China’s Track and Field Jump Classic Li Jinzhe 8 meters 26 set the world’s third best record this year _1

China’s Track and Field Jump Classic Li Jinzhe 8 meters 26 sets the world’s third best record this year
The second China Athletics Jump Classic entered Tsinghua University yesterday.In the men’s long jump competition, Li Jinzhe defended his title with the world’s third best result of 8 meters 26 this year.  Today is a normal play, the first jump actually did not use 100% strength to fight.The issue of pre-wage fouls has always worried me, so I decided how to jump lightly anyway.After Li Jinzhe won the championship, he lightly described the foregoing.In the first round of the game, Li Jinzhe was in the wind 1.Jumping out of 8 meters 26 at 3 meters/second, this result ranked third in the world in the stadium early this year.In the second round of test jumping, Li Jinzhe’s pedal foul score was invalid.After four jumps, Li Jinzhe chose not to jump, and eventually won the championship easily with the first jump.There are still three months left before the Beijing World Championships. Li Jinzhe is in such a state that people can’t help but look forward to his performance in the World Championships.  In the men’s long jump competition, the 2014 World Youth Championship champion Wang Jianan from Jiangsu won the runner-up at 8 meters 09. His performance was 1 centimeter less than the competition standard of the Beijing World Championships.Hebei player Tang Gongchen won third with 8 meters 08.  In the men’s high jump competition, Shandong player Zhang Guowei, who had just set his best performance in the United States at 2.35 meters last month and created the best result in China’s high jump for 30 years, jumped to 2.32 meters after jumping the height of 2.29 meters.All jumps failed.Zhang Guowei said that because of the special training just ended in the United States, it is still being eroded by jet lag.At home, Tsinghua student Wang Yu finished second with 2.25 meters and Liaoning player Guo Jinqi won second with 2.20 meters.  In the women’s triple jump competition, Guangdong star Li Yanmei jumped 14 meters 10 in the fourth and fifth rounds respectively, while Wang Wupin from Fujian jumped 14 meters 10 in the fourth round at the same time, but Li Yanmei won the second best result.champion.  Unlike traditional Chinese track and field competitions, this time the organizers set up the stands next to high jumps and bunkers, which is convenient for the audience to watch at close range, and also creates a more lively atmosphere for the players.According to a person in charge of the Field Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, similar games will be arranged in the downtown business district. It is planned to place the men’s high jump and pole vault in Blue Harbor and World Trade Center antiques in July and August.More types of competition can also expand the influence of track and field competitions.