In the first round of the Chinese game, Chen Long thrilled through the game.

In the first round of the Chinese game, Chen Long thrilled through the game.
Chen Long was interviewed after the game.The video screenshot of the World Badminton Professional Tournament China Open opened today in Changzhou. Men’s Singles No. 5 seed Chen Long defeated the young Malaysian Li Zijia 23-21 in a decisive round and thrilled the first round.In this game, Chen Long won the first game 21-16, but the second half of the second game passed through passively, losing 12-12.In the tiebreaker, Li Zijia chased 19 draws after falling behind 12-18.However, Chen Long’s key points ability is even better. After his opponent chased 21 draws, he scored two consecutive points to lock in the victory.At the Indonesian Open earlier this year, Chen Long lost 20 to 22 in a decisive game against Li Zijia.After winning this time, he bluntly said: “Last time lost two points, this time winning two points, very good!Being able to win also builds confidence in yourself.Facing the tie-breaking 20 draw again, Chen Long smiled and said at the time that he thought, “As long as you don’t lose 20 to 22, you can lose 21 to 23.””” Last year’s World Championships, Guo Yu set the worst record in previous years. After more than half a month, the team’s main force summarized.Chen Long revealed that the men’s singles coaching staff has thoroughly analyzed the current expectations, “We (the World Championship) lost the game because we did not improve as fast as our opponents.We have reached a certain height, so men’s singles all over the world take it very seriously, and there are many excellent players, a lot of focus, and also aim to win the Chinese team.I believe that no matter how difficult the men’s singles team is, it will definitely come out.”Last week, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, both Chen Long and Guo Yu were preparing for the China Open, but Jia Energy Saving was with his wife and children. Chen Long was happy no matter how tired he was.Called his son “Little Coffee”, he smiled even more: “Inheriting the fine tradition of me and Xiao Xian, all of them are good genes and handsome.”

Share bicycles to see Wuhan unblocking: business district, business office area riding heat

Share bicycles to see Wuhan “unblocking”: business district, business office area riding heat
On April 8th, Wuhan ushered in “unblocking”. Sauna and Yewang learned from Meituan bicycles, green orange bicycles, and Hello bicycles. With the improvement of the Wuhan epidemic, the use of shared bicycles has ushered in a blowout type after the closureGrowth, the heating of cycling around business districts, office areas, and industrial parks.Meituan cycling data shows that on April 8, the day of Wuhan’s “unblocking”, the number of rides increased by 44% only after citing April 6, and the daily average ranking soared by 70% last week. The recovery momentum is obvious.From April 6th, the amount of Meituan cycling in Wuhan has reached a new high since the “closure” for three consecutive days, with an average daily increase of about 20%.According to the statistics of the “Wuhan War Epidemic Riding Report” jointly released by Meituan Cycling and Wuhan Transportation Development Strategy Research Institute, Meituan Cycling provides approximately 230 rides in Wuhan from January 23 to March 12 in WuhanTen thousand people, average daily 4.50,000 person-times.During the period of “closing the city”, the situation of gathering and traveling around the hospital and large communities is obvious.Since late March, cycling attractions have begun to shift to commercial districts and business office areas.On the day of April 8, bicycles in Wuhan ‘s commercial district, business office area, transportation hub and large residential area were replaced. Among them, the internal area of the Hankou Second Ring Road was the most popular. Jianghan Road, Wusheng Road, Dazhi Road and Hong Kong Road were the most popular.Delegates; Hanyang Wangjiawan, Wuchang Simenkou, Xudong and Qingshan areas are also used with high heat.In addition, Hello trip data show that the day of unblocking on April 8, Wuhan’s overall cycling orders increased by 30% from last week.Subway stations, commercial districts, enterprises and institutions, and office buildings have become recent riding attractions.Taking the subway station as an example, the cycling orders on April 8 have increased by 70% compared with the previous two days.The order on the day of unblocking on April 8 was 10 times the order on the day of closing on January 23.Didi Travel’s green orange bike data shows that on the first day of Wuhan’s “unblocking”, the riding day increased by 90%. The morning and evening peak periods are particularly marked by the increase in travel demand near the Fairview Longcheng District and the Optical Valley Software Park.Commuting demand with the industrial park as the starting point accounts for 70% of the total travel volume.The data also shows that, compared with the data classification of the provincial capital cities during the same period, the riding distance and length of Wuhan local citizens are higher than the national average data, and the average single riding distance is 1 more than the national average data.2km, the average single ride duration is 5-10 minutes longer than the national average.Reporter Chen Weicheng editor Sun Yong proofreading Wei Zhuo

[Encyclopedia of Red Bean Cake Stuffing]_How to_Encyclopedia of Practice

绾㈣眴鏄竴绉嶅父瑙佺殑椋熸潗锛岄噷闈㈠惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑钀ュ吇鐗╄川锛岄€傚綋椋熺敤鍙互娑﹁偆鍏婚銆佺枏椋庢竻鐑€佺嚗婀挎鐥掔瓑锛屽彟澶栬繕鍙互鐢ㄦ潵娌荤枟楂樿鍘嬨€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栫瓑鐤剧梾銆傜敓娲讳腑绾㈣眴鐨勫悆娉曟湁寰堝锛屽彲浠ョ啲绮ョ瓑锛屽悓鏍蜂篃鍙互鍋氭垚绾㈣眴棣呴ゼ锛屽彛鎰熶篃闈炲父涓嶉敊锛屽叾鍋氭硶涔熼潪甯哥畝鍗曪紝灏嗙孩璞嗘场涓€鏅氫笂锛屼箣鍚庣叜鐔熷拰鎴愮孩璞嗘偿锛屽啀鍔犲叆涓€浜涜皟鏂欏氨鍙互鍟︺€?涓€銆佺孩璞嗛ゼ棣呭仛娉?銆佸皢鎵€鏈夋潗鏂?闄 ら 稍 娌?I am afraid that you will be able to find out how to do it. Do you want to add it? Do you want to add it?㈣兘鎷夊嚭钖勮啘鐨勬墿灞曢樁娈点€?銆 伶 弶 忂 界 殑 銱 ㈠ 洟 鍦 ㄦ “Borrow?”.5鍊嶅ぇ銆傜敤鎵嬫寚娌惧皯璁搁潰绮夊湪闈㈠洟涓婃埑涓€涓礊锛屾礊鍙d笉鍥炵缉灏辫鏄庨潰鍥㈠彂閰靛ソ銆?What is the difference between Hong Kong and Hong Kong? That’s a shame? It’s a shame. It’s a shame. What is going on?3 绛 変 簾 弶 倬 逬 揬 Hundred 戋 掋 Juan Lou Ying 椆 撆 啘 闱 撉 黉 鏉 Fang 绂 15 鍒 嗛 抓 銆 傜 Children’s Pu 嗛  骞 Chong 闒 13 嗘20 ounces?X?锛屾弶鎴愬渾褰€?銆佸彇涓€涓潰鍥㈡搥鎴愬渾鐗囷紝鏀惧叆绾㈣眴棣咃紝鏀舵嫝鎴愬渾褰紝灏嗘敹鍙f崗绱э紝鏀跺彛鏈濅笅鏀惧湪妗堟澘涓婏紝鐢ㄦ墜鎺屽帇鎵併€?銆佸皢鍘嬫墎鐨勯潰鍥㈡斁鍦ㄧ儰鐩樹笂锛岀敤鎵嬫寚鍦ㄩ潰鍥腑闂存寜涓€涓嬶紝闈㈠洟鐨勪腑澶嚬涓嬪幓灏辫銆?銆 亰 鐩 樻 斻 鍏 鍏 鍏 鍏 ョ 儰 绘 Wei Yi Chen Chen  浜 屾  卦 另 另 尦 尩 婰 婰 婕 婰 婰 婰 婰 婾 婰 婰 婩 婰 婰 婰 婩 婰 婰 婰 婰 婰 婰 婕 婰 婰 婰 婰 婕 婰 婰 婕 婕 婰 婰 婕 婰 婰 婰 婰 婰 吕 婰 婕 婰 婰 婕 婰 婰 困 婕 囧姞 鐑 ょ  娓 ╁ Harmful 峜 屾 咴 渴 ︼ 纴 浜 屽 彂 闱 ㈠ 洟 鍒 鍱 獱 綅 ぇ 銆?銆佷簩鍙戠粨鏉熷悗鍦ㄩ潰鍥㈣〃闈㈠埛涓€灞傞浮铔嬫恫锛屽啀鎾掍笂榛戣姖楹伙紝鐑ょ170搴﹂鐑€?銆 佸 璢 鐑 鐑 鐏 描 描 描 描 描 鏏 参 参 参 哂 圂 界 殑 鐑 ょ  尀 儰 15 鍒 嗛 挓 尀 咀 圎 閖 圖 凑 凾 凱 凾 凱 凾 凮 凾 凾 凾 凾 凾 凾 凖 凾 凾 凑 凾 凮 凾 凮 凾 凱 凾 凱 凾 凱 凾 凮 凾 凖What’s the matter?浜屻€佺孩璞嗙殑钀ュ吇鍔熸晥绾㈣眴锛屽張绉版捣绾㈣眴锛屼腑鍖诲璁や负锛岀孩璞嗘皵鍛崇敇銆侀吀銆佸钩銆佹棤姣掞紝褰掕偤銆佸績銆佽劸缁忥紝鏈夌枏椋庢竻鐑€佺嚗婀挎鐥掋€佹鼎鑲ゅ吇棰滅殑鍔熸晥銆傚叾鍐呮湇鏈夊寲婀胯ˉ鑴剧殑鍔熸晥锛屽鑴捐儍铏氬急鐨勪汉姣旇緝閫傚悎锛屽湪椋熺枟涓父琚敤浜庨珮琛€鍘嬨€佸姩鑴夌播鏍风‖鍖栥€佸悇绉嶅師鍥犲紩璧风殑姘磋偪鍙婃秷鏆戙€佽В鐑瘨銆佸仴鑳冪瓑澶氱鐢ㄩ€斻€傚鏁峰垯鍙皢鍏剁爺纾ㄦ垚鏈紝娑傚湪鐨偆涓婏紝鍙不鐤楅潰閮ㄩ粦鏂戙€佺棨鐤€佺毝榧伙紝澶撮潰娓搁锛岃姳鏂戠櫍绛夈€傝惀鍏诲璁や负锛岀孩璞嗗惈鏈夎緝澶氱殑鐨傝鐢欙紝鍙埡婵€鑲犻亾锛屽洜姝ゅ畠鏈夎壇濂界殑鍒╁翱浣滅敤锛岃兘瑙i厭銆佽В姣掞紝瀵瑰績鑴忕梾鍜岃偩鐥呫€佹按鑲挎湁鐩娿€傚彟澶栵紝绾㈣眴鐨腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勮喅椋熺氦缁达紝杩涢绾㈣眴鏃朵笉瑕佸幓鐨紝鍙幏寰楄緝澶氱殑鑶抽绾ょ淮锛岃繘鑰岃捣鍒版鼎鑲犻€氫究銆侀檷琛€鍘嬨€侀檷琛€鑴傘€佽皟鑺傝绯栥€佽В姣掓姉鐧屻€侀闃茬粨鐭炽€佸仴缇庡噺鑲ョ殑浣滅敤銆傜孩璞嗚繕鏄瘜鍚彾閰哥殑椋熺墿锛屼骇濡囥€佷钩姣嶅鍚冪孩灏忚眴鏈夊偓涔崇殑鍔熸晥銆?

[Do you want to put bread in the refrigerator]_How to save_How to save

銆 愰 擖 哖 呰 呰 咺 咺 占 凧 銆 銆 撱 璱 璝 箞 Qi 擨 _ 濡 綍 淇 濆 瓨
The world economy, the world economy, the world, the world, the world, the economy, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the economy, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, and the world, the economy, the world, and the world.I ‘m going to say that I ‘m going to go all over the place. I ‘m arguing about it, and I ‘m arguing, arguing, arguing, arrogant, arrogant, sorrowful, confusingMastiff?鎽勬皬搴︿互涓嬶紝杩欐牱瀵逛簬瀛樻斁涓€浜涚墿璐ㄦ潵璇村氨鑳藉寤堕暱椋熺墿鐨勪繚璐ㄦ湡锛岃繕鍙互鍒嗕负鍐峰喕鍜屽喎钘忎袱涓偍瀛樹綅缃紝閭d箞闈㈠寘鍙互鏀惧湪鍐扮閲屽悧?闈㈠寘鍚冧笉瀹屽彲浠ユ斁鍐扮閲岀殑銆傛妸闈㈠寘鍐峰喕璧锋潵鏄繚瀛樼編鍛抽潰鍖呯殑鏈€濂芥柟娉曘€傛瘮璧风洿鎺ユ妸闈㈠寘鏀惧湪閭i噷锛屾妸闈㈠寘鏀惧埌鍐峰喕瀹ゆ渶鑳戒繚鎸佸畠鐨勭編鍛炽€傚喎鍐婚潰鍖呮瘮鍦ㄥ父娓╀笅淇濆瓨鐨勯潰鍖呮洿缇庡懗銆傚簲璇ユ敞鎰忕殑鏄紝鎶婇潰鍖呭偍瀛樺湪鍐扮鍐疯棌瀹ら噷锛岃繖鏍蜂細寰堝鏄撲娇闈㈠寘澶卞幓姘村垎锛屼娇闈㈠寘寰堥毦鍚炲捊锛屽け鍘讳簡闈㈠寘鐨勬澗杞彲鍙g殑鍛抽亾銆傚鏋滅洿鎺ユ斁鍦ㄥ啺绠辩殑鍐峰喕瀹ら噷閲岋紝鍦ㄩ潪甯镐綆鐨勬俯搴︿笅锛岄潰鍖呭湪鏈€鐭殑鏃堕棿鍐呯洿鎺ョ粨鍐帮紝闃叉姘村垎娴佸け锛岀浜屽ぉ鍔犵儹鍚庝細鏇寸編鍛炽€傚悆鐨勬椂鍊欏皢闈㈠寘浠庡喎鍐绘煖鍙栧嚭锛屾斁鍦ㄥ娓╄В鍐诲崐灏忔椂宸﹀彸灏辫兘鍚冧簡銆備篃鍙互鎷垮幓钂镐竴钂告垨鐑樹竴鐑橈紝灏辫兘鍚冨埌鏉捐蒋鐨勯潰鍖呬簡銆備笌鍏朵粬椋熺墿涓嶅悓鐨勬槸锛屼粠鍐峰喕瀹ゅ彇鍑虹殑闈㈠寘鑻ュ悆涓嶅畬锛岃繕鍙互閲嶆柊鏀惧叆鍐峰喕鏌滆繘琛屼繚椴溿€傝繖鏍蜂竴鏉ワ紝闈㈠寘灏卞彲鎸佷箙淇濋矞锛屽ぉ澶╀篃鍙互鍚冨埌鏉捐蒋鐨勯潰鍖呬簡銆傞潰鍖呭彛鎰熻緝鈥滅矖鈥濄€佸惈鏈夊ぇ閲忚喅椋熺氦缁寸殑鍏ㄩ害闈㈠寘鏄笉閿欑殑閫夋嫨锛屾绫婚潰鍖呮棦鏈夊姪浜庨檷浣庤鑴傦紝鍙堣兘閫氫究銆傜壒鍒綋浣犳妸闈㈠寘浣滀负鏃╅涓殑涓€鍛樻椂锛屾洿瑕佹敞鎰忓ソ鐨勭‖鐨勯潰鍖呭浜庤韩浣撳仴搴风殑閲嶈鎬с€?

[How to make biscuits]_The common practice of hoops biscuits _The practice of hoops biscuits _How to make hoops biscuits

[How to make biscuits]_The common practice of hoops biscuits _The practice of hoops biscuits _How to make hoops biscuits

No matter when you are in good health or when you are suffering from a disease, diet can be said to be very important. A reasonable diet can promote health, and you can also use diet to help treat diseases.To promote good health.

1, the required materials are weighed for future use?
2. Sift the powdered sugar into the dough and stir well?
3. Pour the egg mixture and stir well?
4. (Electric whisk is recommended for this step) 5. Sift in low-gluten flour and knead it into a smooth dough?
6. Two or two servings of dough on average?
7. Sift the matcha powder and red yeast rice powder separately?
8. Grab and make two doughs?
9, take two fresh-keeping bags, put matcha dough and red yeast rice dough separately, use a rolling pin to roll into two double beds of the same size, refrigerate for 20 minutes?
10, (don’t worry during the rolling process) 11, two sides of cold storage, cut one side of the two fresh-keeping bags separately?
12, taking advantage of the hardness of the freshly refrigerated pasta, quickly cut the red and green pasta apart from each other in the fresh-keeping bag and fall together?
13, the red and green patches falling together rolled up from the bottom up?
14. (This step should be noted that the other two sides of the cling film should not be torn off, the cling film is not sticky, it is easy to operate, and the movement during the roll should be eased.Pull it out, don’t roll the cling film into the surface) 15. Roll the biscuit roll, wrap it with cling film, and freeze in the refrigerator for 1 hour?
16, frozen biscuit rolls, cut into thin and uniform cookies with a knife?
17. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 180 ° C, line the baking sheet with oiled paper, arrange the cookies neatly, and bake for 20 minutes at 180 ° C.
18, (the biscuits have been baked in 15 minutes, but personally it feels a little longer, the taste is better) 19, 0 minutes?
What a beautiful roll?
The taste is also excellent. Cooking is a big thing. Housewives may not enjoy the cooking process. During the cooking process of biscuits, you can find the joy of cooking. When you have a break, you canBeing able to make delicious dishes is a gospel for beginners.

Shangfeng Cement (000672) Company’s In-depth Research Report

Shangfeng Cement (000672) Company’s In-depth Research Report

The Yangtze River Delta market is highly sustainable.

We believe that due to the acceleration of the infrastructure in the Yangtze River Delta and the actual demand forecast under the trend of population net change, the local cement demand will remain good and the concentration in the Yangtze River Delta region will be high (CR5: 74%).It is a certain distance from the 13th Five-Year Plan to achieve the target. We believe that the local environmental protection and production restrictions will still be strict, so that the supply side will remain good at the same time, the industry’s high prosperity is sustainable, and the company will benefit from its core production capacity in the Yangtze River Delta.

It is just the time to dig deep into East China and expand northwest.

The company is the third largest company in the Yangtze River region. It has succeeded in duplicating Conch Cement’s “T-type strategy” by taking advantage of Dongfeng of the Yangtze River Golden Waterway.

In 2015/2019, the company has successively entered Xinjiang through acquisitions, and Ningxia region. Xinjiang’s production capacity has turned losses into profits through refined management. It is expected that the supply and demand pattern in Ningxia region will continue to improve, and we believe that the company’s expansion will coincide with the time.

Industry chain expansion opens up room for growth.

Published a three-year plan to significantly expand the co-processing business of aggregates and cement kilns.

Due to 1) the gradual emergence of barriers to mining resources, 2) a large gap in hazardous waste disposal, and the co-processing of cement kilns, it has a wide 杭州夜网论坛 range of applications, and has lower cost and less secondary pollution compared to traditional harmless disposal methods. We believe that aggregates and cementIn the collaborative treatment of furnaces, the high prosperity will gradually be maintained, providing new growth momentum for the company.

Investment Advice.

The company is expected to have a net profit of 21 in 2019-2021.



950,000 yuan, an increase of 45 years.

6% / 3.

7% / 7.

7%, giving the company an average estimated target price based on the comparable company’s P / E ratio and the two EV / EBITDA estimation methods.

At 08 yuan, the current index rate is 4% and there is room for improvement in the dividend payout ratio. For the first time, it has been assigned a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder Real estate forecast is more severe 西安耍耍网 than expected, and systemic risk.

Texhong (002419) 2018 Annual Results Express Review: Real Estate Impact, Future Industry Model Innovation, Store Expansion Continued

Texhong (002419) 2018 Annual Results Express Review: Real Estate Impact, Future Industry Model Innovation, Store Expansion Continued

This report reads: Revenue growth is slightly faster than expected. It is expected that the margins will improve in Q1 2019, store expansion, business expansion will bring growth, obvious operating advantages, and incentive mechanisms to help development.

Investment Highlights: Maintain Overweight rating.

According to the performance report, the EPS for 2018 is reduced to 0.

75 (-0.

03), maintaining EPS 0 for 2019-2020.

89, 1.

07 yuan, maintaining a target price of 15.

13 yuan.

Land impact, income growth was slightly lower than expected.

The company achieved revenue of 191 in 2018.

38 trillion, ten years +3.

25%; net profit attributable to mother 9.

0 ppm, +25 a year.

92%; EPS 0.

75 yuan.

Q4 single quarter revenue was -5% to 53 trillion, and net profit attributable to the parent was + 2% to 2.

3 billion.

Excluding the impact of real estate, 2018 revenue is +4 per year.

45% / profit maximum budget +30.

58%, single-quarter revenue in the fourth quarter was two years -0.

64% / total profit + 24%.

Store expansion will continue in 2019 to maintain growth.

The growth rate forecast for Q4 is expected to be mainly merged to a relatively high Q4 base in 2017, replacing the main effect of the warm winter effect in South China. 青岛夜网 The same store in Q1 2019 will help stabilize.

We will continue to expand stores in 2019. It is expected that we will maintain 8-10 large stores and 30+ supermarkets. The number of large and small stores has reached 20+, which will increase the success rate of opening stores, and continue to promote the goal of reducing losses for large stores.

Three strategies of experiential, digital and supply chain practice new retail development.

Texhong is positioned as a “life center for enjoying happy hours”. Stores experience upgrades to increase customer flow and repurchase. At present, the experiential format accounted for 40%. The one store, one strategy operation idea effectively grasps the customer demand for customized consumptionIn January 2019, the first retail + catering format “Hongshihuihui” was launched to meet the demand for consumption upgrades, thus planning to land 20+ homes.

Continue to digitize products and users, digitize more than 16 million members, and deepen the empowerment of middle and back offices to improve operational efficiency.

The optimization of supply chain has been strengthened, international procurement has been increased, and private brands and direct production sites have increased gross margins in proportion.

Risk warning: economic fluctuations affect consumption, and industry competition is intensifying.

CSSC Technology (600072): Net profit attributable to mothers increases by 115 per year.

09% CSC’s high-tech listed platform can expect future capital operation

CSSC Technology (600072): Net profit attributable to mothers increases by 115 per year.

09% CSC’s high-tech listed platform can expect future capital operation

Event: The company released the 2018 annual report, and realized operating income from the beginning to the end of the reporting period32.

64 ppm, a reduction of 23 per year.

44%, achieved net profit attributable to mother 0.

65 ppm, an increase of 115 per year.

09%, basically speaking, the return is 0.

089 yuan / share, expected average return on net assets is 1.


Net profit attributable to mother increased by 115.

09%, affected by the CSSC Ninth Academy and asset restructuring, revenue declined.

From the beginning to the end of the reporting period, operating income was realized.

64 ppm, a reduction of 23 per year.

44%. The decrease in operating income for the current period was primarily due to (1) the decrease in revenue of the subsidiary China Shipyard No. 9 Hospital for the current period, which was affected by factors such as changes in operating models and delays in demolition, resulting in a decrease in revenue from land consolidation business by 6 compared with the same period of the previous year.

42 trillion; (2) The company completed a major asset reorganization in 2016, and the business structure changed. The parent company has stopped undertaking the reorganization business in 2017. Most of the unfinished projects left over from previous years were completed last year, resulting in revenue from the ship accessories business.Decrease by 4 compared with the same period of last year.

6.1 billion.

Realize net profit attributable to mother 0.

65 ppm, an increase of 115 per year.

09%, mainly due to the transfer of 21% equity of Xuzhou CSSC Sunshine Investment Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, to realize investment income, affecting about 138 million yuan; replacement of non-recurring attributable to shareholders of listed companiesNet profit from profit or loss is -0.

US $ 7.8 billion, the largest decline in a year, mainly due to the increase in research and development expenses of the subsidiary China Shipbuilding Institute, and its investment income from joint ventures and joint ventures decreased.

Gross profit margin dropped slightly, research and development investment increased steadily and long-term development, and inter-temporal legacy projects were basically completed.

Gross profit margin in 2018 was 10.

07%, the income of land consolidation service products decreased by 86 per year.

37%, gross margin rose 48.

24% is basically due to the impact of discounted cash, which buffered the decline in income for the period, resulting in a decrease in revenue for the period less than a decrease in costs.

Gross profit margin of ship accessories decreased by 34.

80%, initially due to the overall external environment of the ship market and other downturns, revenue decreased.

R & D income grows 28 per year.

47%, supporting the company’s long-term development; management costs increase by 15 every year.

28%, which represents the increase in employee compensation and consulting fees for the current period of the subsidiary of China Shipyard No. 9; the increase in accounts receivable increased.

30%, notes receivable increased by 273 in ten years.

92%, due to the increase in the settlement of the project of the subsidiary of China Shipyard No. 9 in the current period; the advance payment increased by 11 multiple times.

10%, the increase in prepayment for the current period of the subsidiary of China Shipyard No. 9 Institute.

The report summarizes that the company has worked hard to promote the settlement of intertemporal inventory projects and the activation of existing assets. In the report, a total of 52 intertemporal retained projects were completed, and the total project receipts were approximately 1.

At the end of the reporting period, most of the company’s original legacy projects have been completed.

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation’s high-tech and new industry listing platform, asset injection is advancing, optimistic about the company’s platform value.

In 2018, the company focused on the layout of marine engineering equipment and military high-tech equipment industry, and is committed to fully building a diversified platform management company for the high-tech and new industries of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, forming an industry management platform with a certain scale.
The company issued the title of reorganization plan on March 19, 2019. It plans to issue shares to buy 100% equity of Haiying Group and Zhongcheng Equipment’s 80% equity to lay out high-tech and military-civilian integration new industries.Haiying Group is China’s first hydroacoustic equipment manufacturing enterprise. At present, it has formed a scientific research and production system with hydroacoustic equipment, marine electronics, medical electronics, electromechanical equipment and other businesses as its main business. The main business of Zhongcheng Equipment includes lifting cranes.Equipment installation and maintenance engineering, garden engineering, steel structure engineering, construction equipment leasing, construction equipment installation and maintenance, large underground boring equipment rental, large underground boring equipment installation and maintenance, etc.

The asset injection is in line with the development mission of the listed company and forms a double synergy with the listed company’s restructuring of its main business in strategic positioning, resources, technology, channels and management.

We believe that the company will fully benefit from the double dividend of state-owned enterprise reform, military securitization and asset injection of the military industry group, and is optimistic about the company’s platform value.

CSR’s core capital has been fully integrated, and the expected growth of the merger of North and South Ships is optimistic that the asset restructuring and spillover effects of the shipbuilding industry will bring performance growth points to the company.

After the large-scale asset reorganization and adjustment of CSR Group, the listing platforms are basically divided according to business segments, and their respective asset positioning is more clear, which also promotes the possibility of future asset movements.

The 2019 meeting of central government officials also pointed out that restructuring and adjustment in the high-end manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries is expected.

We believe that the reorganization and integration of CSC and BSC will help to form a joint force and clear the production capacity.

Since 2007, the rapid growth of international shipping trade and the excessive expansion of the fleet have led to a continuous surplus of market capacity, which has hindered the growth of the shipbuilding industry.

Due to the weakening of the recovery momentum of the world economy and the development market, and the deep adjustment of the new ship market, deep-seated problems such as difficulty in financing, difficulty in making profits, and difficulty in receiving orders have led to the recovery of the shipbuilding industry, but it is also slowly improving.The three major shipbuilding indicators have kept ahead, the strength of backbone shipbuilding companies has continued to increase, the excess capacity has been effectively reduced, the ship repair industry is operating well, new offshore engineering equipment is developing rapidly, and the R & D of shipbuilding products has continuously achieved new breakthroughs.

The shipbuilding industry is at the inflection point of historical development. We are optimistic about the long-term development of the industry.

Investment suggestion: We predict that the company will realize operating income in 2019-2021.



2.4 billion, net profit attributable to mother 0.



98 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.



13 yuan.

At the same time, the company is optimistic about the value of the company as a high-tech + new industry development platform, and given an “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: Group asset securitization 都市夜网 is less than expected; the reform of scientific research institutes is less than expected; the company’s business development is less than expected.

Loofah medicated diet-summer skin rejuvenation

Loofah medicated diet-summer skin rejuvenation

The loofah is green and tender, crisp and sweet, and it is a good dish for clearing heat and purging fires, cooling blood and detoxifying in summer.
Loofah is not only rich in nutrition, but also has certain medicinal value.
According to Gao Guangyan, director of Wuhan Guangyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Clinic, loofah is rich in nutrients and contains interferon inducers, which can stimulate the human body to produce interferons and achieve antiviral and anti-cancer purposes.
Generally speaking, eating loofah is better in terms of taste, nutrition and healing effects.
Luffa has a cold and sweet taste, and has the effects of relieving heat and intestines, removing wind and phlegm, cooling blood and detoxifying, activating collaterals, activating qi and dissipating blood stasis. It can also treat blood in the stool and help the mother to lactate.Smooth bowel diarrhea, people with chronic illness, weak spleen and stomach, and indigestion are better off eating less.
Loofah is also a rare natural beauty agent for removing freckles, whitening and removing wrinkles.
Long-term consumption or wiping face with loofah liquid can also make human skin smooth and delicate, with anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory, preventing and eliminating acne and melanin deposits.
The freckle action in the kitchen-if the little freckles on the face of Girls’ Generation are still cute signs, then for mature women, those spots are the enemy of beauty!
Come, do it now and let the blemishes on your face disappear in the kitchen.
Here are several ways to eat and treat loofah: 1. Green and white loofah: Stir-fried ginger with silk, pour the loofah and stir-fry, add green pepper and a little garlic, wait until the loofah is fully cooked, and then add the lily to boil slightly.
2, ice muscle jade bone: peel the loofah, wash, cut into 1.
For a 5 cm segment, steam the loofah for 7 minutes under intense heat, pour out the juice, add oil to the pan, and sauté the garlic, pour the loofah, and add a little soy sauce and sesame oil.
3. Wash and slice the fresh loofah, wrap the squeezed juice with gauze, add equal amounts of medicinal alcohol and honey, mix well, and use a cotton ball to dip the face and arms when using, and wash with water after 20 minutes.
Apply it once a night for one month to reduce wrinkles and make skin smooth and elastic.
4. Loofah leaf decoction bath: Taking a bath with fresh loofah leaf decoction can cleanse the skin, remove wrinkles, clear the heat and detoxify, and prevent and control gardenia.
5, sores, swelling and poison: take a tender loofah, smashed topical.

Perfect Transformation of Belly Dance Queen

Perfect Transformation of Belly Dance Queen

Belly dance has a long history, and the history of yoga originating in India is equally long.

In recent years, these two dances are expected to become popular in China immediately.

LILY is a well-known belly dance and yoga instructor in our city. People in the circle call her “belly dance queen”, and she incorporates yoga into dance. This novel and unique teaching method is even more praised.

  LILY Information English: LILY Information Name: Li Hong Height: 168 cm Weight: 48 kg Education: University Major: English for Foreign Trade (Accounting Qualification Certificate) Hobbies: Dance, Singing, Music Perspective: Yoga is a lifestyle, dance isAn elegant artistic yoga helps her to repair her pain. LILY is 168 cm tall and weighs 48 kg. She is a woman with a nearly perfect appearance and figure. She walks on the street with a beautiful and youthful appearance.

Lily said, “All of this comes from yoga and belly dancing.

Lily practices yoga because of a sudden car accident.

  In 2002, LILY, who had graduated from college, came to Zhongshan to do financial work in a foreign company.

One night she had a supper on a friend’s motorcycle.

Suddenly a car approached and knocked them to the ground.

After the accident, LILY was hospitalized for half a month for treatment.

Although his life was unimpeded, a muscle in his calf was recessed and he lost consciousness.

Since then, whenever it rains, it is unbearable for the calf to fall asleep.

Going to the hospital for consultation, the doctor said that this damaged muscle cannot be repaired for the time being.

  In order to reduce the pain, LILY started searching the Internet for a cure.

After seeing that yoga can cure some incurable diseases on the Internet, she bought back a lot of yoga books and practiced by herself. After half a year, the muscles recessed in the calf were magically repaired and no longer hurt.

  The magical charm of yoga deeply attracted LILY, and she finally decided to make yoga her lifelong choice.

  After the Spring Festival in 2003, LILY left Zhongshan and came to Guangzhou. She attended a yoga club.

A year later, LILY graduated and obtained a senior yoga qualification.

Then, she started a life she had never planned before, a new life full of challenges and passion: a yoga instructor.

  Lily, the devil training that gave birth to the “Belly Dance Queen” as a yoga instructor, began her emotional life. Her first stop was in Wuhan, the city where she was born.

Then, she started her own poetic life in tourism. She went to teach in Xiangfan, Handan, Qinhuangdao, Wenzhou and other places. She could enjoy this blunt life . One day in 2005, LILY came to Beijing and metIt was the belly dance instructor Wen Kexin who swept the country at that time.

She said to Wen Kexin, “I want to learn this kind of dance. I want to learn from you.

“For the next six months, she got up at 7am every morning and began to practice belly dance. She took a break during lunch at noon and then practiced. She could stop at 10pm at night.

She feels that no dance will show body language as fully as belly dance, and no dance will make women’s charm as extreme as belly dance.

Belly dance is a woman’s dance.

At the end of this year, she obtained the senior qualification certificate for belly dancing.

She said that dance changed her life state and concept, let her know that what she wants is a certain kind of life.

  In May 2007, LILY resigned from a senior bodybuilding club in Beijing and came to Zhongshan.

  This is the first time she has returned to Zhongshan since leaving Zhongshan in 2003.

She has never forgotten Zhongshan, such a comfortable environment, pleasant sunshine, and a leisurely life, let her dreams.

She says that is what she is after.

  Now, Lily is a yoga and belly dance instructor in the morning fitness club on the upper floor of Xinduhui, Daxin. She has three sessions per week for three hours. In addition, she also teaches belly dance at Olimei Fitness Center in the North District.Week is the same three-hour course.

LILY said that people in this profession are part-time.

  There are six hours of classes a week, and the rest of the time is entirely his own.

LILY is unwilling to talk about his specific income, only that it will never be lower than the salary of an office white-collar worker.

She said that in her own time, she was shopping, reading, shopping, and traveling. She felt that she was the master of her time, the master of her life, and she lived for herself. She felt that her life had never been so exciting.

  This blunt life is exactly the life that those who indulge in cumbersome tasks, tired of food, clothing and food are most eager to get.

  LILY said that she likes Zhongshan, and maybe she will always live in Zhongshan in the future and never leave.