaturated fatty acids in vegetables, fruits and legumes are about omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic functions.

However, the omega-6 fatty acids contained in animal dung and fried foods are generally painful.

Therefore, eating more vegetarian food can indeed reduce the pain-causing factors in the body.

銆€銆€Some foods that produce swell gas should be eaten as little as possible during menstruation, such as watermelon, onions, carrots, etc., leading to faster gastrointestinal motility and uterine contraction; foods with too much salt can cause cell edema and increase dysmenorrhea.

Alcohol will accelerate the loss of vitamin B and mineral substances, causing fatigue, decreased resistance, and easy to induce premenstrual syndrome. Such food should be avoided a week before menstruation.

3 delicious slimming porridge to eat a charming body


3 delicious slimming porridge to eat a charming body

Want to lose weight easily?

Slimming porridge has a good weight loss effect, try it!

Here are three delicious slimming porridges that are good for weight loss and can help you lose weight easily.

銆€銆€The advantages of the following slimming porridge: Advantages one, not only can lose weight, but also strengthen the body, beauty and beauty, but also can treat diseases in the body at the same time.

銆€銆€Advantage 2, contains precious and expensive medicinal ingredients.

Some foods are even medicinal and nutritious, but they cannot be absorbed by the body. One of the characteristics of porridge is that it is a congee that can be absorbed by the body 100%.

銆€銆€Advantage three, easy to digest and absorb.

It can be eaten even if the hospital is not good enough for overeating.

At this time, the porridge became a stomach porridge.

銆€銆€Advantage 4 helps to reduce trace absorption.

Some people say that when they lose weight, they will have a bad temper and mood swings, but the medicinal porridge can make people feel full, so they can lose weight easily and happily.

銆€銆€Advantage 5, the method is simple, and does not cost too much money.

銆€銆€Advantage six, almost hungry, many mornings, noon, evening, edible at any time, can become your stay up late or snack, and unlimited!

But it is best not to eat big stomach support, no matter what you eat, seven points is full of health.

銆€銆€Delicious slimming porridge: Soybean porridge yellow bean porridge method: 100 grams of soybeans (washing soaked water for half a day), sesame fried coke powder (can buy ready-made sesame powder, supermarkets have to sell) 20 grams.

First use porridge to cook porridge, add high soup (canned), add sesame powder after porridge roll, season with salt.

銆€銆€Soybean porridge function: Soybean contains 35% protein, 20% trace, is a glutinous food containing a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Adults of soybeans have a cholesterol-lowering effect and are also effective against arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

銆€銆€Sesame is also known as flax, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” cloud: “complement the five internal organs, benefit the strength, long muscles, landfill the brain, long-wearing light body is not old.

“So, there is a lot of ancient literature about the strong anti-aging legend of Shiba.”

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Liu, broke into the roof, met the fairy, eat Huma drink.

It is also cooked with flax and rice, which is the food of Xianjia.

“I also said that “serving flax, serving for a hundred days, can remove all dysentery, a year of luster is not hungry, two years of white hair back to black, three years of teeth reborn.

“All these, though not enough, are in line with the meaning of “long-term service and light body” and “compensation for aging.”

銆€銆€This porridge has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidney, moistening the five internal organs, moisturizing the skin, making people look rosy and lustrous, lowering blood fat, blood sugar, prolonging life and so on.

銆€銆€Delicious slimming porridge 2: ginger porridge ginger porridge method: 8 grams of ginger cut into thin slices or fine materials, jujube two (when the cold is cold, go to jujube to use two onions), rice 100 grams of high soup together to cook porridge,Add salt and sesame oil to taste.

銆€銆€Ginger porridge function: Chinese medicine often divides food into yin and yang. Ginger is a positive food. The increase or decrease in body weight is negative or positive to a certain extent: negative foods increase energy input, and positive foods increase energy output.
銆€銆€The so-called “basal metabolic rate” of Western medicine refers to the energy consumption when the body is completely at rest.

Absorption of positive foods can increase the rate of basal metabolism, because you can eliminate extra energy when you are resting, which is why many people eat a lot, but still stay slim.

銆€銆€Therefore, if the dieter can properly eat the food of the penis, he will be able to do more with less.

銆€銆€Indications: headache, nasal congestion, chronic bronchitis, susceptible to colds, obesity, spleen and stomach, stomach pain and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Taboo: fever is not allowed.

銆€銆€Delicious slimming porridge three: garlic porridge garlic porridge method: 50 grams of purple garlic, peeled garlic in boiling water for a minute to remove spare, and then put 100 grams of rice into boiled garlic water to cook porridge, porridge intoAdd garlic to the porridge, add salt, ginger, a small amount of oil, and cook for another five minutes.

Garlic cooking should not be too cooked, otherwise it will reduce the income.

銆€銆€Garlic porridge function: Garlic, like ginger, is a positive food, so it can cure obesity.

Coupled with the clinical trials of modern Chinese and Western medicine, garlic has anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal, diuretic, antihypertensive, expectorant and other effects, and has a very strong bactericidal ability.

Garlic porridge can not only strengthen the body, but also achieve slimming effect, may wish to wear clothes.

銆€銆€But too many people are afraid of its taste, now teach you how to “after eating garlic, the mouth will not stink”: First, after eating garlic porridge, use a piece of angelica in the sputum.銆€銆€Second, use tea leaves to put in the clams and chew.

銆€銆€Third, eat a few dates.

銆€銆€These are all effective ways to relieve the smell of garlic.

銆€銆€Indications: arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc., can enhance disease resistance.

銆€銆€Taboo: The stomach can not be eaten often, and the elderly with chronic gastritis and stomach and duodenal ulcers should not take it.

Do not overeat garlic if the eyes are red and swollen.

“Amazing” to eat pears, lungs, spleen and phlegm

Since March 5th, it has entered the “shock” festival.
Li Yanling, director of the Nutrition Department of Tianjin Affiliated Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital, said that after the convulsions, the weather gradually warmed up, and various bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms began to grow and multiply; traditional medicine believes that spring is prone to liver wind and liver fire, and severe cases can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.When the disease is concerned, the public needs to pay attention to enhance physical fitness and resist disease and evil. In this period, the diet conditioning can focus on lungs and spleen, and eating pears is a good way.
  Li Yanling said that when the weather is “stunned”, the weather is warm and cold, and the climate is still relatively dry. It is easy to make the population dry, sore and dumb, and some bacteria and viruses begin to breed and become prone to respiratory diseases, coughing and cramping.And other symptoms.
Pear is sweet, has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing yin, promoting pharynx and soothing, and moistening throat and phlegm, and is rich in fruit acid, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc., which is especially suitable for this season.
When eating, you can take raw pears, remove the skin, peel the juice, pour the pears into the nucleus, steam, and slice them, then boil them with rock sugar and white fungus.
However, because the nature of the pear is cold, it is not advisable to eat too much at one time, otherwise it will hurt the spleen and stomach.