2015 Asian Cup 16 strongest slogans who are the most domineering

2015 Asian Cup 16 strongest slogans who are the most domineering
The 2015 Asian Cup of Australia began the final countdown, and the AFC also compiled the slogan for the top 16 Asian Cup fans.Among them, the cheering of Australian fans, the must-win of football kangaroos and North Korean fans, North Korea Maxima is impressive and undoubtedly tops the slogan of 16 team fans.The Asian Cup 16 slogan is released in Australia-Come on, football kangaroos, Australians use football SOCCER and national treasure animal KANGAROO to form a word, SOCCEROOS, used to express love for football and kangaroos.  South Korea-Republic of Korea, the slogan of the South Korean Red Devils became famous in the 2002 World Cup, and has since become famous in Asia and even the world.  Kuwait-Ah, blue, waves in the sea, blue is the color of the Kuwaiti team’s home jersey, and it also symbolizes this desert country’s infatuation with blue.  Oman-The soul is in red, the heart moves with you, the Oman team’s home jersey is red.  China-Chinese team cheer.In the Asian Cup, the latest refueling slogan for the Dragon Team fan club may bring surprises.  North Korea-a victory, North Korea Maxima.The word Maxima has far-reaching significance in North Korea. It was the earliest bi-winged horse in the legend of North Korea. It is said that it can travel thousands of miles a day, similar to Pegasus in Greek mythology.There is also a bronze statue of Maxima in Pyongyang.  Saudi Arabia-green, come on, the national flag of Saudi Arabia is green, the home jersey of the national team is also green, this desert country is full of unlimited hope for oasis.  Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan, come on!  Bahrain: Red always rushes forward. Red is the color of Bahrain’s home jersey.  Iran: Iran, Iran.If at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran, which accommodates 100,000, this shout is like a landslide tsunami.  Qatar: Come on, grape red.Grape red is the color of the Qatar national flag and the national team’s home jersey, and it is also the color of blood, and maroon represents many bloody wars in the history of Qatar.  UAE: The efforts of the UAE, the UAE, and the seven United Arab Emirates have shaped the prosperity of Dubai today.  Iraq: The championship belongs only to Iraq.In 2007, Iraq won the Asian Cup for the first time.  Japan: Japan, Japan.Although the slogan is more monotonous, the organization and discipline of the Blue Samurai are in Megatron Asia.  Jordan: The warriors bring peace.It was somewhat of a revolutionary taste when Jordan was founded.  Palestine: We are a whole, we all sacrifice for you.This fan slogan has a very tragic meaning.(Liu Feng)

CBA apologizes for the name of the opener championship ring: it will be re-produced as soon as possible

CBA apologizes for the name of the opener championship ring: it will be re-produced as soon as possible
Beijing News News According to the CBA League official blog, in the alternation of the CBA League Opener championship ring awards ceremony last night, due to staff negligence, the name of the Guangdong Hongyuan South China Tigers player Wan Shengwei championship ringThe inscription is “Sheng” wei.In this way, we deeply regret Wan Shengwei and sincerely thank the fans and friends for their criticisms and corrections.The league gradually arranged to remake a championship ring for Wan Shengwei. At the same time, the wrong version of the ring will not be repeated. Congratulations to Wan Shengwei on the opening of the new season with the word “win”.This year is the twenty-fifth season of the CBA League, and it is also CBA2.0 The first year of the upgrade plan.We must admit that there is still a lot of work that needs to be improved and improved in the CBA league, whether it is the formulation of relevant rules, the details of the operation of the tournament, or the communication and interaction with the majority of fans.We also want to have a chance, and once again thank all the fans and fans who love basketball and CBA for their criticism. We accept it with humility and will do our best to correct it.We need not only courage and determination, but also some patience and wisdom, as well as the understanding and suggestions of our fans!CBA2.0, let us dare to dream together!Editor Liu Jiani Source: CBA League Official Bo

[How to make green plum wine?】 _How to soak_How to soak

Sister Luan, who hates picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking?
鎵€璋撶殑闈掓閰掞紝灏辨槸浜轰滑浣跨敤闈掓閰块€犳垚鐨勪竴绉嶉厭锛岀浉淇″緢澶氫汉閮藉悆杩囬潚姊What’s the difference? The chain is very rugged. The forging is not easy. The younger sister is not the only one. The younger sister is not the only one. The younger one is the same. The younger one is better. The younger one is better.鐑甫鍦板尯锛屾墍浠ュ湪鎴戝浗涓昏鍒嗗竷鍦ㄥ箍涓溿€佺寤虹瓑鍦板尯锛岀幇鍦ㄥ緢澶氫汉浼氱敤闈掓娉¢厭鏉ュ枬锛岄潚姊呮场閰掔殑鍏蜂綋鏂规硶濡備笅銆傞潚姊呴厭鎬庝箞娉★紵1銆侀潚姊咃細鐧介厭锛氶粍鍐Pretend to be a scumbag?Adze?Adze?.7锛屼篃灏辨槸涓€鏂ゆ鍔犱竴鏂ら厭鏀句竷涓ょ硸銆?Moxingsouzi Xigongqieyang San Yangburenuu ㄦ Le Pincunxiqian inserted Zhou (guillotine Huizamange Nabenshengui Zucuo 〃 fermium  Jingzhenjiabao Wei?銆?銆佺敤骞插噣鏃犳补鏃犲紓鍛崇殑閿咃紝姘寸叜寮€鍚庢妸闈掓鍊掕繘鍘伙紝绔嬪埢鍊掑嚭鏉?What’s wrong with it? Do you have any questions about it?What are you going to do?(曩 囧 喎) 銆?Sisters and sisters are in trouble, and they are in trouble. They are all in the country, and they are in the country. They are in the middle of the country.Press the button to search for the most important thing?銆佺摱閲岃鍏ラ潚姊咃紝鎸変竴灞傛涓€灞傜硸鏀撅紝娌跨潃鐡跺唴澹佺紦缂撴敞鍏ラ厭锛屼笉瑕佸啿鍧忛潚姊呭拰鍐扮硸鐨勬帓鍒楃粍鍚堬紝鍔犺嚦鍏節浠芥弧鍗冲彲锛岀洊涓婄摱鐩栵紝鏀剧疆闃村噳閬垮厜澶勩€?绯栧彲鍒嗕袱娆℃潵鏀撅紝绛夌涓€娆℃斁鐨勭硸婧跺悗鍐嶆斁鍏ュ墿涓嬬殑绯栵紱闅斿嚑澶╂憞鏅冧竴涓嬩娇绯栧垎甯冨潎鍖€锛屽懗閬撴洿娴撻儊銆傛斁缃?涓湀鍚庯紝鍙互楗敤銆傚缓璁崐骞存垨涓€骞村悗椋庡懗鏇翠匠銆傛斁缃?涓湀鍚庯紝鍚庡彲浠ュ皢姊呭瓙鍙栧嚭瀹冪敤锛屼篃鍙户缁斁鐫€娴告场銆?The problem is that the field of hydrogen and the field of hydrogen is very important, and the effect of the problem is very high.缓璁崐骞存垨涓€骞村悗椋庡懗鏇翠匠銆傛斁缃?涓湀鍚庯紝鍚庡彲浠ュ皢姊呭瓙鍙栧嚭瀹冪敤锛屼篃鍙户缁斁鐫€娴告场銆傛场鐨勬椂闂存斁闀夸竴鐐癸紝杩欐牱閰掓洿棣欙紝闈掓鏇村叆鍛筹紝寰堝ソ鍚冪殑銆傞潚姊呴厭鍒朵綔娉ㄦ剰浜嬮」锛?銆佹场闈掓鐢ㄧ殑鐧介厭锛屽害鏁板彲浠ラ€夋嫨涓綆搴︽暟鐨勭櫧閰掞紝澶х害鍦?5 scratches?45搴﹀乏鍙冲氨鍙互浜嗐€?銆佸啿娲楀共鍑€鐨勯潚姊呭拰閰块厭鐨勭摱瀛愪竴瀹氳娌ュ共姘村垎銆?銆佸啺绯栫殑閫夋嫨锛屾湁浜洪€夋嫨榛勫啺绯栵紝杩欐牱娉″嚭鏉ョ殑閰掕壊閲戦粍婕備寒銆?銆佹渶濂藉缓璁€夌敤骞垮彛鐨勭幓鐠冪摱锛屾柟渚胯鍙栵紝瀵嗗皝鎬уソ銆傚鏋滅瓑涓嶅強锛屾兂鍠濅笂涓€鍙g殑璇濓紝鍙互娉′笁涓湀灏卞彲浠ュ皾涓€涓嬩簡銆?

[How to make milk-flavored corn Xiaowotou]_Homemade practice of milk-flavored corn Xiaowotou_How to make milk-flavored corn Xiaowotou_How to make milk-flavored corn

[How to make milk-flavored corn Xiaowotou]_Homemade practices of milk-flavored corn Xiaowotou_How to make milk-flavored corn

We have a lot of food friends in our lives, if we have a good cooking, during leisure time.

I can call a good friend to make milk-flavored corn wort, and I really enjoy it.


12 Corn noodles, white noodles and glutinous rice noodles are added to the basin, add an appropriate amount of sugar.


21 Slowly pour in milk and stir into snowflakes.


Knead into a smooth dough and simmer for 15 minutes.


Rinse the goji berries and soak for a while.


The good dough is kneaded again until smooth, combined with small ingredients.


Hold the dough in your left hand and squeeze out the nest with your right thumb to make a nest.


Once done, garnish with wolfberry on each nest.


Put an appropriate amount of water in the steamer, lay a wet cage cloth, put it in the nest, and steam for about 15 minutes on high heat.

The introduction of the milk-flavored corn Xiaowotou is finished here, and then it’s up to you.

So, go to the kitchen and do it from now on. I believe you can beat yourself and you can beat it.

[How to eat wild yam]_Yam_How to eat_How to eat

Reading ability Ability Ability Ability Abundance (Northern Diamond) Ability to read Ability Ability Ability Weakness Contrast new brand phoenix phoenix dysfunction handicap dysfunction congestion锛屼篃鍙互鐢ㄦ潵褰撳仛骞虫椂鐨勮敩鑿滐紝閲庣敓灞辫嵂鐨勫悆娉曞拰鏅€氱殑灞辫嵂鐣ユ湁涓嶅悓锛屼竴鑸彲鐢ㄦ潵鐐掕彍鎴栬€呮槸鐢ㄦ潵鐓叉堡锛岀敤閲庣敓灞辫嵂鏉ョ倴鐚澶存堡锛屾垨鑰呮槸鐓查浮姹わ紝鎵嶈兘澶熷彂鎸ュ嚭鐪熸鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鑰屼笖姣旇緝閫傚悎缁欎竴浜涜韩浣撹櫄寮辨皵琛€涓嶈冻鐨勪汉楗敤銆?Read about capabilities and capabilities. North Korea ‘s patented patents for disability: Links and chains, as well as data processing capabilities, support for development and management鏍风剸鐑х潃鍚冿紝瑙勯伩浜嗚捀鐫€鍚冨姞绯栵紝鐑噺澶珮銆傝€屼笖鍙f劅杞朝锛屽悆璧锋潵涓嶆订鍢达紝灏ゅ叾闀胯緢鍜屽瀛愭渶閫傚悎浜嗐€?銉 愭 枡 Di Di ? Bei 憔 灷 灞 braid 嵂 1 镙 搣 溴 鈣 Jing Niu?遙  纴 骞 茶晶 妞?What are you doing? What are you talking about? How do you do it? 1? What is it?魆 桭 1 銆 妹 妸 Di (Northern University of China): Opening up: Opening up to the whole world: Gaelium, gallium, gallium, gastronomy, water, gastronomy, gastronomy, gastronomy, gastronomy and gastronomyYou will be able to see how the awards are presented, and the awards are simple, and the awards are made, and the new ones are not available. The new ones are new and unrefined.Di ? North China and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States of America, f or the right and wrong f 鍒 囦 笣 鍣 鍲 彲 劲?銆 侀 汨 樨 喌 喌 喌 為 纆 繆 玆 厷 鎷 珷 Rough 敳 勄 勫  钂 Extinguishing 钣 溴 溴 撴 鎞 雞 茶 Jing Niu 欍 笣 篣 笣 鬣 鬣 難 Ad?銆佸€掑叆鑳¤悵鍗滅炕鐐掞紝鐒跺悗鍊掑叆娣北锛岃繖涓椂鍊欏氨瑕佸姞鐩愶紝鎶婃樊灞卞拰鑳¤悵鍗滅墖鎷屽潎鍖€锛堣櫧鐒惰繖涓椂鍊欏姞鐩愪笉鍋ュ悍锛屽洜涓虹洂閲岀殑纰樹細鎸ュ彂鎺夈€備絾鏄繖涓椂鍊欏姞鐩愶紝娣北鏄敓鐨勶紝鍔犵洂灏卞鏄撳叆鍛筹紝绛夌啛浜嗙洂灏卞湪娣北鐨勮〃闈紝鑰屼笖鍛抽亾涓嶅潎鍖€Adze?銆佽繖涓椂鍊欒鐩栦笂閿呯洊锛屽皬鐏剸鐫€锛屽ぇ姒?0鍒嗛挓锛屽紑鐩栨悈鎷屽潎鍖€銆?銆佹悈鎷屽潎鍖€鍚庯紝鍐嶇剸10鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝寮€鐩栵紝鍊掑叆闈掓涓濓紝缈荤倰1-2鍒嗛挓鍧囧寑鍗冲彲銆傚皬璇€绐?1銆佽閫夋嫨骞冲簳閿咃紝鏈€濂芥槸鍘氱殑涓嶇矘閿咃紝鎴栬€呭钩搴曢摑閿呬篃濂斤紝杩欐牱涓嶄細鐢ㄥおWhat is the problem? Fan Ba?灞辫嵂寰堣蒋绯€?銆佽荆妞掑彲浠ュ姞锛屽彲浠ヤ笉鍔狅紝鍔犱簡涓€涓共杈f锛屽彧鏄井寰荆锛屾瘮杈冨紑鑳冦€?銆佷笉闇€瑕佸お澶氱殑娌癸紝骞虫椂鎴戜滑鍔犳按鐐栫殑灞辫嵂锛屼細鍚冭捣鏉ユ按娣嬫穻鐨勶紝涓嶈蒋绯紝杩橀夯鍢达紝杩欑鐒栫儳鐨勫氨寰堣蒋绯紝鍚冭捣鏉ヤ笉浼氭湁寰堟订鍢寸殑鍛抽亾銆?銆佽鎻愬墠鐢ㄧ洂鎶婄敓娣北鐗囨媽鍖€鍐嶇倰锛屽懗閬撴瘮杈冨潎鍖€锛岀己鐐规槸鐩愰噷鐨勭鎸ュ彂浜嗭紝姣斿埄浜庣鐨勫惛鏀躲€?銆佸叏绋嬩笉瑕佸姞涓€婊存按鍟婏紝灏辨槸灏戦噺娌癸紝灏卞彲浠ョ剸鐔燂紝鍛抽亾杞朝锛屽叆鍙e嵆鍖栧晩锛?

Huafang (600448): plans to add medical masks under epidemic conditions

Huafang (600448): plans to add medical masks under epidemic conditions

In accordance with the deployment requirements of the disease prevention and control work of the Binzhou Municipal Government and the company’s market development needs, it plans to use self-raised funds of 10 million yuan to invest in the construction of a sterile workshop in the Huafang Industrial Park to produce medical masks and protective clothing.The workshop area is 1500 square meters and the construction period is 3 months.

Brief comment on 1, 44 years of history of textile printing and dyeing state-owned enterprises, one of the leading printing and dyeing companies. The brand strategy company is located in Binzhou, Shandong. The predecessor was founded in 1976 and has a history of 44 years. It is a joint effort of the National Textile Industry Bureau and the Shandong Provincial People’s Government.Recommended by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for listed companies listed in the 1997 National Textile Industry Bureau.

In 1999, Huatou Corporation and Shandong Binyin were the main sponsors. They jointly established three companies, including Yaguang Textile, Shanghai Xueling, and Huifeng Textile, and listed in 2001.

At present, the company is affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Binzhou City, with printing and dyeing as its main business, forming a diversified development model that includes textiles, printing and 南京桑拿网 dyeing, home textile products, clothing, thermal power, real estate and financial and information services.

According to the company’s official website, the main industry area can achieve annual production capacity: printing and dyeing cloth 4.

500 million meters, more than 10,000 varieties; 20.7 million bedding products (sets); 3 million garments.

In 2018, the company’s revenues from printing and dyeing, home textiles, clothing, cotton yarn, and grey fabrics were 83.

5%, 7.

9%, 3.

0%, 3.

0%, 1.


The company’s sales network covers all major domestic textile markets and some North American, African, Southeast Asian and other international markets. Its partners include large international brands and retailers. In 2018, its export revenue accounted for 84%.

At the same time, the company continues to cut into the terminal market based on home textiles, and promotes its brand strategy. It has its own brands such as “Huafang”, “Blue Platinum”, “Xiao Ni”, “Enoord”, “Fangwei”, among which Blue Platinum Home TextilesIt has Tmall, JD.com flagship stores, and brand experience stores in major domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen, and Qingdao.

2. To ensure the supply of anti-epidemic materials and increase the use of medical masks / protective clothing as a long-term business epidemic, the demand for protective clothing in hospitals and other scenes has also skyrocketed. Under the guidance of the government, listed companies in the textile and clothing sector have actively transformed and expanded masks and protective clothing.Production capacity to support the overall situation of epidemic prevention.

The company stated on the investor relations interactive platform on February 7 that according to the Binzhou Municipal Government ‘s epidemic prevention deployment requirements, the company temporarily switched some of its production capacity for the production of civilian masks. The output has reached 20,000 per day. Some companies use it for their own use, and the rest are handed in to government receipts.Storage, not for sale.

The company invested 10 million yuan in the construction of a sterile workshop in the Huafang Industrial Park to produce medical masks and protective clothing. The construction period of the project is 3 months, which still needs the approval of the Shandong Provincial Drug Administration.

The company announced that it expects to achieve an annual sales income of 80 million yuan after the project is completed, accounting for about 2% of total revenue in 20182.

45%, but it is estimated that the added profits and taxes will reach 13.05 million yuan, accounting for 61% of total profit in 2018.

7%, its net profit margin is significantly higher than the company’s current business, expected to significantly increase the company’s performance.

The company expects that all this fixed asset investment will be after the production is completed1.

It can be recovered within 63 years, and the actual production capacity reaches 77% of the original design capacity.

The company’s export of medical tooling to the United States accounts for about 10% of its revenue, mainly surgical gowns, medical care clothing, medical tooling, and nursing clothing. It has been continuously supplied for more than ten years, and has accumulated rich production experience and market channels.

The construction of an aseptic production workshop this time will be more powerful for market services and expansion. It will directly provide medical-grade classified protective supplies, and it must have a certain market share in the US market segment.

3. The supply of medical masks and protective clothing continued to recover, and the non-woven fabric transformation of the mask industry chain quickly recovered and smoothed. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the current maximum production capacity of masks is more than 20 million per day.

As of February 3, mask production in 22 key provinces across the country has reached 1,480.

60,000 per day, an increase of 3 earlier on the 2nd.

1%, the capacity utilization rate reached 67%, an increase of 2 percentage points.

One of the most in short supply is the N95 mask.

60,000 per day, an increase of 48%.

Other medical masks were 9.98 million pcs / day, a 36% increase in the environment, and production capacity was gradually restored.

The Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also issued notices to clearly play the role of government reserves, support the response to the shortage of supplies, increase the value of production, and increase the production of key medical protective materials for enterprises.

The first batch of products purchased and stored by the government included medical protective clothing, N95 medical-grade protective masks, medical surgical masks, and medical disposable masks.

It is foreseeable that the increase in the throughput of masks and protective clothing will be a continuous event throughout the epidemic period.

Domestic medical masks are mainly divided into the following aspects: (1) Medical protective masks with the highest protection level; (2) Medical surgical masks commonly used in invasive operating environments such as operating rooms; and (3) General-level disposable medical masks.

General medical surgical masks are composed of a mask surface and a rubber band. The mask surface is mainly composed of three layers of non-woven fabric: two layers of spunbond non-woven fabric inside and outside, in which the inner layer has a certain moisture absorption function;Patient droplet transmission, etc .; The middle layer is polypropylene meltblown non-woven fabric. As the core part of medical masks, it can provide bacterial filtration efficiency in accordance with national standards and is the key to ensure that medical masks are more protective than civilian masks.

Meltblown non-woven fabrics are generally produced using materials weighing 20 grams, and the electrostatic particles with virus particles (national YY 0469-2004 “Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks” stipulate that the average particle diameter is (3 ± 0).

3) The filtration efficiency of μm Staphylococcus aureus aerosol is not less than 95%), so it is necessary to perform an electret treatment on the melt-blown nonwoven fabric. From the perspective of the medical mask industry chain, the upstream raw material end is mainly polypropylene, and rubber materials such as butadiene and styrene, the midstream is a non-woven fabric manufacturer, the downstream manufacturers are manufacturers of medical medical mask production licenses, and the terminal channel is hospitalsAnd drugstores.

(1) Polypropylene: Its main suppliers are Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and other subsidiary refining and chemical plants. Polypropylene pellets are made of high-melt-finger polypropylene fiber material for meltblown non-woven fabrics.

According to Zhuochuang data, the annual output of polypropylene fibers in 2019 is about 170 tons, of which high-melt polypropylene fibers that can be used as masks are about 95 inches. In order to meet epidemic prevention needs, some refineries of Sinopec are expected to continue to increase production of high-melt index polymers in 2 months.Ethylene fiber material.

(2) Non-woven fabrics: Developing countries are the world’s largest non-woven fabric producing, consuming and exporting countries. According to the China Industrial Textile Industry Association, the output in 2009-18 was 240.

9 initially increased to 593.

22 nominal, CAGR is 10.

5%, 453 from January to November 2019.

3 for the first time, growing by 11 per year.

1%, relative prosperity in the textile industry.

At present, spunbond, acupuncture, and spunlace products account for about 50%, 23%, and 11%, which are the three main categories. Meltblown nonwovens account for a small proportion, about 1%.

At present, the non-woven fabric production capacity is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hubei, and Fujian provinces. Among them, Pengchang Town, Xiantao City, Hubei is the national non-woven fabric production center. The main manufacturers include Xinlong Holdings, Zaisheng Technology, Nuobang Shares, and Teda.Wait.

Major manufacturers of meltblown non-woven fabrics include Jiangsu Liyang, Xinlong Holdings, Shanghai Jingfa, Teda, etc., and will gradually improve through the resumption of the Spring Festival and continuous government coordination.

(3) Masks: masks have a high degree of automation in the production process and are not difficult to mass produce.

It is said that the textile economic information network, a typical mask production line machine can produce 54 masks per minute, full load can reach 50,000 pieces / day, if the transformation can be further accelerated.

According to the data of the day’s eye inspection, more than 21,000 companies are involved in the production and operation of masks each year (including upstream and downstream related companies).Aseptic conditions are high, which is insufficient for increasing the capacity of medical masks for ordinary textile enterprises.

In addition, medical masks need to be sterilized by intravenous injection. After subsequent analysis is passed, they can be officially shipped. The standard procedure for analysis and disinfection takes 7 days to half a month.

Investment suggestion: The company’s corresponding government call to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, and some of its production capacity will be converted into civilian masks, which will be an opportunity to increase the business of medical masks and protective clothing.

After successful production, the company will become one of the few listed companies in the textile and apparel sector that can provide medical masks and protective clothing, and it will also become one of the domestic medical mask suppliers with a low proportion.

After the upcoming epidemic, the country will further improve the balanced distribution of medical product throughput, which is expected to give certain support. As the company’s first local medical mask and protective clothing, the order stability has been improved, and its profitability exceeds the existing textile printing and dyeing.business.

Risk factors: the subsequent development of the epidemic; macroeconomic and overall retail changes affecting the company’s main textile industry; future sales and profitability of medical masks and protective clothing are less than expected.

Weixing New Materials (002372): Performance growth in line with expectations Profitability remains strong

Weixing New Materials (002372): Performance growth in line with expectations Profitability remains strong

Matters: The company released its 2018 annual report, reporting a series of realized income45.

7 billion, an annual increase of 17.

08%, net profit attributable to mother 9.

7.8 billion, an annual increase of 19.


Basic income is 0.

75 yuan.

The company plans to send 6 yuan for 10 transfers and 2 yuan (including tax).

Ping An’s view: Long-term performance growth is in line with expectations, and profitability remains strong: Reporting growth rates, the company’s performance growth remains stable, and the revenue growth rate of each segment is: PPR (+18.

1%), PE (+13.

0%), PVC (+15.

1%); quarterly, 18Q1?
18Q4 single quarter revenue growth was 20.

2% / 17.

5% / 10.

0% / 20.

7%, the net profit attributable to mothers in each quarter increases by 29 each year.

2% / 21.

6% / 15.

3% / 17.


Since 2018, in the context of the rapid rise in prices of upstream raw materials, the company has successfully reduced cost pressure downstream, and its profitability has remained strong: the company’s gradual gross profit margin was 46.

77% (+0.

05pct), net interest rate 21.

41% (+0.

37pct), the gross profit margin of each product is: PPR (58.

7%, +0.

4pct), PE (33.

1%, -1.

4pct), PVC (28.

8%, -0.


The implementation of the new management mode promotes the downward trend of the expense ratio, and the improvement of the account receivable level: the report, obtained the adjustment of the sales organization structure and the implementation of the new management mode, the company reduced the expense ratio.

25pct to 21.

25%, of which: sales expense expenses13.

68% (-1.

34pct), management expenses cost 7.

91% (+0.
21pct), financial expenses expense -0.
34% (-0.


The report summary, due to the growth of engineering business, the company’s account receivables have increased, and the company’s accounts receivables accounted for 6 of the revenue at the end of the reporting period.

1%, ten years +0.

7 points.

The company’s cash-to-cash ratio was 114%, a decade of -3.

3 points.

“Retail + Engineering” strategy guarantees performance growth and international development begins a new voyage: The company actively implements the “Retail + Engineering” two-wheel drive strategy, actively builds three major business systems of retail business, construction 杭州桑拿 engineering, and municipal engineering, and promotes cross-regional expansionMarket share helped the company’s performance to maintain steady growth.

At the same time, the company will give full play to the advantages of existing channels and accelerate the development of “waterproof, water purification” business, which will inject new development energy into the company.

In addition, the company accelerated its internationalization strategy (overseas revenue in 2018 increased by 25 per year.

8%, the proportion of the company’s revenue rose to 3.

5%), enhance the brand’s international visibility, improve the construction of international marketing channels, and open up new growth points for the company in the future.

Profit forecast and investment advice: The company takes the “retail + engineering” strategy as its outline, insists on the main business of fine and strong pipelines, and relies on the advantages of existing channels to actively expand to new businesses such as waterproofing and water purification, and its future performance will maintain steady growth.
The EPS for 2019-2020 is maintained at 0.

86 yuan, 0.

99 yuan, EPS is expected to be 1 in 2021.

13 yuan, corresponding to the current PE is 23.

4 times, 20.

3 times, 17.

9 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk reminders: 1. Substantial changes in real estate sales: The company’s main product, PPR pipes, is mainly used for water supply pipelines. If real estate sales change in the future, it will affect the company’s pipe sales and lead to the company’s profit growth; 2. Material prices will rise sharply: Company pipesThe cost structure of the original product is relatively high. If the price of raw materials rises in the future, the company will not be able to reduce the cost pressure downstream in a timely manner, which will affect the company’s profit;The less-than-expected promotion of waterproof materials will affect the sustainability of the company’s profit growth.

Vision China (000681): Focus on core core business and efficient customer acquisition to drive performance growth

Vision China (000681): Focus on core core business and efficient customer acquisition to drive performance growth
Investment Highlights Event 1: Vision China released the 2018 annual report, and the company’s merger achieved revenue9.870,000 yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.27%; net profit attributable to mothers3.21 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.45%.The company plans to pay 0 for every 10 shares.42 yuan in cash (including tax). Event 2: Vision China released the 2019 first quarter report, and the company achieved revenue for the current period1.64 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.53%; realized net profit attributable to mother 0.580,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.22%; core core business increased rapidly, and its proportion continued to increase.Vision China further focused on its main business in 2018. The company’s core main business, visual content and services, has grown steadily to achieve revenue7.820,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.95%, achieved operating margin of 5.3.6 billion, an annual increase of 33.38%.The company’s total revenue ratio also rose from 71 in 2017.66% increased to 79 in 2018.15%. The non-core main business was initially divested and the operating performance was stable.Affected by telecommunications companies that reduced US $ 100 million at the end of 2018, Visual China’s non-core main business income decreased and decreased compared with the same period last year. The company’s overall gross profit margin and net profit margin in 2018 were stable, and the gross profit margin and net profit margin in 2018 were 64.65%, 33.94%, respectively.21 tablets, 4.43 points.The gross and net profit margins for Q1 2019 were 67.21%, 34.08%, an increase of 8.17 points, 8.17 points, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of high-margin image business after excluding non-core businesses. Efficient customer acquisition drives performance growth.The increase in the number of customers brought by efficient customer acquisition, the increase in the number of material applications brought by high-quality content, value-added services, and intelligent delivery, and the cooperation with Internet platform customers to achieve coverage of the massive long-tail market are the company’s main business growthCore driving force.As of 2018, the total number of direct contracted customers of the company exceeded 14,000, an increase of more than 90%, and the number of users authorized for content through Internet platform companies reached nearly 330,000, an increase of more than 500%. Comprehensive market coverage.The company continues to strengthen its comprehensive research on the application scenarios of users in various segments, the differentiation of user behavior and content needs, and continuously improves the company’s ability to connect to the content ecology 四川耍耍网 and comprehensively and deeply cover the market.According to market changes, the company focused on the development of four target markets, including corporate customers, media, advertising marketing and services, and Internet platforms.In 2018, the revenue share was 40%, 29%, 20%, and 11%, respectively.The company’s expected growth. Acquired and operated a 500px community, consolidating and strengthening the company’s core content competitiveness.In 2018, the company completed the acquisition and integration of the 500px company. As of the end of 2018, the 500px operation had broken even, which was significantly less than the same period last year.500px is the world’s leading Internet photography community. As of the end of 2018, 500px has covered 195 countries and regions around the world, including professional 杭州桑拿网 photography talents. Registered users within photography enthusiasts have reached 17 million, gradually socializing (like, comment, shareEtc.) More than 8 billion times, more than 700 interest communities, more than 400,000 signed photographers, expanded the company’s ability to continuously produce massive global high-quality visual content, consolidated and strengthened the core competitiveness of the company’s content, and improved the company’sIndustry ecological layout. Conform to market development trends and integrate premium content.In 2018, the company increased its investment in design materials, video, music, and font business, and continued to integrate high-quality content to meet user content needs.As of the end of 2018, the sales of video, design, music and other materials have increased by 50%. The company and the two companies, Zhejiang Video, Oriental Today, Qianlong.com, Blend Media, Douban Music, Phonics, Newdu Culture, Canger FontYiqi Font and other video, music, design, font companies have signed an exclusive agency agreement for the material. Forging ahead with new technology, technology leads the business.The company takes “visual content” as its core, and relies on Internet technology such as big data and artificial intelligence to build an intelligent service platform. The platform consists of three parts: data background, service center, business front: data: the platform gathers a large amount of data.Including: 1) more than 2 billion pictures, videos, music content data, 2.2 million structured tag library and knowledge map, content application tags more than 6 billion; 2) more than 20 million users (content contributors and users)70 million daily search, upload, download, collection, share and other user behavior data; 3) 30 million users / year of usage scene data. In terms of technology: The company has industry-leading 1) image recognition technology, 2) intelligent search technology, 3) thesaurus technology, 4) and other computer vision technologies, combined with different application scenarios, to provide users with a variety of services, such as smart mapsCollection, personality recommendation, picture / video recognition, automatic labeling, intelligent article matching, industry gallery, copyright risk control and other services: The company provides customers with different business scenarios at the front desk, such as content trading, interest communities, tool services, etc.Wait.Currently connected to the company’s visual content trading service platform (www.vcg.com, www.Turn.com), 500px visual content creator platform, etc. Earnings forecast and investment advice: We predict that Visual China will achieve 11 revenues in 2019-2021.3.3 billion, 14.1.8 billion, 17.50 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.65%, 25.21%, 23.42%; net profit attributable to mothers4.08 thousand yuan, 5.1.4 billion, 6.410,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.95%, 26.16%, 24.60%, the corresponding EPS is 0.58 yuan, 0.73 yuan and 0.91 yuan.(Note: The Tianjin Internet Information Office recently launched a case investigation and imposed administrative penalties on the company.The company’s website was temporarily suspended for rectification.The possible impact on performance must be continuously tracked.) Risk warning: policy and legal risks; the company’s business integration and synergy are not up to expectations; C-side business development is worse than expected; piracy risks; market risk appetite is down

Parents have to figure out why children have fever

Parents have to figure out why children have fever

In pediatrics, fever is the most frequently seen by doctors.

Usually, if the child’s temperature is high and the fever symptoms are obvious, but the general condition is good, the doctor will give the child some antipyretics. It is recommended that the parents let the child go home to rest more, drink more water, continue to observe, and do not prescribe many medicines.Especially antibiotics.

However, many parents do not understand this approach of doctors.

Some parents said, “I’ll take a taxi and spend 150 yuan. You just give me a few words. What if we don’t prescribe any medicine and let us go back and the child will get fever again?” Some parents said, “If I go home,, The heat is still going on, how to do a dangle needle fast if the child’s brain is burned out, we ask for a dangle needle!

“Other parents went directly to the outpatient office and complained that the doctors were not responsible.

  It doesn’t matter if the child has a fever. Should the child have a fever, he should immediately go to the big hospital to see a doctor, be sure to administer a needle, use antibiotics, and listen to the doctor’s statement.

  What is the fever?

  Different children have different development of the nervous system at different ages.

The younger the child, the less mature the body is.

When the surrounding temperature is high, wear more clothes, dehydration (too little water, sweating or diarrhea, etc.), keep crying, even the air in the room is not flowing, and it will cause fever when it is hot, but only to varying degrees.
At the same time, children’s immunity is relatively weak, and they are more vulnerable to external viruses and bacteria than adults, and fever is more common.

  Generally speaking, fever can occur in two situations: one is caused by an infection and is medically known as infectious fever.

In fact, fever after infection is not entirely a bad thing. Fever is a defense response of the body to external bacteria and viruses.

The other is non-infectious fever, that is, fever is not caused by bacteria, viruses and other infections, such as rheumatic fever, drug fever, mild fever after injection.

  The most common cause of fever in children is a cold.

Children’s ability to adapt to the environment is worse than adults, and the frequency of colds will be higher than adults, especially in the spring, winter and seasons.

Generally, preschool children may suffer 4 each year?
8 colds.

  Parents should observe carefully when a child has a cold or fever.

If the child becomes depressed when the heat rises, he doesn’t want to eat, and once the heat is gone, he will jump around alive, basically no problem.

If the child still feels sluggish, his hands and feet are cold or has diarrhea, crying when urinating, etc., he must go to the hospital for treatment.

  Fever will burn your brain?

  Some parents worry that fever can “burn out” their children’s brains.

Actually, that’s not the case.

The reason everyone thinks this is mainly because in our daily life, when we see that some children are “stupid” because of the high fever, they mistakenly think that the high fever has “burned” their brains.

  In fact, these children are suffering from intellectual decline due to encephalitis or other diseases, and fever is only a manifestation of the disease.

What’s more, brain tissue is a protein structure. To destroy proteins and damage brain cells, at least it must be burned above 42 ° C. Under normal circumstances, such a high degree of heat is unlikely to occur.

  Of course, some fevers do have a certain effect on intelligence, the most typical being febrile seizures.

Some children are particularly sensitive and “cramps” when they get a little fever.

Repeated “cramps” will affect brain cell function and affect intelligence.

However, not every child will do this, and only sustained “cramps” and no treatment will damage brain cells.

  If the effect is not good, change the medicine immediately?

  After taking the medicine for a day, some children did not retreat, and the parents were so anxious that they went to the hospital again to see the doctor and resolutely asked the doctor to change the medicine.

In fact, if the drug is taken or injected intramuscularly or intravenously, it needs to be replenished to achieve an effective blood concentration.

It’s definitely not reasonable to say that this medicine is ineffective before the time is up.

Usually, at least one course of treatment is required for one medicine.

If it still does not work, it is not too late to change the medicine.

  Fever must enter the big hospital?
  They all say that “small illness enters the community, and serious illness enters the big hospital”, but it is similar to a “statement.”
For many parents, the child is ill, even if it is a minor illness, it is the most important thing. Be sure to go to a large hospital.

At the peak of the cold every year, the four well-known pediatric hospitals in Shanghai are always overcrowded, and they are even more “lively” than the vegetable market.

In fact, seeing a doctor in such an environment has no benefit to the child. Alternating waiting lines are long and cross infection is prone to occur.

  In all fairness, you don’t have to go to a big hospital to see a cold.

Large hospitals may have better equipment and doctors with higher education levels, but these are not necessary to see a cold.

The level of large hospitals is mainly reflected in the treatment of incurable diseases. There is basically no difference between a doctor in a community hospital and a doctor in a tertiary hospital.

  Is it necessary to have a blood test for fever?

  The doctor will usually give a blood test for the fevered child, and let the child go for a blood test.

At this time, parents are distressed: My baby, let you poke a needle, it will bleed, how much pain, it is best not to have a blood test.

  In fact, the blood test results are very important for doctors to judge the condition, it can prompt the child whether the fever is caused by a viral infection or a bacterial infection.

Although most of the children with fever are common viral influenza, a small number are caused by bacterial infections, or bacterial infections occur several days after common viral influenza.

If doctors treat all children as common viral infections, they will certainly delay some children’s illness.

Conversely, if doctors treat all children as bacterial infections, abuse of antibiotics is even more harmful to children.

Therefore, if the doctor orders the child to be tested, the parents may even feel distressed because it is good for the child.

  Want to “hang algae”, take anti-inflammatory drugs?

  Too many parents think that if their child has a cold, they must “hang the tank” and use anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise they will not get better.

Some parents always ask the doctor to give their child the best and most expensive medicine.

In this way, the best and most expensive medicine is not necessarily the most useful for children.

This is not a question of more money but less money.

It is a question of how to prescribe the right medicine.

  Is it necessary to use anti-inflammatory drugs for a cold?

The answer is, when you should, use it when you shouldn’t.

Antibiotics do not kill the virus. When fever is caused by a viral infection, antibiotics have no effect, and may cause damage to liver and kidney function, hearing, and more.

  In particular, parents need to be reminded that children’s age, weight, and organ development are different, and the choice of medication types, dosage forms, and dosages are all different. It is by no means as simple as “a smaller person and a smaller amount”.

Children’s medication should be conducted under the guidance of a doctor. Parents must not give their children medication without authorization, let alone “order medicine” like ordering food in a restaurant.

  Some parents prefer “hanging pots”. They felt that the child had a fever last time.

In essence, “do not hang the salt water”, we must specifically demonstrate the analysis.

Our principle is that if a disease can be taken orally, muscle injections are not required: if muscle injections are available, intravenous fluids are not an option.

  Why avoid avoiding infusions?

The reasons are as follows: First, most drugs are absorbed very well after oral administration, and the drugs slowly enter the blood after being absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. The adverse reactions are the lightest and the safest.

Intravenous infusion is different. Drugs directly enter the bloodstream. Adverse reactions can occur in a short period of time, and severe ones can quickly endanger life.

Therefore, oral administration can avoid some cross-infection caused by intramuscular or intravenous injection.

Third, it is painful to have muscle needles and vein needles, especially for young children.

Fourth, oral administration of 3 or 4 times a day can stabilize the blood concentration throughout the day at a higher level, which is more effective.

Intravenous infusions cannot do this, and unless they are infused 24 hours a day, blood levels will drop as soon as they restart.

Fifth, oral medication is simple and cheap. Infusions take a lot of time and are expensive.