2017 French Open Men’s Singles Final Nadal VS Wawrinka live broadcast address_1

2017 French Open Men’s Singles Final Nadal VS Wawrinka Live Address
Paris local time Sunday at 11:00 noon (daylight saving time), Beijing time today at 17:00, the 2017 French Open main draw will enter the 15th day and the last game day, except for the two veteran games at Langren StadiumIn addition, today only the women’s doubles and men’s singles finals will be staged at the central stadium from 17:30 Beijing time.2017法国网球公开赛男单决赛纳达尔VS瓦林卡直播地址:点击进入  作为本届法网各项目唯一闯进决赛的头号种子,马泰克—桑兹/萨法洛娃将力争夺得她们的第5A Grand Slam women’s doubles champion, and in the final game of the French Open, in the highly anticipated men’s singles finals, Nadal strongly impacted the French Open’s 10th champion Nadal and his professional team’s previous undefeated WawrinkaMeet in a narrow road, the physical condition of the two may become an important factor in determining the victory or defeat of this attack.  Philippe Chartiere Stadium:    Game 2 (not earlier than 21:00 GMT): Stan Wawrinka (3) vs. Rafael Nadal (4)    William Hill Odds: 5.50 to 1.17  In the first 6 rounds of the French Open, Nadal only lost 29 rounds in total. The promotion process was smooth enough to match Bjorn Borg in the French Open in 1978 and 1980 (27 rounds and 31 rounds were lost before the final, respectively).In the French Open, Borg continued their strong win in the final.Nadal had previously lost the least number of innings in the French Open in 2008. With the victory over Federer in the final, the total number of innings was fixed at 41 innings. In that year he also played 1/4 finals with 3 61 victory over Almagro’s outstanding performance, plus the current French Open semi-final win over Tim, he has a lot of experience against SLR players on the court of Roland Garros, as long as the number of games lost in the final today is controlled atUnder 12 innings, he can reach the French Open for the 10th time by setting a career record.  Compared with Nadal, who is a strong champion, Wawrinka is likely to be involved in a series of age-related records today.He has become the oldest French Open men’s singles finalist since 1973, and the oldest French Open men’s singles champion in the Open era, was the Spanish Spaniard Jimeno, who was crowned at nearly 35 years old in 1972, when he was in the semifinalsIn the same game, he also won five games and won the only Grand Slam title of his career.If he defeats Nadal today, Wawrinka’s world ranking will surpass Nadal next week and become the oldest player in the top 2 men’s singles world rankings for the first time in the last 40 years. He will also follow Rod LaverAfter Ill and Roseville, the third player to win three Grand Slam singles titles after turning 30.  These two 31-year-old and 32-year-old players played against each other, and physical strength is likely to be an important factor affecting the game trend. Compared with Nadal’s smooth sailing, Wawrinka, who struggled for 4 hours and 34 minutes in the semifinals, is more worrying.How much physical reserves he has to meet the French Open final challenge to Nadal, the most difficult task in the tennis world.How hard it was to play against Nadal in the French Open final. In the 2012 and 2014 French Open finals, two Dana matchups may give the answer. Those two games that played 4 sets took 3 hours, 49 minutes and 3 respectively.Hours and 31 minutes, with an average of nearly 1 hour per game, is very similar to this year’s semi-final against Wawrinka against Murray. If Wawrinka needs to use the same method, defeat the two giants in a row within 3 days to win the championship.One can imagine.  However, compared with when he was 26-28 years old, it is doubtful whether Nadal, who has just turned 31, still has such a strong defensive ability. In the 2012 and 2014 French Open finals, he scored almost the same number of active scoring points as Dejo.Kovic is flat, and this year when the Australian Open semifinals and finals against Dimitrov and Federer, he was far behind his opponent in the active scoring, especially his strong forehand is clearly in the disadvantage-2014In the French Open final, his forehand bottom line actively scored and won Djokovic by 10 points, becoming a key to victory.When Federer’s backhand firepower was fully open in the Australian Open finals this year, and the offensive efficiency was not bad, Nadal also seemed helpless. Previous page12Next page

Suicide Squad 2 kills, the director lost his father and pet during shooting

“Suicide Squad 2” kills, the director lost his father and pet during shooting
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) February 29, directed by James Gunn, Margot Robbie, Jay Courtney, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, The DC action movie “Suicide Squad 2” starring David Dasmazlian and other officials officially announced the killing. Director Gu En showed up on the social media to kill the group and took a group photo.And my dog left two weeks before the killing. This shooting experience was the most difficult time in my life, but it was also the most fulfilling day.The film has been filmed since September last year. “Clown” Robbie, “Rick” Jinnaman, “Amanda” Davis, and “Captain Boomerang” Courtney have all returned.The new characters include Idris Elba, director of “Raytheon 3” Taiga Viditi, John Senna and so on.In 2016, the first “Suicide Squad” directed by David Aye was released with a poor reputation, but it was definitely successful in business, winning 7 globally.At the box office of $ 4.7 billion, this sequel has been scheduled for August 6, 2021.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Xiangling

[How to adjust the barbecue sauce]_Steps_How to adjust

This article is based on the following questions: I am in a hurry, I am going to make a plan for you, and I will do it for you.儰鑲夊ぇ閮ㄥ垎浜洪兘鏄€夋嫨鍘诲闈㈠悆锛岃繖鏄洜涓哄緢澶氫汉鑷繁鍦ㄥ鍋氱殑鍛抽亾涓嶅澶栭潰鍋氱殑濂藉悆锛屽叾瀹炲仛濂界儰鑲夌殑鏂规硶寰堢畝鍗曪紝涓昏鏄湪鐑よ倝閰辨枡姹佺殑璋冨埗涓婏紝閭d箞锛岀儰鑲夎樃鏂欐眮鎬庝箞璋冩瘮杈冨ソ鍚冨憿锛熷悆鐑よ倝鍏跺疄铔畝鍗曠殑锛屾妸鑲夎厡涓€鑵岋紝鏀惧湪鐢电儰鐐変笂涓€鐑ゅ氨鍙互浜嗐€傚叧閿槸鐑よ倝鐨勯偅涓樃鏂欙紝鏈夊共鏂欏拰娴烽矞鏂欐眮锛屽湪缃戜笂鎵句簡濂戒箙锛岀粓浜庤鎴戞壘鍒版捣椴滄枡姹佺殑鍋氭硶浜嗭紝涓€鍏辨壘鍒颁簡涓や釜閰嶆柟锛屼竴涓槸鐢ㄦ场鑿滄堡鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐨勭櫧绯栵紝鐧介唻锛岄煩寮忚荆妞掗叡锛岀洂鍜岄钁辨垨棣欒彍銆傚彟澶栦竴涓槸鐢ㄦ按鏋滅啲鍒朵袱涓皬鏃惰€屾垚锛屾垜灏濊瘯浜嗗悗鑰咃紝In the meantime, the chains are up and down, and the chains are up and down, and the chains are up and down, and the world is up and down, and the chains are up and down.笅闈㈡潵浠嬬粛涓€涓嬫枡姹佺殑鍒朵綔鏂规硶銆傛潗鏂欙細娓呮按閫傞噺銆佹捣椴滈叡娌逛竴姹ゅ寵銆佺敓鎶戒袱姹ゅ寵銆佽€佹娊鍗婃堡鍖欍€佽嫻鏋滀竴涓€佹ⅷ涓€涓€佹磱钁卞崐涓€佽懕娈甸€傞噺銆佽挏7-8鐡c€佺洂銆佺硸閫傞噺銆傞鏉愪富鏂欐磱钁卞崐涓?Do you want to follow the rules and regulations? 1  ⅷ 1  餴 滈 睿 娌?姹ゅ寵鐢熸娊2鍕鸿€佹娊鍗婂嫼鐩?Honghong Qi?U Honghong?鍕哄閫傞噺钁遍€傞噺澶ц挏閫傞噺姝ラ1.閿呬腑鏀惧叆閫傞噺鐨勬竻姘淬€?.鏀惧叆涓€鍕烘捣椴滈叡娌广€佷袱鍕虹敓鎶姐€佸崐鍕鸿€佹娊锛岀劧鍚庡皢姘寸叜寮€銆?.姘寸叜寮€鍚庢斁鍏ヤ竴鍕虹洂銆佷竴鍕洪浮绮俱€?鍕虹櫧绯栵紝鐒跺悗鏀惧叆濮滅墖銆佷竴涓嫻鏋滐紙鍒囩墖锛夈€佷竴涓ⅷ锛堝垏鐗囷級銆佹磱钁便€佽懕娈点€佸ぇ钂溿€?.What’s the matter? What’s the matter? 2?.2灏忔椂鍚庯紝鍏崇伀锛屽皢鏂欐眮鏅惧噳鍚庯紝婊ゅ幓鎵€鏈夋潗鏂欙紝鍙暀姹ゆ眮銆?.鐒跺悗鍒囬€傞噺棣欒懕銆侀鑿滅鏀惧叆鏂欐眮涓嵆鍙€?.鍦ㄨ秴甯備拱浜嗕竴鐩掔墰閲岃剨鐗囷紝鏀惧叆鍗婁釜娲嬭懕涓濄€侀€傞噺鐨勬枡閰掋€佺櫧绯栥€侀粦鑳℃纰庛€佸鑲夌矇灏戦噺銆佹﹦姒勬补閫傞噺锛屼竴璧锋姄鍖€鑵屽埗銆?。绋嶅井钖勪竴鐐圭殑鐗涗粩楠ㄤ袱鍧楋紝鏀惧叆閫傞噺榛戞姹佽厡鍒躲€?.What are the rules and regulations? What are you going to do?0.What are you going to do with the torch? Do you want to go to the top?1.涓€鏂よ偉鐗涚墖銆?2.榛勫枆娲楀共鍑€锛屽垏鎴愬ぇ鍧椼€?3.楦$繀鐢ㄧ殑濂ュ皵鑹儰缈呯殑棰滄枡鎻愬墠鑵屽埗涓€鏅氫笂銆?4.鏂伴矞鐨勭敓鑿滐紝閰嶇潃鑲夊拰澶ч叡鍚冦€?5,灏辨垜鍜岃€佸叕涓や釜浜猴紝婊℃弧涓€妗屽瓙锛屼竴椤挎病鍚冨畬锛岀浜屽ぉ鍙堝悆浜嗕竴椤裤€?6.杩欑數鐑ょ倝杩樻尯缁欏姏鐨勶紝鐏緢鏃猴紝浠ュ悗鍙互鍦ㄥ鎷涘緟鏈嬪弸浜嗐€?

[Can people with cold body eat wolfberry]_ Wolfberry _ Nutrition Diet _ Diet Taboos

[Can people with cold body eat wolfberry]_ Wolfberry _ Nutrition Diet _ Diet Taboos

Many women are cold, so you should pay attention to your diet. You should eat more foods that are good for cold. Medlar is also suitable for eating. There are red dates, beef, and chicken.Eat cold food.

First, people with cold can eat Chinese wolfberry. Chinese wolfberry has sweet taste, and Xingping has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney.

People with cold body are not allowed to eat cold and hot food, so wolfberry is suitable for people with cold body.

Chinese wolfberry can help treat liver and kidney yin deficiency, waist and knee weakness, dizziness, forgetfulness, dizziness, dizziness, tears, thirst, and nocturnal emission.

Second, what is good for women to have a cold.

1. Red jujube water, as the name suggests, is red jujube boiling water. You can buy red jujube with nuclear, or you can buy it to go to the nucleus. You can cook it with brown sugar, you can add ginger, you can add longan.

2. DIY soymilk, soymilk is more suitable for women than milk. Chinese soymilk machines are very cheap. You can put kerneled red dates in roasted soybeans, roasted walnuts, fried sesame seeds, or put ginger together.Make soy milk, absolutely tonic.

3, beef water, buy lean beef, someone grinds, then add to the stew pot, add a few slices of ginger, put in hot water, and then simmer over high heat for half an hour, medium and low heat for two and a half hours, just drinkWater, others don’t.

4, Angelica chicken, go to the pharmacy to buy angelica, let them slice for you, and go home and simmer with two chicken legs that have been peeled and cut into pieces. The fire is half an hour, the medium and small fire is two and a half hours.For the taste of salt, Angelica chicken is best to eat two or three times after each holiday, which is more tonic.

But not everyone can bear the taste of angelica. I use beef water instead.

5, glutinous rice porridge, glutinous rice is very warm, cold people eat the best, to put brown sugar instead of white sugar, if you like, you can add longan, red dates and other things to cook together.

6. If you are bothered by the above, then go to the pharmacy to buy angelica, then let them make powder for you, and then buy a hollow capsule to take one, and eat one a day.

Third, the body cold people should avoid eating food: warm and sweet Gan Xin, with spleen and Qi, warming the stomach and cold-dispelling foods, such as barley, lamb, chicken, tripe, pork belly, chain fish, grass carp,Litchi, chili, chives, fennel, mustard, cinnamon, dried ginger, ginger, pepper, pepper, cumin, white cardamom, brown sugar, etc.

Foods not to eat: foods with cold temperatures, which can damage the spleen and stomach, such as buckwheat, barley, mung bean, tofu, spinach, water spinach, eggplant, black fungus, golden needles, lettuce, winter melon, celery, lotus root, white lotus root, cucumber, Bitter gourd, watermelon, persimmon, banana, loquat, pear, peach, etc.

Foods that are thick and greasy, difficult to digest, and easy to hinder the transport of the spleen and stomach, such as pork, duck, turtle, oyster, and glutinous rice.

It has the effect of replenishing qi and digesting food, which can damage righteousness and aggravate foods such as hawthorn, radish, coriander, coriander, etc.

The diet of people with cold is very important, especially some of the dietary considerations mentioned above, and you must know what foods can be eaten and what foods cannot be eaten. If you have a cold, women must pay attention to their ownHealth, especially some of the food above is very important for women with cold body.

[How to save the white fungus with hair bubble?】 _How to save_How to save

閾惰€宠繖绉嶉鐗╂槸鐢峰コ鑰佸皯閮藉彲浠ュ悆鐨勶紝灏ゅ叾娣卞彈骞垮ぇ濂充汉鐨勫枩鐖憋紝鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑锛岀粡甯镐細鏈変汉鍑虹幇鑴捐儍铏氬急鐨勯棶棰橈紝杩欑被浜虹兢灏卞彲浠ュ鍚冧竴浜涢摱鑰筹紝鍏锋湁鍋ヨ劸寮€鑳冪殑浣滅敤锛屽彟澶栬繕鍙互婊嬮槾娑﹁偤锛岃繕鏈夊厤鐤姏姣旇緝宸殑浜猴紝澶氬悆涓€浜涢摱鑰充篃鏄緢鏈夊ソ澶勭殑锛岄偅涔堝鏋滄槸娉″彂鐨勯摱鑰崇殑璇濓紝搴旇鎬庝箞淇濆瓨鎵嶆纭憿锛熸场鍙戠殑閾惰€虫€庝箞淇濆瓨锛熷瀛e缓璁斁鍦ㄥ啺绠卞喎钘忎繚瀛橈紝鍏朵粬瀛h妭甯告俯淇濆瓨鍗冲彲銆傞摱鑰虫场澶鍙互鏀剧浜屽ぉ鐓悧閾惰€虫场澶鍙互鏀剧浜屽ぉ鐓€傞摱鑰冲偍瀛樹繚椴滐細閾惰€冲簲鍦ㄩ槾鍑夊共鐕ュ鍌ㄥ瓨銆傛场濂藉悗鐨勯摱鑰筹紝鍚冧笉Yueanchixi yu Boqianchaan Roucisrenuu ang Liaoduangeye Chen Yi Toso Lujutanggeng Bianliaoyingrao Renhuanjilu Hong Cuiqinxiaci Hema?澶┿€傞摱鑰冲張绉颁綔鐧芥湪鑰炽€侀洩鑰炽€侀摱鑰冲瓙绛夛紝灞炰簬鐪熻弻绫婚摱鑰崇閾惰€冲睘锛屾槸闂ㄦ媴瀛愯弻闂ㄧ湡鑿岄摱鑰崇殑瀛愬疄浣擄紝鏈夆€滆弻涓箣鍐犫€濈殑缇庣О銆傞摱鑰冲瓙瀹炰綋绾櫧鑷What’s wrong with it?Technetium?0鍘樼背锛屾煍杞磥鐧斤紝鍗婇€忔槑锛屽瘜鏈夊脊鎬с€傞摱鑰冲懗鐢樸€佹贰銆佹€у钩銆佹棤姣掞紝鏃㈡湁琛ヨ劸寮€鑳冪殑鍔熸晥锛屽張鏈夌泭姘旀竻鑲犮€佹粙闃存鼎鑲虹殑浣滅敤銆傛棦鑳藉寮轰汉浣撳厤鐤姏锛屽張鍙寮鸿偪鐦ゆ偅鑰呭鏀俱€佸寲鐤楃殑鑰愬彈鍔涖€傞摱鑰冲瘜鏈夊ぉ鐒舵鐗╂€ц兌璐紝澶栧姞鍏跺叿鏈夋粙闃寸殑浣滅敤锛屾槸鍙互闀挎湡鏈嶇敤鐨勮壇濂芥鼎鑲ら鍝併€傞摱鑰崇敤鍐锋按娉¤繕鏄儹姘存场濂介摱鑰虫渶濂芥槸鐢ㄥ喎姘存场銆傝櫧鐒惰鐢ㄧ儹姘存场鍙戦€熷害蹇紝浣嗘槸閾惰€虫槸灞炰簬鑿岀被椋熺墿锛屾俯搴﹀お楂樺彲鑳戒細浣垮緱閾惰€充腑鐨勪竴浜涜惀鍏诲厓绱犳祦澶憋紝鐮村潖钀ュ吇鎴愬垎锛屽奖鍝嶅彛鎰燂紝鎵€浠ユ渶濂借繕鏄敤鍐锋按娉″彂姣旇緝濂姐€傞摱鑰虫场鍙戝闀挎椂闂翠负濂藉噳姘存场閾惰€?-4灏忔椂閾惰€崇殑娉″彂鏃堕棿杈惧埌3-4涓皬鏃讹紝鑳借閾惰€虫參鎱㈢殑鍚告按锛屾渶澶х▼搴︾殑灏嗛摱鑰虫场鍙戝紑鏉ワ紝杩欐牱鐐栫叜閾惰€崇殑鏃堕棿浼氱缉鐭紝瀵逛簬甯姪閾惰€崇叜鐨勬洿鍔犵矘绋犮€傜儹姘存场閾惰€?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸鐢ㄧ儹姘存场鍙戦摱鑰抽€熷害鏄緢蹇殑锛屼竴鑸崄鍑犱簩鍗佸垎閽熷氨鍙互娉″彂寮€鏉ワ紝浣嗘槸鐑按娉″彂浼氬奖鍝嶉摱鑰虫定鍙戠殑鏁伴噺锛屼篃浼氬奖鍝嶅埌閾惰€崇殑娉″彂璐ㄩ噺锛屼娇鍏跺彛鎰熺矘銆?

Tsingtao Brewery (600600) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Volume and Price Rise to Promote Double Revenue and Profit

Tsingtao Brewery (600600) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Volume and Price Rise to Promote Double Revenue and Profit
First, the event overview Tsingtao Brewery released the 2019 first quarter report.At the core of the report, the company achieved operating income of 79.51 ‰, +11 for ten years.38%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.08 ten percent.04%, achieving a basic income of 0.60 yuan / share. Second, the analysis and judgment of the rise in volume and price promoted the scale of the double-income report on revenue and profit, and the company’s revenue increased by +11.38%, net profit attributable to mother +10 for ten years.04%, the performance growth rate has been significantly faster than the previous quarter, of which revenue growth hit a new high since 14Q1.The company’s double-income revenue was mainly attributed to the company’s grasp of the possibility of domestic beer market recovery and consumption upgrade during the reporting period, accelerating the upgrading of its product structure and actively exploring domestic and foreign markets.From the perspective of sales volume, 19Q1 company gradually realized beer sales volume of 216.60,000 kiloliters, previously +6.6%, of which: the main brand “Tsingtao Beer” achieved sales of 117.50,000 kiloliters, +8 in the past.At 5%, high-end products such as “Augut, Fortune in the lead, classic 1903 and pure draft beer” achieved total sales of 58.80,000 liters, +10 in the past.5%.In general, the company’s product structure upgrade trend is intensifying; from the perspective of ton price, thanks to the lag effect of the company’s direct price increase on Qingdao premium brands in May 18, and the promotion of product structure upgrade, it is expected that the beer ton price of the company will fall by +5Up and down, continuing the upward trend. The increase in raw material costs led to a decrease in gross profit margin, and the two-factor resonance led to a rise in net profit margin: affected by the continued upward price of barley and packaging materials, the company’s gross profit margin reached 39 in 19Q1 under the background of the company’s direct price increase and product structure upgrade.66%, a slight fluctuation of 0 in 18Q1 a year.44 averages; net interest rate: benefit from the efficiency of cost allocation during the period (the cost rate in 19Q1 decreased by 0 compared to 18Q1).8 numbers, sales / management (plus R & D expenses) / financial expense ratios respectively changed -0.52 / -0.30 / + 0.02 units, of which the decline in sales expense ratio was due to the company’s optimization of expenses, strict control of expense usage, write-off and redemption processes, and enhancement of market verification speed measures) and other revenue revenue ratio (19Q1 other revenue revenue ratio 18Q1 Raise 0.38 scores). Under the background of increasing gross profit margin, the company’s net interest rate rose instead of falling, and the company’s net interest rate reached 10 in 19Q1.16%, an increase of 0 from 18Q1.96 units. Initial changes, the internal structure efficiency is expected to be optimized. The new board of directors will successfully complete the re-election. The new leadership will be open and strong, and will gradually promote the improvement of the company’s internal operations and accelerate the optimization of production capacity.The pace of structural optimization continued to advance. Compared with the actual production capacity in 17 years, the actual production capacity was reduced by 710,000 kiloliters. Therefore, the capacity utilization was reduced from 75 in 2017.33% further increased to 81.36%), rich product structure.At the end of 2017, Asahi allocated 18% of its equity to Fosun International. As a financial investor, Fosun pursues profits. It is expected that the company will improve internal efficiency and promote the progress of state-owned enterprise reform. Third, investment proposal is expected to achieve operating income of 273 companies in 19-21.9.5 billion / 285.40 ppm / 298.870,000 yuan, +3 for ten years.1% / 4.twenty four.7%; net profit attributable to listed companies is 17.40 ppm / 21.08 ppm / 25.0.8 billion yuan, +22 per year.3% / 21.2% / 19.0%, equivalent to 1.29 yuan / 1.56 yuan / 1.86 yuan, corresponding to PE is 37X / 30X / 25X.The overall beer sector is currently evaluated at 51.The company is estimated to be 24 times lower than the industry. In view of internal changes, the internal structure efficiency is improved and optimized. It is expected that the company’s performance growth will be faster than the industry average in the future.In summary, maintain the 武汉夜生活网 “recommended” level. 4. Risk warning: product risk, new product promotion is less than expected, food safety risk, etc.

GAC Group (601238) Annual Report Comments: Strong Growth in Joint Venture Brands Contributes to Profit Growth

GAC Group (601238) Annual Report Comments: Strong Growth in Joint Venture Brands Contributes to Profit Growth

Core view performance was slightly lower than expected.

The company achieved operating income of 715 in 2018.

15 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.

5%, achieving net profit of 109.

30,000 yuan, an increase of ten years.

1%, deducting non-net profit 98.

30,000 yuan, the average ten years is 4.

7%, EPS is 1.

07 杭州桑拿网 yuan.

The company’s vehicle business income was 503.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.


The company intends to distribute cash dividends for every 10 shares to all shareholders2.

8 yuan (including tax).

Increased promotional efforts have resulted in lower gross profit margins.

Gross profit margin for 2018 was 18.

6%, ten-year average of 4.

The four single ones are mainly due to the increase in promotional efforts and the reclassification of new revenue in order of sales expenses and operating costs.

Period expenses13.

7%, increasing by 0 every year.

3 numbers, the management expense ratio (including research and development expenses) increases by 1 every year.

Two averages, mainly due to the increase in A-share budget incentives.

Net cash flow from operating activities was -12.

68 ppm, with a ten-year average of 107.

8%, mainly due to an increase in the payment budget of suppliers and a decrease in the net increase in non-consolidated companies’ deposits in GAC Finance.

The company’s ending inventory was 67.

300,000 yuan, an annual increase of 101.

1%, mainly with the increase in production and sales, the corresponding increase in raw materials and finished products.

Investment income benefited from Guangfeng Guangben’s earnings growth.

In 2018, the investment income was 90.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 8 in ten years.

1%, mainly benefited from Guangfeng, sales of Guangben increased.

In 2018, Guangfeng sold 58.

One million vehicles, an annual increase of 31.

1%, achieving revenue of 837.

250 thousand yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

6%; Guangben sales 74.

140,000 vehicles, an increase of 5 in ten years.2%, achieved revenue of 978.

53 ppm, an increase of ten years6.

4%, the average growth rate of the two sales is much higher than the industry average.

It is estimated that Guangfeng and Guangben are still expected to be better than the industry average in 2019.

GAC’s independent sales volume was slightly lower than expected.

GAC passenger car sales in 2018 were 53.

520,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 5.

2%, to achieve revenue of 556.

99 ppm, a ten-year increase2.


New energy passenger car sales were 20,000 units, an annual increase of 381.


In 2019, the company plans to merge the joint ventures to achieve the goal of 8% sales growth. It will launch 14 new and modified models to achieve stable sales growth.

Financial forecasts and investment recommendations Gross margins exceed expectations and adjusted revenue forecasts, with EPS expected to be 1 in 2019-2021.

18, 1.

30, 1.

44 yuan (previously 19-20 years 1).

28, 1.

45 yuan), with reference to comparable company estimates, given the company 13 times PE in 2019, with a target price of 15.

34 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risk Warning: Sales of GAC passenger cars, Guangfeng, Guangben, and Guangfeike are lower than expected risks, and the demand of the passenger car industry exceeds expected risks.

Qibin Group (601636): High price elasticity of performance, waiting for completion, improving and releasing downstream demand

Qibin Group (601636): High price elasticity of performance, waiting for completion, improving and releasing downstream demand

Event: The company released its 2019 interim report, with operating income of 40 in 2019H1.

6.6 billion, an increase of 7 per year.

86%, net profit attributable to mother is 5.

18 trillion, down 20 a year.

91%, achieving a budget benefit of zero.

20 yuan.

The increase in sales has driven revenue growth, and the degree of improvement in the second quarter has improved.

In the first half of 2019, a total of 58.97 million heavy boxes of various types of glass were produced, an increase of 13 each year.

80%, selling 54.07 million heavy cases of various types of glass, an increase of 12 every year.


The company’s production capacity was fully released. The average sales price of the company’s various types of glass fell by 4 percentage points in the first half of 2019. The reason is that although the demand in the glass industry is still high, it has declined.The improvement is the highest.

From a single quarter perspective, the decline in Q2 has improved and narrowed compared to Q1. As a result, the industry has entered the traditional peak season after the Spring Festival and at the same time is facing a rapid recovery of land-side demand. The company’s single-quarter sales in Q2 were significantly better than the same period in 18 years.

The performance of glass giants is very flexible, waiting for the elastic space brought by the release of demand.

In 2019H1, the average national spot price of float glass dropped by 5 year-on-year.

67%, according to our tracking, benefiting from the increase in the area of completed buildings, the rate of increase has risen, domestic demand for float glass has improved, and domestic float glass prices have risen slightly in July and August.

As the leading domestic heavy-duty float glass company, the Cibin Group has a production line penetration, basic glass production and sales are basically balanced, and there is less room for output growth. The increase in glass prices will bring great flexibility to the company. We are optimistic about the second half of 2019.The company’s downstream real estate end completed project area continued to improve the glass demand growth brought about by the improvement, the release of real estate demand in the second half of the year will bring flexibility to the company’s performance growth.

Cash flow is still better, only on a dividend basis.

As one of the leading glass companies, the company has better cash flow. Since 2013, the average annual net cash flow from operations has been more than 700 million, and even reached 23 in 2017.

500 million.

The company’s average annual net profit is distributed in cash. Except for 2014 (the industry’s prosperity has not only declined and it is expected to be pessimistic), it has not distributed infrared rays. The annual dividend ratio is not less than 30%, and even as high as 71% in 2017.

Although the industry’s prosperity has declined in 2019, it still maintains a higher position. The company’s profit level is better and its cash flow is abundant. The net cash flow of operating activities in 2019H1 has reached 5.

29 million US dollars, we believe that the company’s continued dividend distribution in 2019 will be a high probability event. According to the historical lowest dividend rate of 30%, the current level of distribution rate is about 4%. If the historical dividend rate is higher, the current rate of return will reachAbout 9%.

The development of the industrial chain is as important as the product upgrade to enhance the company’s long-term competitiveness.

In terms of the expansion of the industrial chain, the reporting scale company has expanded its strategic reserve of silicon sand, a raw material for glass upstream, and obtained 80% equity 武汉夜网论坛 of Liling Jinsheng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. through equity investment.Jointly develop and construct the Shiba broken ore mine in Pukou Town, Fuling City, expand its mining capacity to 90 tons / year, and develop it with supporting facilities to build a quartz sand production line with an annual output of 60 inches.

In the end, due to the increasing enforcement of environmental protection rectification and production safety, the number of quartz sand mines being shut down continued to increase, which directly caused the supply of glass raw material silica sand and the price rose, which expanded the Jinsheng Silicon Industry after mining and production.It basically meets the sand demand of the Fuling Qibin production base, which is conducive to maintaining the company’s sand safety and controlling cost and price.

In terms of product upgrades, the report states that the Luzhou Qibin project was successfully operated, and the Liling electronic glass project was successfully ignited, adding two higher value-added products, photovoltaic glass and electronic glass, to the company’s product array.

At the same time, the company increased its investment in energy-saving glass products and started the construction of Guangdong Energy Conservation Phase II Expansion Project, Zhejiang Energy Conservation Expansion Project and Hunan Energy Conservation Project.

On the whole, the company has a long-term perspective and actively carries out industrial chain expansion and product structure upgrades, which is conducive to improving the company’s long-term competitiveness.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: We expect the company’s earnings from 2019 to 2021 to be zero.

43 yuan, 0.

56 yuan and 0.

66 yuan, the corresponding PE is 8 times, 6 times and 5 times. Considering the high price elasticity of the company’s performance, the industry is still in a high degree of prosperity, the dividend rate is high, you can attack and retreat and defend.

For the first time, we covered the investment rating of “Recommended” by the company.

Risk warning: demand improvement is slower than expected

Clothing, food, shelter and transportation to create a healthy body for children

Clothing, food, shelter and transportation to create a healthy body for children

Introduction: Spring is a happy season for children. Spring comes back to the earth, everything recovers, the wind is bright, and the children can be outdoors. However, they do not know that spring is also a time for various infectious diseases. Therefore,Arranging your child’s food, clothing, and shelter is an important alternative to preventing disease.

General principles of clothing: It is cold in spring and children should wear moderate clothes. If you wear less clothes, you will get cold and sick. If you wear more clothes, you will be cold.

Because the child wears too much clothes, coupled with a large amount of activity, it is often prone to sweating. If the wind is blown at this time, the child is more vulnerable to the cold and sick.

Therefore, spring cover should be, but it should not be overdone.

Generally children can wear one more piece of clothing than adults, it is advisable not to sweat before and after.

In addition, children’s backs and feet are prone to illness when they are cold, so parents should pay special attention to the warmth of these two parts.

In the North: Children have poor ability to regulate their body temperature. Do not take off thick clothes all at once in a heated environment.

Attention should be paid to warm clothing when going out.

In the south: there are many rainy weather in spring, small temperature difference between day and night, and the air is tilted. Although the temperature is not low, it will also feel cold and gradually. At this time, the dehumidification function of the air conditioner can be turned on.

Because of the bad weather, the child is more prone to sweating. At this time, the child should change his underwear in time.

General principles of food: All things grow in spring, and it is also a good time for children to grow taller. It is important to pay attention to diet, that is, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, and milk must not be missing to provide sufficient and balancednutrition.

Spring is also a good time to improve your child’s immunity. You can give your child some mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, etc. These foods are natural tonics and can improve your baby’s immunity.

In the North: The weather is dry and easy to get angry, so let your children eat less fried and sweet food.

In the South: Rising climate can easily lead to the growth and reproduction of mold, so children must pay attention to fresh food when eating.

General principles of living: Spring is the time when germs are active. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the indoor air fresh and fresh. The best time to open the window is to go out in the morning after the sun comes out.

More than half of the child’s growth hormone is secreted at night, and the secretion reaches its peak during deep sleep. Therefore, sleep is very beneficial to the growth of the child.

In order to make the child’s growth potential better, let the child go to bed around 10pm.

In the North: At this time is about to turn off the heating, if the room temperature is low, pay attention to properly add clothes to the child, do not let the child cool.

Spring in the north is very dry, so indoor humidity should be appropriately increased.

In the South: It is rainy in spring, and the air that spreads is beneficial to the growth of mold and dust mites, and these pathogenic microorganisms are one of the reasons that cause children to spring frequently.

Therefore, in rainy weather, care should be taken to keep the indoor air dry.

General principles: After a long winter at home, you can finally come out and relax.

It is recommended that smaller babies can exercise on the balcony at home first, choose the redundant decomposition of sunlight and wait for 5 minutes, and then increase by 5 minutes every day to allow the baby to slowly adapt to this change, you can take the baby outsideAlready.
However, when traveling in spring, you should pay attention to avoid allergies to pollen, especially those with allergies.

The choice of place can be natural environment such as riverside, park, etc. It is not recommended to take children to places with many people.

Pay attention to hygiene. When returning to the room from the outside, be sure to wash your face and hands.

In the north: the wind and sand are strong in spring, so children must pay attention to wind protection when going out. You can apply some moisturizer to the skin to prevent the skin from being damaged by wind and dryness.

In the south: it is windy and rainy in spring, and it may be slippery on the road. When children go out, wear shoes with high sole friction to prevent falling.

Choose waterproof shoes to prevent your feet from getting wet and cold.

The divorced lover is still in love with her husband

The divorced lover is still in love with her husband

He and she each have an unhappy marriage.

He hoped that they would divorce each other and form a happy family.

However, he and his wife have been separated for almost two years, but her attitude has been unclear.

The more he waited, the more frustrated, the more he waited, the more confused.

  Ji Qiang (pseudonym) has thick eyebrows and sportswear, which is very eye-catching.

Ji Qiang said that he had arrived an hour early and had been waiting in the car, not wanting to disrupt my normal work schedule.

  During the interview, Ji Qiang was always polite and took care of the reporter’s feelings.

Maybe his experience will be inconceivable to many people, but I think if he can solve the current problem, maybe he can bid farewell to the embarrassing status quo and greet a truly happy marriage life.

  As I write this, I can’t help but think of a text message from a foreign man I received a few days ago: Life is short and grateful, and happiness should guide us through every day.

  Any future of Qiangqiang will become something, and I hope he can share this message to make his life happier.

  For the sake of filial piety but sacrificing the happiness of a lifetime, when I was young, I talked about a girlfriend, which was my first love, and loved it very much.

Because my mother didn’t like her, we had already talked about marriage and had to break up.

  After breaking up, my mother urged me to get married every day, and I said to my mother, “I have no idea. You can take care of it.

“Mom said,” What about mom introducing you to a girl? ”

Work is stable, family environment is good, and people are gentle and kind.

I said, “Okay, just marry her.”

“After a month, I didn’t even see what Shulan (pseudonym) looked like, so I married her.

Mom is very happy, but I have a feeling that my life is over.

  On the wedding night, other men couldn’t sleep happily, and I looked at the ceiling and spent a night’s sleep.

I miss my girlfriend who has broken up. I just want to run away as soon as I get married.

This marriage has reached filial piety, but it sacrificed my life’s happiness.

  I have nothing to say with Shulan. After marriage, Shulan is not what my mother imagined at all.

Shulan’s mouth was so sweet that she coaxed my mother into blooming flowers before marriage.

After marriage, she does nothing and I do all the housework alone.

I felt like I was in a trap, a woman’s marriage trap.

  Such a marriage allows me to live like the years. In the presence of relatives and friends, I have to pretend to be happy and give my mother a face.

  The appearance of Naruto (a pseudonym), a ray of sunshine on a real spring day, shines into my dim cellar-like life. How can I resist?

  I am not qualified to pursue the cute girl Naruto (pseudonym) is my sister-in-law’s friend, but I have never met her.

One day 5 years ago, I went to find a sister-in-law for a business. The sister-in-law was just absent. Naruto received me.

  The first time I saw Naruto, I really liked her.

Although she was married, she looked like a child, her eyes were very clear and simple.

After the business was done, I reluctantly said goodbye to Naruto.

  I know I’m married, and I’m not qualified to pursue a lovely girl, not to mention that Ming Ye is also married, it is even more impossible for us.

But since that time, I always thought about Naruto.

Even if I can’t pursue her, we should be friends who can talk, shouldn’t we break the law?

  I called up her courage and called her, and we talked briefly on the phone.

I feel that Naruto doesn’t hate me, and I feel very happy.

  Since then, we have often started talking on the phone.Naruto’s husband is very busy, and sometimes he is not at home all night.

Occasionally I work overtime in the unit, and chatting with Mingye for one night.

  Mingye often said on the phone that her husband was not good for her and was very attentive. She had a lot of good friends outside. She was so angry that she wanted to find a lover and get inner balance.

I advised her that you don’t have to look for it, now there are more scammers outside.

  Seeing that I was so anxious, Ming Ye said with a smile: I was joking.

I just feel relieved.

  One day, Naruto told me that in the evening she was going to talk to a boss about business.

The man always looked weird at her, and she felt a little hairy.

I said, take a companion and don’t drink other people’s drinks.

  Later, I was still worried. I drove Naruto and my companion to KTV and waited outside the private room.

  Sure enough, after 10 minutes, Naruto was protecting her chest and ran out, an obscene man chasing behind him.

“what are you doing!

“I opened my eyes and stood in front of Naruto. The other person looked at me and was arrogant, and scolded him away.

  That night, Naruto was with me.

  The previous years have turned white. Naruto made me realize the attraction and charm from women like never before.

With Mingye, I realized that this is the real life, the years of the arrow have passed.

  I have chronic pharyngitis and my wife never knew to care about me.

But Ming Ye collected herbs everywhere and brought them to me.

  One day, Ming Ye sighed deeply and said to me, “I have a very serious gynecological disease.

“She suspected it was brought to her by her husband.

The next day, Mingye stayed with a colleague in the lobby downstairs of a hotel, and watched her husband hold a girl together and get down together.

  Looking at Ming Ye so sad, I said: Since our marriages have already existed in name, it would be better for us to divorce and get married again.

I will accompany you to take care of your illness, and I will not touch you until you recover.

  Naruto promised me happily.

I separated from my wife when I went back that day.

Now that my heart belongs to Naruto, I don’t think I can betray her physically.

  However, what happened earlier this year made me completely stupid.

At that time, Ming Ye’s mouth ulcer had been ulcerated for more than a month and it was not good. I accompanied her to the hospital for treatment.

It is known that Mingye has a disease, which can only be transmitted through the lives of husband and wife.

Mingye went home and asked her husband, and the other party acknowledged that he had already had the disease.

  However, Ming Ye kept telling me that since she was with me, she and her husband have not been together.

Is she lying to me?

  In the end, Naruto admitted to me that she and her husband have always been in physical contact.

Although my relationship with Naruto is not right, when I heard such words, I felt betrayed and deceived.

  She made excuses for her weakness, even though Naruto lied to me, I soon forgave her.

I found that I couldn’t do without her.

My feelings for Naruto are definitely not physical needs. I love her from the heart.

We haven’t touched her physically since she got sick, but my feelings for her haven’t diminished at all.

  But then she began to regret it and was unwilling to file a divorce, which I couldn’t understand.

  I asked a female friend, “Does a woman tolerate her husband spending outside?”As long as he doesn’t mention divorce, he is a good husband.

Female friends are very firm: “Of course not.

“I said to Ji Qiang,” For your wife, don’t you spend it outside too? ”

Ji Qiang answered nervously: “That’s different. I’m not a flower. I’m absolutely serious about Naruto.

“In order to wait for Ming Ye, my wife and I have been separated for almost 2 years.

However, Naruto never gave me a clear attitude.

In fact, economically, she can’t be her husband.

If Ming Ye didn’t want to be with me, she would say straight away. Anyway, it also made me die, but she just didn’t give me a positive veto.

  ”Did you move out of the house?

“I asked Ji Qiang.

  ”Ah, no, we all sleep in the same room.

“Why not just go through the divorce formalities? In fact, you are actually dragging down Shulan.

“” Naruto doesn’t give me an attitude, how can I divorce? ”

Ki Keung was very wronged.

  Later, I heard from the side that Mingye ‘s husband was so motivated that the Mingye family also knew.

However, neither of them wants Naruto to divorce, and hopes she will bear it for her children.

Mingye ‘s mother even said: As long as I’m here, don’t divorce, I can’t afford to lose this person.

My husband Naha also said: Is it necessary to divorce for this matter?

  In fact, I think these are all excuses for Ming Ye’s cowardice, the feelings are gone, and this marriage is immoral.

  ”Maybe, Nai Ye still loves her husband?

“”I do not know.

“Ji Qiang’s voice went down.

  One day, I saw Naruto and her husband shopping in the street.

Mingye clutched the big bag with her hand, her husband put his hands in his pants pockets, and walked nicely.

  Later, when I accompanied Ming Ye to see a doctor, I told her: I can’t wait for your life like this, you have to give me a statement.

  Mingye said: The men in the world are the same, and they won’t be cherished.

Even if I leave and marry you again, it will not have the same ending.

  I said: It’s unfair to me to say so.

  In order to be with Mingye, I put all my savings in the stock market this year, hoping to make enough 200,000, then pay the down payment and buy a house for me and Mingye.

It was a pity that the money was lost again later.

  I’m getting confused now. I know I’m sorry for Shu Lan. Although I don’t love her, she hasn’t betrayed me after all.

However, our marriage has long been unnecessary.

And Ming Ye, what does she think, does she not want to be happy?

  For whom to divorce?

  Marriage cannot be reluctant, nor can divorce be reluctant.

  Perhaps at first, Naruto was thinking of divorce.

But then she changed her mind.

Maybe Naruto is too important for Ji Qiang, so he cannot accept this change.

  The beginning of Naruto and Jiqiang was not in line with the rules. Now Naruto is reluctant to leave the family, indicating that she has a choice.

Now, Jiqiang should consider the choice of Mingye, rather than pondering why she chose this way.   Naruto does not give Jiqiang a clear attitude, in fact this already represents an attitude.

Ji Qiang, must be brave to accept the reality and face it: Ming Ye is not willing to divorce and marry you again.

  If Jiqiang is willing to return to his family, he should cherish his family.

If you feel that your life is too long, end your marriage, give yourself freedom, and give your wife the power to choose a new life.

  Divorce is by no means for whom to divorce, but to divorce yourself.