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鈥攁s if, in their 鏉窞鎸夋懇瓒崇枟鎶€甯?dealings with their fellow-countrymen, they had neither souls nor consciences鈥攊t can be no matter for surprise if they should come by insensible degrees to think and act as mercenaries…. One set or other of party politicians鈥攖he occurrence is quite as conceivable in the case of a unionist Government as in that of 鏉窞娲楁荡鍝噷濂?a Liberal鈥攊ssues certain orders, which it would never dare to issue to a conscript army, and these orders, to its immense surprise, are not obeyed. Thereupon a Government, which only the day before {399} seemed to be established securely on a House of Commons majority and the rock of tradition, is seen to be powerless. The army in its own eyes鈥攑ossibly in that of public opinion also鈥攈as stood between the people and injustice. It has refused to be made the instrument for performing an act of tyranny and oppression. 鏉窞鍝佽尪涓婅寰俊 Possibly in sorrow and disgust it dissolves itself and ceases to exist. Possibly, on the other hand, it glows with the approbation of its own conscience; begins to admire its own strength, and not improbably to wonder, if it might not be good for the country were soldiers to put forth their strong arm rather more often, in 鏉窞涓嬫矙鏄偖鍩?order to restrain the politicians from following evil courses. This of course is the end of democracy and the beginning of militarism.

An army which starts by playing the popular role of benefactor, or liberator, will end very speedily by becoming the instrument of a military despotism. We need look no farther back than Cromwell and his major-generals for an example. We have been in the habit of regarding such contingencies as remote and mediaeval; none the less we had all but started on this fatal course in 鏉窞鎸夋懇涓€鏉¤ the spring and summer of last year. We were then saved, not by the wisdom of statesmen鈥攆or these only increased the danger by the spectacle which they

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afforded of timidity, temper, and equivocation鈥攂ut solely by the present war which, though it has brought us many horrors, has averted, for a time at least, what is infinitely the worst of all.


The conclusion is plain. A democracy which asserts the right of manhood suffrage, while denying the duty of manhood service, is living in a fool’s paradise.


A democracy which does not fully identify itself with its army, which does not treat its army with honour and as an equal, but which treats it, on the contrary, as ill-bred and ill-tempered people treat their servants鈥攚ith a mixture, that is, of fault-finding and condescension鈥攊s following a very perilous 鏉窞涓濊浼氭墍浠锋牸琛?path.

An army which does not 鏉窞鐢峰+浼氭墍鍝釜濂芥帹鑽?receive the treatment it deserves, and which at the same time is ordered by the politicians to perform services which, upon occasions, it may hold to be inconsistent with its honour, is a danger to the state.

A democracy which, having refused to train itself for its own defence, thinks nevertheless that it can safely raise the issue of ‘the Army versus the People,’ is mad.

[1] This was the German period of training for infantry. The National Service League proposal was four months.

[2] The pay of the Frenc

National Grand Theater Public Open Day, 8K + VR interaction brings new experience to audience

National Grand Theater Public Open Day, 8K + VR interaction brings new experience to audience
On December 22, the National Grand Theater ushered in the twelfth anniversary of the opening of the public art festival.This day of the year has already become the most anticipated day for the audience.It coincides with the arrival of the 22nd solar term winter solstice in the twenty-four solar terms. Although the weather outside is cold, the National Grand Theater is very lively. From 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, there are more than 50 colorful art performances and activities.Debut.The reporter noticed that at less than 8 am, the staff of the Grand Theatre took their positions early and arranged the work place in an orderly manner to receive the audience waiting at the North Gate early in the morning.In order to feel the shortness of the festival for the first time, many spectators came in the early morning. The weather of the winter solstice was very cold. The staff of the Grand Theater warmly warmed the audience with hot water provided to the audience.With the first batch of spectators coming in, members of the leadership team of the National Grand Theater greeted the North Gate personally and presented the 12th anniversary annual report and first day cover of the National Grand Theater to the audience, delivering full sincerity and a year’s work summary to the audienceIn hand.Tibetan dance “Nixi Love Dance”.Photograph: Wang Xiaojing At 9:00 am, the Tibetan dance “Nixi Love Dance” brought by the Beijing Dance Academy at the bronze gate of the Olive Hall opened the wonderful prologue of the public open day art festival.Zhao Jiachen, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy director of the National Grand Theater, said in an interview with Sauna Nightnet, “Today is the twelfth anniversary of the establishment of the National Grand Theater, and also the day when the public art festival is open. After the audience friends enter the theater, they can no longer realizeWe can also see our very advanced modern technology level to the very elegant stage art.For example, on the north side of the second floor of the concert hall, the National Grand Theater and CCTV launched the 8K + VR art interactive experience area.In the theater, the actors of the National Theatre Chorus and the Orchestra, the opera team and the theater team of the theater are all presenting very exciting cultural performances for everyone. At the same time, in the public space of our grand theater, we have cooperated with us all year round for art popularization and education.Institutions and groups also have excellent works.观众无论走在每一个空间和角落,都能感受到今天的大剧院是一个开放的剧院,是一个艺术的剧院,这也是国家大剧院一直以来践行‘人民性’宗旨的重要体现,以艺术Reward the audience and give back to the society.We have done this for 12 years. Today I also hope to report to the audience with our best artistic achievements, and I hope that the majority of the audience will like it.”The audience is in the 8K + VR art interactive experience area.Photography: Niu Xiaobei Every year on December 22, in order to let more audiences feel the charm of art, various theaters and public spaces of the National Grand Theater will arrange wonderful art performances and activities, and the participating audiences will come from all walks of life in the capitalCitizens, advanced models, teachers and students, school practitioners and art lovers, an audience with her family to participate in the “Public Open Day Art Festival” Ms. Zhang told the sauna, Yewang, althoughIt is not strange to her here, but as an ordinary audience, the daily focus is only on the performance that night, and there is no chance to walk into so many spaces to see.And like today, you can feel all kinds of different art levels in a comprehensive manner, and appreciate the artistic achievements of the National Grand Theater in recent years. In fact, it is like taking a very lively and vivid art class for yourself.shallow.The new online IP image Art Goose launched by the National Grand Theater.Photograph: Wang Xiaojing displayed the newly launched online IP image Art Goose of the National Grand Theater in the East Cafe, “Art Goose Cafe”, an immersive interactive experience area with a swan theme.pleasure.In addition, the “Four Little Swans” flash event brought by the dancers of the Central Ballet also attracted the attention of the audience.”Four little swans” flashes quickly.Photo courtesy of the National Grand Theater. This year, the Taihu Wumei Art Center of the National Grand Theater in Beijing City also opened a wonderful event simultaneously. The wonderful art-themed lectures and the stories behind the exploration stage let the audience in the sub-center area appreciate the theater stageInfinite mystery.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian

A friend said that Zhao Zhongxiang sold paintings at the farewell ceremony of the body

A friend said that Zhao Zhongxiang sold paintings at the farewell ceremony of the body
CCTV senior editors Li Jinzhu and Zhao Zhongxiang.Li Jinzhu confided to the neighbors: Qi Xiaoye and Zhao Zhongxiang, who often go to the supermarket to buy vegetables to study the aesthetics of the movie, are neighbors. In his mind, Zhao Zhongxiang is an open-minded and attitude person.When I think of Zhao Zhongxiang’s voice, I think of the reform and opening up in the 1980s.Despite being a well-known figure, the neighbors rated Zhao Zhongxiang most as “easy and caring about the world”. “In the past, we often went to the supermarket to buy food together. On the road, we would talk about some social phenomena. Parents are short and movies are all broadcasttalk.We have always known that his legs are not good. Last year we saw him rubbing his legs while walking, and it was really difficult to walk.When I asked him what happened in August last year, he always said nothing, but he was hospitalized in December, also because he had cancer when he checked his leg.”He said that the times are changing, but Zhao Zhongxiang seems to have not gone yet. His death has taken away an era, but forever left a voice.”First left Zhao Zhongxiang colleague Wang Wenhua, second left Zhao Zhongxiang neighbor Qi Xiaoye.Sauna, Ye Wang Zheng Xincha photographed Liu Chunyan: I did n’t ask him why he called me “Xiaoxia” or “Xiaoxia”, which was taken by Liu Zhongyan from Zhao Zhongxiang. On CCTV, Zhao Zhongxiang was called “Xiaoxia” and Liu Chunyan.It’s a hero. Every time Zhao Zhongxiang sees Liu Chunyan, he cheerfully asks her, “Xiaoxia, what are you busy with recently?”Liu Chunyan said, she always wanted to ask Zhao Zhongxiang why she gave this nickname to her:” We used to be in the International Department for a while, we are colleagues, and occasionally go to the dubbing together, but overall the programs we do together are notCounting a lot, he is mainly based on “Spring Festival Gala” and “Animal World”, and occasionally meets occasionally.He is recognized as a “hero”, but why is it called “chivalrous”, I really haven’t had time to ask him, which has become a big regret for me.”Liu Chunyan said that when he heard that Zhao Zhongxiang was sick, he wanted to ask Dong Hao and Li Yang to visit him together, and he was also ready to wish him a 78th birthday, but he hadn’t caught up yet. He heard that Zhao Zhongxiang passed away during his business trip.It makes people sad.”For Teacher Zhao, I have a lot of regrets. He has been asking me to go to his house to eat fried noodles. Every time I have an appointment, every time I say go, but now I will never eat, it is a pity.Only came to see him last.”Liu Chunyan said that everyone respects Zhao Zhongxiang as a master and is a role model for all the presenters in the station. He is very serious in his work and has his own unique broadcasting style:” Whether you are a announcer or a presenter, youAll need to have their own style and iconic characteristics, the audience can remember you.There was no sorrow in the farewell ceremony today, and the voice of Mr. Zhao echoed throughout the hall. This sound is too familiar. In fact, I often look back on “Animal World”. Mr. Zhao’s voice has a magical power that can take us to thatIn the world.”Liu Chunyan described his cooperation with Zhao Zhongxiang as a” sacred relationship. “Although there were not many formal cooperation programs, as long as they met, they exchanged business and talked about their recent lives.” I think Mr. Zhao devoted his life to the TV business.He is very focused and has his own perseverance in his field. This is not something that can be formed overnight, and it is all related to his cumulative cultivation.He told us that the TV career must be done with his own sincerity and sincerity in order to make the audience like it.”Colleague: His impromptu hosting ability made us notice that Wang Wenhua and Zhao Zhongxiang spent 13 years in an office and have collaborated on many programs. The long-term waste is to make” Lushan “series of discs.In his impression, Zhao Zhongxiang’s literary skills are particularly profound, and his business is very mature. His chair has never been sitting on the ground, but is grounded and loves innovation.对工作也很较真,路过山东曲阜,到孔子讲学的地方,“我们当时给赵忠祥的任务是让他走进去‘来一段’,他沉默了几十秒,然后告诉我们可以开始了,他说‘我静悄悄地走到了孔老夫子旁边,我是一个迟到的学生,我这一迟到,就是2050年’。All of us present suffered, and this time it felt like a show, and he felt very wise.”Friend: He sold paintings and lived in a luxury house rumor” untrue “. On March 25, 2016, Zhao Zhongxiang posted a news on Weibo,” Let ‘s get together with my old colleague Li Jin and Zhu.”Beijing Nine” runs north and south, can be said to be old and prosperous, but nowadays it is ancient and rare.”Li Jinzhu and Zhao Zhongxiang have known each other for nearly 50 years. The two have worked together for many years. Initially, they worked together on” Newscast “and were members of the same group.Later, Li Jinzhu’s army documentary filming, he directed 12 episodes of “Lushan” series, 33 episodes of “Dajingjiu” series, once invited Zhao Zhongxiang, Ni Ping to participate in the live host of the disc.In the process of doing the show, they climbed Lushan many times, traveled thousands of miles from north to south, and lived and drank: “At that time, we were all in our 50s. In fact, we were the host and the announcer. It stands to reason that he just recorded in it.But he must practice it personally and take this trip with the entire program group.”Li Jinzhu said that the two often talked about business while they were on the road, and Zhao Zhongxiang always insisted on a point of view about the host,” The host needs to be the real host “:” When he was broadcasting, he said he was not the host, but the announcer who read the manuscript.If you are a host, you must have your own thoughts, language, and image to express the theme of creation.”Li Jinzhu said that in the field of broadcasting, Zhao Zhongxiang’s artistic accomplishment is very high, because everyone will not forget his voice; in hosting, he has almost no manuscripts during the filming process, and will use his own language and thoughts in daily life.His knowledge expresses what the director wants to express and corrects his very deep cultural heritage.His improvisation ability is too strong, and you will find a lot of smart hosting bridges with him. “As one of the pioneers of Chinese TV, he has witnessed the development of China’s TV business from the beginning.Today, many of our CCTV colleagues have come here, full of respect for such a pioneer.”Recalling that, Li Jinzhu said that Zhao Zhongxiang’s fried noodles have been eaten many times. Occasionally they love to find a tavern, talk about TV, cultural issues, and often talk on the phone.”I am very sad that every call is basically made by Lao Zhao on my own initiative. A month and a half ago, he called me for the Spring Festival gathering. I just came back from Guangzhou to make an appointment with him, but he left.I only know that his legs and feet are not good. I don’t know that he has such a serious illness.”Speaking of which, Li Jinzhu choked with grievance:” I have known him for more than 50 years. One of his biggest characteristics is that he loves to support, and he is particularly unwilling to trouble others. Some of his health is not good, there areInviting him to attend many events will be politely declined, not because he wants to put on the shelf, but because his body can really change, he doesn’t want to cause trouble to others.”Although Zhao Zhongxiang is a national face and national voice in front of the screen, he is a very ordinary, direct, and popular old man in the heart of his friends.But sometimes some comments on the Internet will make Li Jinzhu angry: “Everyone has shortcomings, he also has, but some of the statements and photos on the existing network about him are not true, and what he called villas andThe clubhouse is a building with a simple decoration in Shilihe, which is completely different from the mansion I saw on WeChat.There was news before that he sold calligraphy and painting. He said, ‘who wants to take this matter seriously, I will give him 5 times and 10 times the money’.”Sauna, Nightnet Zhou Huixiaowan Sauna, Nightnet Zheng Xincha

[Broccoli Anti-aging]_Action_Efficacy

[Broccoli Anti-aging]_Action_Efficacy

Broccoli is also known as the king of vegetables. The shape of broccoli is green and looks very similar to the cauliflower we usually eat. The taste of broccoli is crispy and crunchy. When we eat broccoli, we usually eat broccoli.Everyone chooses how to eat stir-fried vegetables. In order to make broccoli fast-cooked, we can cook broccoli before cooking. So does broccoli really have anti-aging effects?

Broccoli is called broccoli, cauliflower is white, and green is called green broccoli. The broccoli is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It has kidney tonic, brain and bone strengthening, and spleen and stomach., Stunting, etc. cause white cauliflower green cauliflower nutrition, the same effect of green cauliflower than white cauliflower carotene content of some broccoli species healthy food broccoli nutritional value, anti-cancer effect, dietary effects broccoli broccoli fitnessRecipes or nutritional menus now clearly state the role of broccoli in supplementing trace elements in the body and the nutritional value of cooking. The nutritional value of broccoli is rich in protein, traces, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other vitamins C are rich in 100 grams per 100 grams and contain only high-vegetable varieties of peppers; contain protein 3.

5 grams-4.

5 grams of cauliflower 3 times, tomato 4 times its quality, tenderness, sweetness, deliciousness, digestion and protection of blood. Yi Er, broccoli taste is super crisp, tender and refreshing. The flavor is delicious. It will change color and heat up when it is hot.Severe loss of trace elements in perspiration can eat broccoli and supplement some trace elements. There are some doubts about cauliflower. Cauliflower, broccoli and other broccoli cooking rooms cause vitamins and other antioxidants. Vegetable stems are relatively rough.Short and easy to cook and cut a few crosses with a knife and vegetable stem before cooking. Increase the heating area of the vegetable stem. This ensures that the cauliflower is cooked evenly and retains the nutrition of the cauliflower. The curing effect reduces breast cancer, rectal cancer and gastric cancerChances are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Carotene can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage and help maintain skin elasticity. Broccoli has only health-care effects. It promotes skin greening and maintains youthfulness.

[How to make a walnut muffin]_Home made walnut muffins_How to make a walnut muffin_How to make a walnut muffin

[How to make a walnut muffin]_Home made walnut muffins_How to make a walnut muffin_How to make a walnut muffin

People eat a lot of food throughout their lives. Only deliberate cooking can make people linger.

So, let me introduce the practice of the walnut muffin.


12Mix the sieved medium flour with cotton candy, baking powder, and salt 2 evenly.

21 Add the cream and knead into a snowflake shape 3.

Add previously roasted walnuts and raisins and mix 4.

Add fresh cream and honey to make a dough, and let it relax for 30 minutes 5.

Roll the slack dough on the table to a thickness of 2cm6.

It is pressed out of the shape with a round mold and discharged into the baking tray 7.

Brush the egg mixture 8 on the surface of the muffin before baking.

Put it in the oven and bake it at 200 degrees each for about 25 minutes. There are many people who like to eat walnut muffins under the sky, but they can make very few.

So, do you know how to do things, will you stand still?

Know that being able to cook this dish alone is also a highlight of your life.

[Man with multiple serial ejaculation]_ ejaculation _ men _ how to adjust _ how to improve

[Man with multiple serial ejaculation]_ ejaculation _ men _ how to adjust _ how to improve

Many people want to know how long it takes for men to ejaculate. Men’s ejaculation time is determined according to their physical constitution. Some people take a long time to ejaculate, some people have a short time to ejaculate.People who envy for a long time are also afraid that they will cause sexual dysfunction because of this reason. This will have a great impact on people’s physical health and damage. So how long does a man ejaculate is important, then how long does a man ejaculate

Generally having sex for 3 minutes is normal, not premature ejaculation, or normal sexual intercourse time. Generally speaking, more than three minutes are not considered premature ejaculation, but the sense of avoidance is calculated as if the ejaculation before the two parties are not satisfied.Premature ejaculation.

Eat more aphrodisiac foods: Aphrodisiac foods mainly include dog meat, lamb, sparrows, walnuts, bullwhip, sheep kidney, etc .; animal viscera, because it contains a lot of sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones, can enhance sperm vitality, increase sexual desire, and is also aphrodisiac.Refers to ejaculation when the intercourse time is short, some can not complete sexual intercourse, some penis has not contacted the woman, or has just contacted the woman’s vulva or vagina, or the penis has entered the vagina for a short time (generally refers to less than 2 minutes), ejaculationAfter the ejaculation, the penis becomes weak and a consequence of not being able to maintain normal sexual life.

Premature ejaculation is one of the common complications of male sexual dysfunction, and the number of long-term outpatient visits has increased.

Clinically, it is easy to diagnose premature ejaculation after penis erects without entering the vagina.

However, for those who can enter the vagina and fail to complete sexual intercourse normally, in fact, how many consecutive cases are premature ejaculation.

The time from the beginning of normal sexual intercourse to ejaculation varies with age and constitution.

Those who lack sexual experience are sexually active, and because the sympathetic nerves are highly excited, it is likely that ejaculation occurs as soon as the penis enters the vagina, so premature ejaculation cannot be diagnosed.

Guidance: You can use some techniques to exercise and prolong the time. You can’t go straight in and out like the film, shoot fast, women are not very cool, men need to rub, and shoot slowly, and there are men.The clitoris of a woman who stimulates and stimulates a woman’s clitoris is quite refreshing. It can also extend the ejaculation time of a man. If you create it, it can be improved.

Everyone must correct this phenomenon when a man does not ejaculate. It is necessary to first check whether the man is caused by the disease. If it is the consequence of the disease, then such diseases must be treated in a timely manner, and menThe time of ejaculation has a lot to do with the physical fitness of a man. If the man’s body is not good and his sexual function is not good, he should do more aerobic exercises to improve it.

Shuijingfang (600779) Quarterly Report Review: Revenue Growth Reduces Brand Expenses and Profits Release During Period

Shuijingfang (600779) Quarterly Report Review: Revenue Growth Reduces Brand Expenses and Profits 北京夜网 Release During Period

Matters: The company released three quarterly reports, and achieved operating income of 1-3Q19.

500 million US dollars, an annual growth of 23.

9%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies6.

USD 3.9 billion, an annual increase of 38.


Among them, 3Q19 achieved operating income9.

6.1 billion, an annual increase of 19.

7%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is USD 300 million, an annual increase of 53.


The balance of advance receipts at the end of the third quarter of 19 was zero.

$ 8.1 billion, each year, an increase of 0 each month.

4.4 billion, 0.

2.1 billion yuan.

Ping An’s point of view: 3Q19 revenue was basically in line with our expected 15-25%, but the growth rate of net profit exceeded our expected 5-15% because the 北京会所体验网 sales expense ratio in the quarter fell more than expected.

The sales growth rate increased in the third quarter of 19, and the average price fell or the product structure changed.

In the third quarter of 19, the revenue of Shuijingfang’s mid-to-high-end liquors increased by 20%, of which sales were 2,462 tons, an increase of 28%, and the average price fell by 6%, or due to the high-end 3Q19 premium, the proportion of collections and other declines.

The sales growth rate in the third quarter of 19 increased compared with the early second quarter of 1919, or it was a good start for the new fiscal year, but the channel feedback terminal digested slowly and the inventory increased significantly.

The differences in growth rates between sales regions are gradually widening. From 1-3Q19 north, south, east, and west, the growth rates were 37%, 28%, 18%, and 17%, respectively.

Since 2019, Shuijingfang’s revenue growth rate has gradually returned to the industry level.

With the rapid growth of the sub-high-end industry, and the leading advantages of the Shuijingfang channel spread and preemption of core terminals gradually disappear, the company’s growth rate is likely to continue to move forward.

Brand spending decreased, and the sales expense ratio fell sharply in 3Q19.

The sales expense ratio in the third quarter of 19 was 22.

95%, downgraded by 5 in ten years.

84 points.

According to grassroots research, the main reason is that wineries have reduced their investment in tastings and the like.

The tasting event mainly focused on high-end products such as elite collections and collections. The role was more reflected in brand pull, and had less effect on the promotion of major products such as Jingtai No. 8 and other products.

Looking back, competition in the secondary high-end market is intensifying, and the terminal spreads of Shuijingfang products are narrowing at the same time, and there is limited room for the continued decline in sales expense ratio.

In the third quarter of 19, gross profit margin was 83%, which increased by zero in ten years.

72Pct, or benefit from the scale effect, the business tax and surcharge ratio increased by more than 2.

03Pct to 15.

35%, which is basically normal, and the management expense ratio continues to drop to 6 due to the scale effect.


The secondary high-end market is still expected to maintain double-digit growth, but competition pressure may continue to rise.

In 2019, benefiting from consumption upgrades, the sub-high-end market maintained a double-digit growth, and the growth rate is expected to continue.

Looking back, through the increase of local leading wine companies, competition in the sub-high-end industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the problems facing Shuijingfang itself have not been effectively solved, such as: the main product well platform and the transaction price of No. 8 continued to fall, leadingChannel spreads have continued to narrow; core terminals have become a must for all manufacturers, and Shuijingfang’s leading edge has gradually disappeared.

Overall, the competitive pressure facing Shuijingfang will continue to increase.

Maintain performance forecast and “Neutral” rating.

Maintaining Air Force performance forecasts, EPS is expected to increase by about 34% in 19 and 20 years, and 22% to 1.59, 1.

94 yuan, dynamic PE is about 29, 24 times.

Considering that the company’s business is facing increasing pressure and rising uncertainty, the estimate is reasonable and the “neutral” level is maintained.

Risk reminders: 1) Downside risk of liquor industry.

The spirit of the liquor industry is highly correlated with the price trend. If the price of liquor drops, it may lead to a significant increase in corporate revenue.

2) Risk of business fluctuations due to changes.

Liquor companies are greatly affected by business strategies, such as mergers and acquisitions, which may lead to corporate revenue and significant changes in profits.

3) Policy risks.

The liquor industry demand, tax rate, etc. are affected by policy changes. If related policies change, it may transform corporate revenue and profit may have a conversion impact.

Wandong Medical (600055) 2019H1 Review: Long-term Revenue Confirmation Cycle for Grassroots Revenue Promotes Repair

Wandong Medical (600055) 2019H1 Review: Long-term Revenue Confirmation Cycle for Grassroots Revenue Promotes Repair

On August 23, 2019, the company announced the 2019 semi-annual report, reporting a series of realized operating income3.

7.8 billion, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

60%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

44 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

20%; net profit after deduction is 0.

3.9 billion, an increase over the same period last year.


Purchasing basic equipment, shortening the installation process, delaying the recognition of revenue, improving performance and repairing the slight shift in revenue in 2019H1, Q1 and Q2 achieved revenue1 respectively.

61 and 2.

160,000 yuan, a change of 20 compared to the same period last year.

37% and -12.

07%, mainly because the company launched new products at the end of the first quarter. The DSA configuration certificate has been released. The construction of the “Five Centers” has been gradually promoted. The procurement process of grass-roots equipment has gradually progressed. Preparations for initial installation and training for intervention personnel have led to revenue recognition.Hold off.

“King Kong” DSA and “i-space” 1.

Intentions for orders for 5T superconducting MRI have exceeded the previous year and the same period respectively, and sales growth has exceeded the same period last year.

It is expected that in the second half of the year, it will be gradually realized and the performance will be restored.

Profitability is still improving, and equipment production and promotion efficiency have improved. The gross profit margin of the company in 2019H1 has reached 46.

55%, an increase of 2 over the same period last year.

21pp is mainly the company’s procurement adjustment of the core raw materials of the product to improve control and improve production efficiency.

2019H1 selling expenses are 0.

RMB 0.71 million, a decrease of 1 year over the same period last year.

82%, revenue accounted for 18.

73%, a decline of 0 every year.

23pp. After the new president arrives, the sales strategy is adjusted and the efficiency is improved.

Management fees are zero.

34 trillion, an increase of 0 compared with the same period last year.

91%, the same income growth indicator, the impact of promotion is weak.

The overall net margin level reached 11.

50%, an increase of about 1.


Product upgrades, creating intelligent, remote, comprehensive solutions that are most suitable for the grassroots. In the first half of the year, the company upgraded the three main varieties and released the fourth-generation DSA product “King Kong”, the MRI ecosystem product “i-space” and “One Shadow” platform.

DSA “King Kong”, with the dose of the dose, smarter positioning, efficient focus on the lesions to meet more parts.

i-space 1.

5T MRI 深圳桑拿网 ecosystem products provide one-stop service from installation, inspection, maintenance, diagnosis, training, operation and management to create “the first ultimate solution”.

The “One Shadow” platform, innovatively integrates intelligent AI clinical functions, installs “smart clinical” and “search by map” to quickly achieve expert-level consultations, improve the ability of primary-level hospitals to diagnose difficult cases, and increase the rate of patient consultations.

The three major products have been comprehensively upgraded to meet the grassroots pain points.

Wanliyun is expected to turn around this year, and its initial business layout has gradually matured. Wanliyun has focused on the development of remote imaging cloud platforms, imaging SaaS product sales, and imaging center business.

The remote film reading service has covered more than 4,000 medical institutions, the daily film reading volume is stable at about 50,000, and the data of cooperative doctors exceeds 6,000.

There are 3 new offline image centers, of which 18 have been established, and 20 are expected to be established this year.In 2018, the Alibaba Cloud segment achieved revenue of 4262.

840,000 yuan, net profit -1430.

400,000 yuan in 19 years is expected to achieve 90 million yuan in revenue, net profit turnaround.

Investment advice and profit forecast With the purchase of funds at the grass-roots level, equipment and talent are ready, and performance promotes repair.

We expect the company’s 19-21 revenue to be 11.



75 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

5% / 18.

3% / 13.

0%, net profit attributable to mother 2.



1.3 billion, an increase of 34 in ten years.

8% / 24.

1% / 22.

1%, EPS is 0.



58 yuan / share, corresponding to PE27 / 22/18 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks indicate that product sales are below expectations; new product development and listing are below expectations.

Chat being monitored for silence or resistance

Chat being monitored for silence or resistance

When people are floating in the workplace, how can they not be attacked? Some corporate bosses monitor and peek at employees’ QQ, MSN and other chat records through various channels to “know more information and make decisions.”

As an employee, do you endure this kind of thing silently or rise up?

  Employees said that they despise peeping and resisted. In the end, the company management of my female cosmetics industry is more chaotic. Even the formal contract was not signed with us. Everyone was very angry. Sometimes, I chatted privately on QQ and vented.

The boss is a computer illiterate, but a department manager is very proficient at doing things. He often writes small reports. Once, I saw the manager use a U disk to copy files on other people’s computers.

One morning, the boss aggressively called me and another female colleague and yelled at us, asking us to leave immediately, based on the fact that we yelled at the company during the chat, scolded him, and threatened the closure of the company, man!

Except for companies that fail occasionally, have we said that?

The department manager must have complained to us . What to do?

Ca n’t just give up easily. After discussing with my colleagues, I decided to defend the rights. Now, we have submitted relevant materials to the Labor Bureau. Although the labor arbitration process is relatively long, we must insist, and the Labor Bureau also responded: the company mustDo it in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Contract Law.

  Silently endure, in the future, I will not talk about Cai Ruinv’s advertising industry information office. We cannot leave the network, and often use QQ to transmit files.

: After QQ, who really doesn’t say a personal word?

I also chat with friends on the Internet, but I did n’t expect that my chat records would be monitored by the company.

“Recently, the company’s IT department, through monitoring investigations, found that some employees had acted to correct the company’s information. The leader was very annoyed and decided to severely punish this employee and warn others.

“At the regular department meeting, when the director announced the news, I was really surprised.

God, the bonus of the “Gossip” leadership on QQ with a dead party a few days ago, wouldn’t it be found?

What if I track it down?

It is estimated that I can only endure in silence. In any case, the rice bowl matters, and I will try to talk less.

  Protecting privacy starts with Jiang Hu male sales. I used to be the leader of the company ‘s sales department. The biggest hobby every day is to transfer the QQ chat of the owner of the department. From the perspective of the company, a female salesperson and a major customer have joined.They chatted fiercely. As a result, their passionate chat records were replaced in the department bulletin board one month later, and all talents knew that QQ chat was monitored.

That female salesperson could only quit her job. It was miserable. How could such a private thing be made public, and I can no longer trust the computer.

I thought I could destroy all records, but there are many ways to crack the Internet, and you can still recover those records.

Therefore, if you want to protect your privacy, you should start with yourself. For more private things, don’t talk in the office computer, and don’t store private files.

  Netizens’ trick: Take a hard shot of BOSS on QQ, and then go to the bathroom and spit.

(Pear tree with long apples) Such a boss can’t be a big deal. When encountering such a company, one word: Flash.

(I don’t want to say loneliness) Any word will have a handle, it is best not to leave a text, and talk quietly.

(Wake guest) survey 40% of the monitored people swallowed. Recently, the Tianya community has conducted a survey of “boss peeking at employees’ QQ chat records, silence or resistance”, and the results show that there are more and more situations in chat tools.Next, more than 90% of office workers will go to QQ during working hours, and there are also those who chat and also need for work. Among them, 24% of employees have been monitored.

“What do you do if you find yourself being monitored by your boss?

“42% of the investigators chose to swallow their patience and thought they didn’t know. Of course, some brave people said they would find a boss to protest or resign and leave. In addition, 13% said they would seek legal help.

  The boss said to chat at work. I have the right to monitor Mr. Lonely, the head of a company. The paper: “The boss pays you and provides computer equipment, not to let you chat and socialize.

Employees should decline personal incidents during working hours. This is the most basic professional ethics.

I also have the right to check the chat and Internet records of my subordinates. At the end of last year, a female employee’s excessive use of MSN caused my suspicion. I monitored the chat records through the IT department and found that she was engaged in a second job on Taobao.Discipline of our company.

According to regulations, sorry, fired!

“There are also bosses who will indicate the relevant situation in the company system and tell him the first day of the employee interview or work, so there will be no controversial issues.

  The network administrator said that the software can view all records. The network administrator of a certain company broke the news: “Some monitoring software can completely clear the webpages you have browsed, chat history, email sending and receiving, etc. You better not stay in the company’s computerPut any private information and don’t say anything against you. ”

“Actually, as network administrators, we also have a lot of trouble. The boss wants to check the chat records of employees. Would you give it?

Sometimes it happens that the employee has a good personal relationship with you, what should I do?

Knowing the private affairs of so many people, my heart is tired, and I am afraid that one day I will become the target of criticism.

“The webmaster Tian Shengwei said.

  The lawyer said that the peep chat was suspected of being suspected by Guangdong Xinli Shengda Law Firm. Zhu Qionghua pointed out: The computer is provided by the company, and the boss has the right to regulate and supervise the system of using the computer during working hours., To inform employees in advance that the supervisory procedures have been set; second, if you want to view some content, in order to avoid intensifying conflicts, it is best to choose to work at regular schedules and notify employees of their presence. If you read the content that involves employee reputation, major aspects, you mustAvoid it consciously, and have the obligation to keep confidential what you see, and it cannot spread.

  ”In the case where the company owner violates the employee’s right to privacy, the victim can report to the local labor department, complain, or file a lawsuit in the court.”” Zhu Qionghua suggested.

If chats printed by the boss reveal that employees have vilified company leaders or rectified company secrets, these violations have violated the legal rights of other people’s companies. If company rules and regulations can dismiss employees, the court will generally use this evidence.

The best defense against problem skin


The best defense against problem skin

First Hurricane Operation-Stop Stress Original Sin Tracking: “Stress will suppress the function of the body’s immune system and cause changes in hormone secretion, so you will see a dark face in the mirror, occasionally when the seasons change.癣,而‘痘痘’就更是常来常往了”。  The best defense solution: Ideally, the best way is to take a holiday, even for a day, to let your body completely relax.

If this idea is unrealistic, then homework is suddenly particularly important.

Able to develop a good skin care habit, can minimize the damage caused by stress to the skin.

  Suggested solution: balanced diet nutrition-more than 7 hours of sleep-at least one hour of exercise per week-a well-balanced alternative to nutritionally effective skin care products does not refer to a “meat-free menu”, but rather appropriateAbsorbing oils can make skin more shiny.

Experts previously suggested that you need to ensure 8 hours of sleep per day, but the latest research shows that for skin complications, 7 hours of sleep per day can ensure the need for skin metabolism.

And exercise can accelerate blood circulation in the body, so that every cell in the body is excited, its most direct effect on the skin is to restore the skin to a healthy complexion.

  An effective skincare product containing vitamin A and vitamin C, the first choice for stress women.

Vitamin A excels at fighting “acne” and repairs damaged skin after sun exposure.

Vitamin C can help improve skin tone.

But if you are sensitive skin, you must consult a dermatologist or test behind the ear before replacing products containing these two ingredients.

Because both substances are relatively easy to cause.

  Keeping your skin clean is also an effective way to combat stress.

When you are tortured by the computer screen and desk files, you will not get out of the way. Take out the twisted oil from the distortion and wash your face with warm water. You will feel that clean skin is also pressureless skin.