The IAAF re-supports the IOC decision to focus on 4 things

The IAAF re-supports the IOC decision to focus on 4 things
The IAAF official website announced an open letter from Sebastian Ke to the athletics community.IAAF official website screenshot On March 28, the IAAF official website released some open letters from the IAAF President Sebastian Ke to the track and field community. Sebastian Ke renewed the support of the IAAF in support of IOCThe Tokyo Olympics decided to answer questions about the focus of attention of various countries and regions, such as track and field associations, global athletes, and partners.IAAF President Sebastian Ke said, “Our team at the headquarters in Monaco is still working to ensure the normal operation of the operations. Athletic associations in 214 countries and regions are doing everything they can to solve the problems at hand. ManyAthletes keep training in their homes, and I have never been proud of them like I am now.Talking about the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese government announced the decision to change the Tokyo Olympics to 2021. Sebastian Co. believes that this is the result expected by athletes, and also allows technical officials, volunteers and various types ofThe staff has a chance to breathe, “We do not yet know the specific date of the Tokyo Olympics. Once the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government make a decision, we will consider the impact on the track and field events. Please allow us to spend some time to resolve the category.Sebastian Co. expressed his hope that the world track and field family will focus on four things temporarily.First of all, let the athletes re-enter the competition as soon as possible while ensuring safety, and secondly, speed up the review and adjustment of the existing Olympic qualification system, and gradually, rearrange the global competition calendar, and continue to develop and grow competitive sports.A few days ago, the IAAF promised in a statement on March 25 that it would do everything in its power to ensure a perfect 2020 season. As long as athletes are capable and able to guarantee safety, they can participate in every game. Of course thisThis means that the high-rise stadium in 2020 will start later than in previous years, and the end date will be pushed back accordingly.Sebastian Coe once again said that the IAAF is confident to cooperate with the organizing committees of championships, tours, diamond leagues and marathons around the world to create all favorable conditions for athletes.Regarding the Olympic qualification issues that athletes are generally concerned about, the International Olympic Committee confirmed yesterday that it will retain all the Olympic qualifications that have been obtained, and the IAAF has also confirmed this policy.Sebastian Ke said, “All athletes who have reached the standard of democracy are eligible to participate in the Tokyo Olympics next year. At present, track and field events have generated about 50% of the places.In view of the fact that many games have been improved, we will formulate a clear and fair rule for other athletes and re-release it as soon as possible.”In Sebastian Co’s view, this new coronary pneumonia outbreak will have a long-term impact on global sports events, and even for the next two years,” we will work to rearrange the global calendar for 2021 and 2022.Since February this year, we have been doing this work, hoping to provide athletes with the expected events worldwide.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread Liu Jun

[Mushroom and Ham Pizza Method]_Mushroom and Ham Pizza Family Practice_Mushroom and Ham Pizza Practice_Mushroom and Ham Pizza How to Make

銆 曰 困 囩 囩 幩 幩 园 咭 园 咭 咀 ㄧ 殑 锅 氭 銆 汣 汣 連 咄 姫 冫 冫 冫 冫 冫 冫 冂 咂咂 倂 倂 倂 倫倫 劂 劂 劂 劂 劂 劂 劂 劂 咂╛Luan Luan  吙 鎶  惃 樃 庝 箞 锅?
浣滀负涓€鍚嶈祫娣卞悆璐э紝姣忓綋鐪嬪埌鍒汉鑷繁涓変笅浜旈櫎浜岀殑灏辨暣鍑轰竴閬撳ソ鑿滐紝浣犺偗瀹氬鍙楁墦鍑汇€傚皬缂栫幇鍦ㄧ粰澶у浠嬬粛涓€閬撻鑿囩伀鑵挎姭钀ㄧ殑鍋氭硶锛屼綘璁ょ湡鐪嬪畬浠ュ悗鍐冲畾浼氭湁寰堝ぇ鐨勬敹鑾?.1棣欒弴2涓垏鐗囷紱瑗垮叞鑺便€佺帀绫炽€侀潚璞嗘礂鍑€锛岀劘鐔燂紱鐏吙鑲犲垏鐗囨垨涓侊紱2.2 鄴 愬 Fan reading details 8 倵 告 姭 钀?寮犮€傜儰鐩橈細8瀵告姭钀ㄥ渾鐩樸€?.1 嗏 嗘 ﹦ 姒 勬 裠 許 屽 皢 闱 ㈠ 揟 鏆 揆 揆 岀 户 缁  拰 旱?0 闒 嗛 抓 銆?.2姘淬€佺硸銆佺洂銆侀珮绮夈€侀叺姣嶆斁鍏ユ悈鎷屾《涓紝鍜岄潰20鍒嗛挓锛屾垚鍏夋粦闈㈠洟銆?.12鍜屽ソ鐨勯潰鍥㈡斁娓╂殩婀挎鼎澶勫彂閰点€?.21 Tweezers?鍊嶅ぇ灏忋€?.1 Are you afraid of walking around, Jian Yigui,  惃 郃 鐩 树 腑 銆?。2 What’s the matter? What’s the matter? How about the monkeys? What are you talking about?5鍒嗛挓銆傚皢闈㈠洟鍘嬪钩锛屾搥鎴愬渾楗笺€?.揗 肩 毊 琛 ㄩ 鎶 鎶 逴 側 偸 傸 旸 徯 徯 睿 銆?0.娲掍笂椹嫃閲屾媺濂堕叒涓濄€?1.鐮佷笂棣欒弴鐗囥€?2.鐮佷笂鐏吙鐗囥€?3.What’s the matter? Lou Lou, 噞 噞 噷 噷 夷夷 ザ 閰  笣 銆?4.鍏 ラ  鐑?00 搴 ︾ 殑 鐑 ょ : 銼 腑 灦 凴 纴 璴 璼 煅 鐏  纴 10 鍒 嗛 抓 銆 Effective  槸 鐑?0 闒 嗛 撓 庖 庣 教 峰 瓙 銆?5,浠庣儰绠变腑鍙栧嚭鎶惃鐩橈紝灏嗚敩鑿滅爜鍦ㄨ〃闈€?6.What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter with you? What’s the matter? What’s the matter?7 鍏 ラ  鐑?00搴︾殑鐑ょ锛屼腑灞傦紝涓婁笅鐏紝5鍒嗛挓銆傚浜虹殑鍋ュ悍鏄富濡囦滑鏈€澶х殑蹇冩効锛岄偅涔堬紝閫氳繃灏忕紪浠婂ぉ浠嬬粛鐨勮繖閬撳仴搴风編鍛崇殑棣欒弴鐏吙鎶惃锛屽勾鏄笉鏄篃鎯冲瀛﹀憿锛熻刀蹇负瀹朵汉鍘诲幓鍔ㄦ墜鍋氫竴鍋氥€?

[Knife speed]_ practices _ nutritional value

[Knife speed]_ practices _ nutritional value

Sword noodle is a kind of traditional pasta. It first appeared in Shanxi area, especially in Shanxi Datong.

There are also many methods for cutting noodles. Simply speaking, the variables of cutting noodles are not particularly high. Other auxiliary materials, sometimes meat, often cause the conversion of cutting noodles to be relatively high, but in general, the nutritional value of cutting noodles isIt is more balanced and generally does not cause weight gain problems.

Shanxi is the hometown of noodles. There are many types of noodles. Among them, Datong’s knifed noodles in Shanxi are most famous. They can be described as the “king of noodles”. It has the characteristics of internal and external gluten, soft and smooth, and easy to digest.Henan braised noodles, Hubei hot noodles, and Sichuan dandan noodles are known as China’s top five pasta dishes.

Knife-cooked noodles are a favorite pasta of the Shanxi people for their unique flavors, which are well-known both at home and abroad.

The noodles are all named after knives.

The noodles cut with a knife are thin with medium thick edges.

It has sharp edges and is shaped like a willow leaf. The entrance is smooth with internal tendons, soft but not sticky, and the more chewing, the more fragrant. Those who like to eat pasta are welcome to use the seasoning knife to cut the noodles (commonly known as “topping” or “blending”).There are tomato sauce, meat sauce, mutton soup, golden needle fungus eggs, etc., and with fresh vegetables such as shredded cucumber, chives, green bean sprouts, boiled soybeans, minced garlic, pepper noodles, etc.Old vinegar, very delicious.

Nutritional value of wheat flour: flour intake of protein, starch, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, has the effect of nourishing the heart and kidneys, strengthening the spleen and thickening the intestines, eliminating heat and thirst, treating irritability and annoyanceHeat, thirst, diarrhea, bloating, trauma, bleeding and burns.

Pork (lean): Pork is rich in high-quality protein and essential fatty acids, and provides heme (organic iron) and cysteine that promotes iron absorption, which can improve iron deficiency anemia; has kidney and blood, nourish yin and moisturizeCompared with other parts of pork, pork essence is rich in high-quality protein, trace amounts, and cholesterol content, which is generally consumed by the general population.

Fatty meat: Fatty meat contains a variety of vitamins, which can provide very high levels, and contains protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin A, calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium and other nutrients; but cholesterol in fat porkAdults are very high, so they should not eat more, and too many people and people with high blood lipids are not suitable to eat.

[Does pizza have high fatness?

]_Getting Fat_Impact

[Does pizza have high fatness?

]_Getting Fat_Impact

Pizza is a very popular type of food. The Chinese like to call it pizza, which is a food introduced from Italy. There are many types of popular pizzas in China. You can have assorted pizzas, egg yolk shrimp pizzas,Garlic pizza, etc., it is easy to recognize. Different types of pizza taste differently and contain different nutrients. Will regular eating pizza cause weight gain?

Does pizza perform well when you gain weight?

The content of auntie pizza is not too high, but the overall content is relatively high.

Quantum: 235 kcal / 100 grams.

Nutrition facts: 27 grams of carbonic acid, aunt 6.

8 grams, protein 16.

5 grams.

Eating too much will make you fat.

The conversion of rice is 116 kcal / 100 grams. The conversion of pizza is more than twice that of rice, which is not a low-transfer food. Therefore, eating more is risk of gaining weight.

How much pizza to eat in a day is not to gain weight. It is necessary to ensure that the total conversion to be overcome does not exceed the conversion of basal metabolic consumption. The basal metabolism of ordinary people is converted to about 1500 calories. If you only eat pizza a day, it does not exceed 600 gramsJust fine.

However, it is generally not possible to eat pizza all day, so in order to avoid getting fat, do not eat more than 200 grams of pizza a day, and it is best to choose to eat at noon, this will give the stomach and stomach enough time to digest.

The disadvantages of eating pizza Nowadays, many fast food chains sell pizzas that use preservatives, cheap artificial dung, canned fruits that are not nutritious, long-term frozen meat, and a lot of salt . These pizzas have very high sodium and sodium content.The nutritional value is not worth mentioning.

So I suggest everyone to choose pizza Sam pay attention to screening quality.

Eating too much at one time can easily lead to weight gain, because the change of party competition is very high.

Is a series of pizza tall? Will it get fat? Eat pizza like this without getting fat. Pizza Hut has 2 types of pizza1.

Edged (rounded, soft in the middle, hard on both sides) 2.

Knives and forks are the most standard without edges (that is, the type of biscuit, hard, and disliked), but they are a bit outstanding. If they are not skilled, they will be more troublesome. I personally think that manual is the best.

China Power Construction (601669): Annual performance surpasses expected strong growth in power investment operations

China Power Construction (601669): Annual performance surpasses expected strong growth in power investment operations

Net profit attributable to mother in 2018 was lower than expected China Power Construction announced its 2018 results: operating income of 2,946.

800 million, an increase of 10 in ten years.

7%; net profit attributable to mother 77.

0 million yuan, an increase of 3 in ten years.

8%; 18Q4 operating income was 992.

20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 24.

1%, net profit attributable to mother 16.

4 ‰, a decrease of 2 per year.

9%; due to increased earnings attributable to minority shareholders, net profit attributable to mothers was lower than our expectation.

The company’s highest gross profit margin increased up to 0.

7ppt, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of high 苏州桑拿网 gross margin power investment and operating business revenue; financial expense ratio decreased by 0.

4ppt, mainly due to increased interest income and net exchange gains; asset impairment losses increased by 136%, mainly due to increased bad debt losses; and the company’s net interest rate increased by 0.

4ppt to 3.

4%, and affected by the increase in profit and loss of minority shareholders, the net interest rate attributable to mothers decreased by 0.

2ppt to 2.


The decrease in the company’s net operating cash inflow in 2018 increased by 135 trillion to US $ 19.2 billion, mainly due to the company’s strengthening of cash management, receivable turnover accelerated, and payable turnover cash.

Net interest income from investment cash decreased by at least 78 trillion to 56 billion U.S. dollars, mainly due to the recovery of trust financing investment and investment expenditure rhythm.

Development Trends Power investment and operations have grown strongly.

In 2018, the company’s power investment and operating income increased by 46% each year, mainly due to the increase in installed installed capacity (gradual installed capacity growth).

8% to 1,348.

50 thousand kilowatts) and growth in power generation.

At the end of 2018, the company’s holding installed capacity under construction reached 2.1 million kilowatts (equivalent to 16% of the installed installed capacity of the holding company), which provided support for the future growth of power investment and operating income.

Infrastructure business continued to expand.

In 2018, the company’s infrastructure construction revenue increased by 12% annually, and the growth rate improved due to the impact of domestic infrastructure investment.

In 2018, the company newly signed 2,098 infrastructure non-investment financing business contracts.

$ 800 million, a 47% increase previously.

We expect the recovery in domestic infrastructure investment in 2019 is expected to drive the company’s infrastructure business revenue to accelerate growth.

Profit forecast Due to the reduction of the company’s planned investment in 2019, we expect that the progress of investment and financing engineering projects will be further improved, and the 2019e net profit forecast is reduced by 10% to 81.

800 million, 2020e net profit forecast 88.

0 million yuan (+7.


It is estimated and recommended that the company can currently sustain October 19th.

2x P / E.

We maintain our neutral rating and lower our target price by 23% to 5.

33 yuan, corresponding to October 19.

0 times P / E, 2% below current price.

The power generation volume of the venture-holding power plant was less than expected, and the construction progress of infrastructure projects was less 北京桑拿会所 than expected.

The net inflow of funds from Beijing to the north during the month exceeds 70 billion yuan, and the banking and electronics industries are favored

The net inflow of funds from Beijing to the north during the month exceeds 70 billion yuan, and the banking and electronics industries are favored

■ Reporter Ren Xiaoyu Since September, the three major A-share stock indexes have shown a trend of shock and rebound. The market’s trading activity has gradually picked up. The market sentiment has been too positive. The capital of Northbound has continued to flow into A-share sweeping stock.On the 5th (September 20), the Shanghai Index returned to 3000 points to achieve the third consecutive Yang Yang.

It is worth mentioning that the simultaneous expansion of A-share factors by FTSE Russell and S & P Dow Jones will officially take effect when the market opens on September 23.

According to the previous plan, after the implementation of the second step divided by the A-share arrangement, the replacement factor of A-shares in the corresponding index was replaced by 5% to 15%.

Based on past experience, Kitakami Capital often sweeps stocks late in the day before the index adjustment performance. At 14:50 pm on Friday, the net inflow of Kitakami Capital is only 99.

5.7 billion yuan, as of 14:59 that day, the net inflow of funds to the north was as high as 312.

The net inflow of funds to the north was 184 billion US dollars, ending the closing of the day.

5.8 billion yuan.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter found that according to statistics from Oriental Fortune Choice, since September, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has gradually net inflow of funds to 433.

The net inflow of funds from Shenzhen Stock Exchange was 4.6 billion U.S. dollars.

US $ 5.2 billion, with a total net inflow of 728 capital.

9.8 billion yuan, the cumulative net purchases reached 607.

6.9 billion yuan.

This shows that in September, the net inflow of funds to the north is expected to hit a record high during the year.

  From the Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect, the top ten active trading stocks, since September, a total of 49 stocks have appeared in the top ten active trading stocks list, 31 active stocks in the period of net buying, totalBuy 213.

6.6 billion.

  Specifically, China Merchants Bank (35.

1.3 billion), Ping An Bank (31.

5.5 billion), Ping An of China (28.

1.4 billion), Gree Electric (27.

1 billion), Midea Group (17.

8 billion yuan), Conch Cement (13.

5.4 billion) and Vanke A (10.

During the period, 7 stocks and other seven stocks gradually increased their net purchases to more than US $ 1 billion.

Sany Heavy Industry (7.

8.3 billion), Hikvision (6.

4.5 billion), Poly Real Estate (4.

6 billion), Industrial Bank (4.

4.3 billion), Oriental Fortune (4.

2 billion), Huiding Technology (4.

1.2 billion), CITIC Securities (2.

5.9 billion yuan) and the Ningde era (2.

3.3 billion) and other 16 stocks during the period also suffered more than 100 million funds to 武汉桑拿 go north.

In addition, Changjiang Power, Hang Seng Electronics, Dahua Co., Ltd., Pioneer Intelligence, Haitian Flavor, Lixun Precision, TCL Group, Sinopec and other eight stocks also achieved net capital purchases during the period.

  The above-mentioned 31 stocks favored by the capital of Beijing and Shanghai have generally performed well since September, and 26 stocks are gradually growing, accounting for more than 80%.

Among them, Gore shares (27.

58%), TCL Group (17.

39%), pilot intelligence (15.

83%), Lixun Precision (13.19%), UOB shares (12.

64%), Hikvision (11.

29%) and Sany Heavy Industry (10.

02%) and other stocks have gradually increased during the period, and both are more than 10%.

  In terms of estimates, 16 of the above stocks have the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio of less than 20 times.

81 times), Agricultural Bank of China (5.

86 times), SPDB (5.

90 times), ICBC (6.

46 times), Conch Cement (6.

92 times), Poly Real Estate (7.

76 times), Vanke A (8.

30 times) and Ping An Bank (9.

81 times) and the latest dynamic P / E ratios of 8 blue-chip stocks are all less than 10 times, which has a high safety margin and it is estimated that the advantages are prominent.

  In terms of industry characteristics, the above 31 Northbound funds favored the target groups mainly in the two major industries of banking and electronics, involving the replacement of 6 individual stocks, and the total net purchase amount of Northbound funds reached 88.

3 billion yuan.

In addition, stocks in industries such as food and beverage, household appliances, machinery and equipment, non-bank finance, real estate, and electrical equipment can also be shortlisted.

  Regarding the layout of the market outlook, Lianxun Securities said that in the near future, the four major benefits including the improvement of the external environment, the continuous development of policies, surpassing expectations of social finance, and the continued expansion of overseas markets are expected to help. The market’s hesitation is expected to gradually dissipate and the market will continue to bloom.Excessive breadth, more comprehensive direction extension, forming a comprehensive flowering situation.

It is expected that the market before the National Day is expected to hit 3100 points, completely breaking through the high point in early July, and preparing for the new high in the year.

  Yuanda Investment Consulting said that the world has entered a period of loose resonance and overseas funds will continue to flow in.

During the counter-cyclical hedging process, the market’s medium-term logic will return to the domestic economic and policy direction.

Optimistic about the structural market outlook, certain technology and consumer stocks.

Core assets represented by consumption and technology stocks represented by 5G are attracting more and more capital attention.

Guorui Technology (600562) Annual Report Commentary: Bottom of Results Optimistic on Profits and Estimated Improvements from Restructuring

Guorui Technology (600562) Annual Report Commentary: Bottom of Results Optimistic on Profits and Estimated Improvements from Restructuring

Strongly recommend / maintain Guorui Technology’s financial report and comment on investment points: Event: The company released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income in 201810.

4.3 billion, down 9 every year.

63%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 37.8 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 77.


The average price of the company’s high gross profit business declined, resulting in a significant decline in overall gross profit of 12pct.

The company’s radar business revenue decreased by 41%, and the gross profit margin of the radar business decreased by 11% from last year, mainly due to the penetration of the high-margin aircraft management radar, and military aviation management radar only had some orders. NewSingle rarely.

Benefiting from the new starting point price of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars last year, rail transit business grew by 54% each year, and the gross profit margin increased slightly, mainly due to the increase in business volume, dilution of personnel, depreciation and other expenses. At the same time, the rail transit business department is also vigorouslyInternal potential, including strengthening supply chain management and cost control, reducing procurement costs and manufacturing costs.

In terms of microwave devices, the number of active devices supporting 14 military products decreased compared with 2017. Civil products were affected by the ZTE incident, and the business scale has not yet fully recovered. Moreover, fierce competition in the civilian products market has led to a gross profit tilt of 25pct.

The demand for special power customers fluctuated slightly, but the impact was not significant. As a result of reducing the fixed cost of the product and improving production efficiency, the gross profit margin increased by nearly 2pct.

The gross profit of the radar, microwave device and power supply business is high, but all of them have shifted, and the relative length of the gross profit of the rail transit business has not grown enough, which has reduced the company’s overall gross profit margin by 12pct.

The company’s high gross profit business is picking up this year, and rail transit is still expected to 杭州桑拿网 maintain rapid growth.

Civil aviation management radars won nine air traffic control radars including Zhuhai in September last year, with a volume of more than 100 million yuan. The procurement probability of military aviation management radars during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period is realized this year, and the company’s radar business is expected to pick up this year.
Rail Transit last year’s new starting price was above 10 ‰, and this year it won the bid of 71 million for the Nanchang Rail Transit Line 3 project. It is expected that the rail transit business will maintain rapid growth this year.

In terms of microwave device business, the previous 5G filters, circulators, and antennas were all in the product development and trial production stage. In the future, the products will be mature in the future, and military and civilian requirements will be extensive, which will create considerable performance.

The company’s low-voltage power supply supporting 14 and brother institutes, due to fierce market competition, the gross profit decreased. Previously, the company’s low-voltage power supply business continued to change. This year, the company will gradually restore the low-voltage power supply business next time to ensure a certain level of profit. Future growth is expected.

The reorganization approval process has been carried out normally. After completion, the company’s EPS is expected to increase significantly. At the same time, the quality radar business will also increase the company’s expected level.

Since the company announced the reorganization plan in November 2018, the company and related parties are actively promoting this major asset reorganization, and the procedures approved by the state authorities are in the normal merger.

The injected assets include 100% equity of Guorui Defense, 95% equity of Guorui Xinwei and 59% equity of Guorui Antaixin. It is estimated that the injected net assets will be 3 in 2018.

3 megabytes, the EPS is estimated to increase by 2018 after the reorganization, which is 0.

28 yuan, corresponding to 66 times PE; it is estimated that the net profit attributable to assets injected in 2019 will be 3.

480,000 yuan, and the asset revenue is expected to be 1.

49 trillion, the EPS in 2019 will reach 0.

37, corresponding to PE is 50 times.

The rebuilt Guo Rui Technology’s main reconstruction support radar is transformed into defense radar, and it is estimated that it will also be significantly improved.

Profit forecast and investment rating: Regardless of restructuring, it is expected that the company’s restructuring business will achieve operating income of 14 in 2019-2021.

04 billion, 17.

9.1 billion, 22.

2.4 billion; net profit attributable to mothers is 1.

4.9 billion, 1.

6.6 billion and 1.

91 ppm; EPS is 0.

24 yuan, 0.

27 yuan and 0.

31 yuan, corresponding PE is 78X, 70X and 61X.

Maintain the “Highly Recommended” rating.

Risk warning: radar orders are less than expected, and public safety business is growing less than expected

On Quality Education from Art Education

On Quality Education from Art Education

Art education is an important part of children’s quality education. Excellent children’s dance works have an important role in improving children’s overall quality.

  The meaning of quality is narrow and broad.

The concept of quality in the narrow sense is the concept of quality in the sense of physiology and psychology, that is, “genetic quality”.

“Cihai” stipulates: “Quality refers to the original characteristics and alternative basis of people or things in some aspects.

In psychology, it refers to the innate anatomical and physiological characteristics of a person, mainly the characteristics of sensory organs and the nervous system, and the physiological condition of human psychological development, but it cannot determine the psychological content and development level of a person.

“-This is a typical explanation of narrow quality.

  The broad sense of quality refers to the concept of quality in the pedagogical sense. It refers to “internal, relatively stable, and long-term physiological characteristics obtained by people through environmental impact and education training on the basis of innate physiology.The basic quality structure is often called literacy.

It mainly includes people’s moral qualities, intellectual qualities, physical qualities, aesthetic qualities, and labor skills.

“-Quality in quality education refers to broad quality.

  Children experience learning and performing dance works. They can gain knowledge, open their eyes, understand right and wrong, distinguish between beauty and ugliness, love labor, and physical beauty, so as to achieve a comprehensive improvement in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor qualities.

And the greatest influence on the development of children’s quality, and the greatest benefit to children is the excellent dance works that reflect the children’s thinking and life.

  In the drizzling rain, a group of female students put on blue transparent umbrellas, beautiful melody, bright rhythm, and chic dance steps. The girls were lively and cute.

A teenager in a wheelchair came raining, and the rain poured on him relentlessly.

When helpless, I suddenly felt that the rain had stopped, and it was the girls who had raised a “blue sky” above him.

The dance “Little Umbrella” is deeply shocked by its exquisite structure, rich connotation, and beautiful moving music.

The true feelings are revealed, the goodwill is overflowing, the dance image is perfect, the taste is elegant, and the spirit is seen in the subtleties.

This is a silent textbook. Children will never be indifferent when they see such a dance, and they will definitely benefit from it.

  Other excellent dance works, such as “HAPPY ABC”, “A White Cloud Floating”, “Green Boy”, “Eve of Military Training” and other works triggered by the ancient poem “Goose”, learn children’s foreign languages, Tang poetry,Football and military enthusiasm are vividly and interestingly expressed; “Little Ants”, “Diligent Little Bees”, “Happy Sunday” and other praises labor to create happiness; “The Blind Child and Seagull” and othersThe love between humans and nature; works such as “Two Little Cows”, “Little Carrot Head”, “Liu Hulan”, “Little Prairie” and so on, have reproduced the glorious image of former children, making contemporary childrenThey tasted the sweetness of today’s life; “the mountains are clear, the water is blue, the wind blows the grass, the cows and sheep are walking, the birds are vying for the flowers and fruit town”, the Kazakh children’s dance “Janal’s Dream” shows the greenness of the childrenThe motherland, the ardent desire to love nature; dances such as “Chong forward”, “Flower skirt floating up”, “Happy childhood”, “Chong, 2008”, “Pride of the Sea” and other dances, showing the spirit of young children in the new era,Spirit thriving.

In recent years, countless successful children’s dance works, weaving pictures of children’s world full of joy and wisdom, colorful and colorful, welcomed by hundreds of millions of children.

  How can you create a dance that is popular with children?

The author believes that a good children’s dance must be true, kind, artistic, and fun.

  True love: “True” means objective things.

Touching people is the basic point of artistic creation, and children are the main body of children’s dance works.

Therefore, the “truth” we are talking about is that children’s dance must reflect the children’s true feelings, which are not adult or imposed on them by adults.

This is the most basic requirement for creating children’s dance, and it is also the main characteristic.

  Meaningful: “Good” refers to the content of the work.

The ideological content of the work must be positive and healthy, and have the characteristics of children, in order to cultivate good morals for children and encourage them to move forward in a healthy direction.

  Yimei: True feelings and kind desires are necessary conditions for beauty, but “true” and “good” are not equal to “beauty”.

Only when the director uses the unique structure and expression methods of dance art to express the true feelings and goodwill through the created dance image can beauty be produced.

The ideological content without artistic beauty is boring. Only when the ideological content and artistic beauty are organically integrated to achieve the unity of truth, goodness and beauty, can the beauty effect be achieved and the purpose of quality education can be achieved.

  Fun: Children’s imagination is extremely rich, and their actions often deviate from the adult’s thinking mode and make people feel incredible. People call it “childlike”.

Childlikeness comes from children’s lives. It comes from the nature of children. It can’t be falsified. It is the children’s heart.

  Excellent children’s dance works play a pivotal role in the quality education of children. In the 21st century, society’s requirements for children’s dance works will be higher and more ardent. I hope more writers, composers, and artHome, professional choreographer, long-term engaged in children’s dance education, teachers with rich experience actively participate in the creation, and become experts in children’s dance.

  Let us work together to make a new leap in the quality of children’s dance creation, and to achieve a higher level of quality education for children.

Baby eats too much but doesn’t grow tall

Baby eats too much but doesn’t grow tall

[Guide]Moms want their babies to grow up in the future.

They believe that children can only grow taller if they eat more.

Every meal keeps the child full.

As everyone knows, this is counterproductive.

“At present, many parents generally make a mistake, which is to make their children eat full meals. This will directly affect children’s growth, but will not make them grow taller.

“Experts said.

Under high blood pressure, people will promote the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone, which can stimulate children’s bone growth.

Therefore, it is enough for the child to only give him eight full points per ton of rice; do not eat snacks after a meal, otherwise it will prevent the growth hormone secretion and make the child not tall.

Excessive nutrition will advance the child’s sexual development and cause precocious puberty.

Such children may be taller than their peers at a certain age, at least not short, but promote bone development prematurely, causing the epiphysis to close prematurely and eventually become short.

Role games let children learn to analyze themselves

Role games let children learn to analyze themselves

3 to 4 years is an important period for the development of children’s self-awareness, and also an important period for improving introspective intelligence.

Parents can make their children understand themselves better through games based on their own development.

  Introspective intelligence is the ability of individuals to understand themselves, analyze and reflect, that is, the ability to reconstruct correct self-perception.

 3/4 years is an important period for the development of children’s self-awareness, and also an important period for improving introspective intelligence.

At this stage, children often have the question: Where do I come from?

who am I?

What’s the use of my features?

My geometry is somehow?

Parents can use games to allow children to develop from curiosity about their bodies to self-understanding, and gradually develop self-knowledge.

  Children like to paint and play with plasticine.

How to play the game, you can ask the child: Why did you draw this thing?

Why use a crayon of this color?

Why make this little animal?

Where do you draw in deep?

. Let him recall and summarize his game process and behavior in the game.

  When the child encounters setbacks during play, the parents have to work with him.

For example: When the building blocks are high, they fall down.

The child must be very sad. At this time, parents can ask the child: Why did it fall down?

How to build a role-playing game will not help to improve introspective intelligence.

For example, moms and dads can play dolls, small hospitals, beauty salons, small vegetable markets and other games with their babies.

In the process of playing with a child’s doll house, the roles of parents and children can be interchanged, so that the child will have the feelings of the parent, and the child will have different psychological experiences when playing different roles in the game.”Character characters” is a way for children to understand themselves. Children can directly perceive that the “character characters” they play are “me”.

  The timing and occasion of the game are uncertain.

It can be done in the family or outdoors; it can be done randomly in life; or it can be done by the parents to create a certain game situation according to the development status of the child.